I Remember When…… #PreservingMemories #CBias

As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about……..watching more family videos! Okay, last month when Amanda and I zipped over to the UPS Store to drop off some of our family videos, I had no idea that I would fall head over heals in love with my family all over again! I snagged 10 video tapes from when the kids were little for this grand experiment, and now I am so sorry I didn’t send in every, single last one. The whole process was so simple; using the iMemories program through the UPS Store, I was able to convert our various and obsolete 8mm and VHS tapes into fabulous digital media.


If you are interested, you can read all about our experience dropping off our tapes last month, by visiting my earlier post:



Otherwise, I can bring you up to date right here, right now.


The whole process was really easy. After I searched every nook and cranny in our home, I found our family videos in their various incarnations. To give the iMemories program a try, Amanda and I chose 10 videos to convert into digital media. Then, we stopped off at our friendly, local UPS Store at 2206 N. Main St, Wheaton, IL. While there, owner Sunny Patel helped me package up my videos and send them on their merry way to the iMemories factory.


Shortly thereafter, I received an email that changed my life; it was from the nice people at iMemories providing me with a link to view all of our videos. After dinner, I poured Chuck and myself a glass of wine, scooped a bowl full of ice cream for Amanda and we huddled around the computer like folks used to sit around listening to the radio!


Nick and Amanda were adorable and Chuck and I looked so young! We watched as they learned to walk and talk and become the people they are today; Nick rollerblading in our driveway and Amanda cart wheeling in the front yard. After several evenings, we finally made it through all of the videos.


What was amazing to me was not only being able to watch the videos, but also having the ability to manipulate and edit them. I was totally anxious to give it a try, so Amanda and I decided to create a Christmas compilation DVD. It was sooo easy. All we had to do was drop in each clip, in order, frame by frame, and the video was complete.


Last night, our UPS man made his way to our front door, despite Wrigley’s incessant barking. I couldn’t rip the package open fast enough! Inside, there it was; the Holy Grail of family memories.


We are so in love with our video! After she finished her homework, Amanda started uploading all of the family videos we have on our computer to our iMemories account. I am planning to drop off the remainder of our videos this week, and in no time at all, we’ll finally have every last memory preserved as digital media. I can’t wait!!!


To view all of the details of my iMemories experience at the UPS Store, please check out;



More memories, more family videos, more iMemories at the UPS Store, more celebrating family moments…..


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This shop has been compensated  as part of a social shopper insights study for http://collectivebias.com #CBias This experience and these memories are all my own.



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2 responses to “I Remember When…… #PreservingMemories #CBias

  1. Margo

    Dear Vanessa,
    This seems like MORE work for me to edit. Would I even know how to edit it without a teenager at my side? It seems like I am going to need MORE time. I LOVE the idea and would be a great present for Doug but just need reassurance that I will be able to accomplish what seems like a big job. Help and Hugs!

    • Hi Margo….Seriously, you would love it! I cried when I watched Nick and Amanda as their little selves. Your whole family would totally get a kick out of it. The editing process is really easy, you simply drag the clips over in the order you want for them to appear and drop them in the new strip. There is a tutorial.
      I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. You must have LOVED having Grace home. It was great to have Nick with us. Only a few short weeks until Christmas! xoxo Vanessa

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