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Nothing Comes Between Me and My Re-Sealable Baggies!

As the More is More Mom®, I am all about…..more re-sealable baggies! Once, a friend was in our garage and noticed a box (from Costco, where else?) of 1,000, 1 gallon Ziploc’s. She remarked that in a thousand years she would never use that many baggies. I, on the other hand, go through more than that in a year.


For the spastic and hyper-organized (such as me) the re-sealable baggie is a God send. Their practical uses are truly too numerous to count. Not only do I enjoy the sandwich and gallon size Ziploc brand, but I am also a total sucker for a 2 gallon Hefty (do you have any idea how many amazing things that you can store in a 2 gallon bag?). The obvious use is, of course, for food storage. Clearly, they are the backbone of kitchen supplies and a fantastic choice for leftovers and packing lunches. Food prep is also a dream when incorporating the use of a baggie. You can totally eliminate the marinating mess and the clean up with a Ziploc. It’s is a cinch; simply combine all of the ingredients for your marinade (right in the baggie!) and add your meat, fish or vegetables. Toss to coat, fire up your grill, and you’re ready for a fabulous meal with an easy clean up.


When I am throwing a party, I don’t let anything get between me and my Ziploc’s. I chop my veggies and salad toppings, line my Ziploc’s with paper towels (to absorb any moisture, preventing any potential sliminess. Who wants to eat anything slimy? I like salty and crunchy…hold the slime) and store overnight. When I purchase meat in a large package from Costco, I break it down into smaller, more user friendly quantities, and store them in the freezer for later use (both practical and economical. I’m almost ready for the Penny Saver Gazette). It’s really that simple.


The clear baggie also provides for quick and easy storage of household items at a glance. The possibilities are endless when you are an organized hoarder such as myself (totally not even a sickness if all of your obsessive collections are neat and stored with care and order. That actually makes you a collector, a far more high-brow endeavor that barely requires and intervention.). I store my vast quantities and variety of napkin rings, numerous sets of flatware, small spools of ribbon, craft products, decorative items such as faux fruit, balls made from grapevines and feathers, candles,  school supplies and even….sand.


With all of the practical home uses (I’m a virtual Hints from Heloise), I haven’t even touched on the professional uses for Ziploc baggies. As far as I am concerned, they have changed the way I do business (a pretty tall order for a little piece of plastic). I use them almost daily as an Interior Designer.  They “clearly” help me keep all of my clients and projects organized.

If you thought you’d never go through 1,000 re-sealable baggies in your lifetime, think again. More ease, more organization and more simplicity equals more peace of mind and more productivity…… Hooray for the re-sealable baggie!

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