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Lotions and Potions…..I loved #DialNutriSkin #Walmart #CBias

As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about…..more lotions and potions! I’ve always loved to soak in a hot bubble bath, read a book and flip through my favorite magazines; afterward, slathering on luscious lotions. However, as a busy mom, I can’t remember the last time I even meandered into the bathroom alone. Why is it that while I’m brushing my teeth or drying my hair, even as teenagers these kids are always looking for Q-tips or toothpaste? If they’re not knocking on the door, Wrigley is my constant shadow.

Motherhood absolutely requires you to streamline your daily routines. While I may not be luxuriating in the bathtub, I need rich moisturizing lotions now more than ever before! Between handling fabrics and papers for my Interior Design business, doing mountains of laundry, washing dishes and keeping house, my hands are always in need of a little TLC.


Recently, I learned about Dial™NutriSkin™   Replenishing Lotion. The whole line was being featured in a demo at Walmart, and because Wrigley is my wingman, we hopped in the car and zipped on over to check it out.


When I arrived, I found the sweetest and most delightful lady demonstrating the merits of the Dial™NutriSkin™ line. As we were chatting, I asked if I could snap a few photos, explaining that I was a blogger, to which she replied, “What’s a blogger?” We soon became fast friends as I told her about blogging, and she shared with me the differences between the Soothing, Extra Dry Skin, Dry Skin and Ultra Hydrating for Men formulas.


While they were all rich, emollient a nicely fragrant, I decided that since I have sensitive skin, the Extra Dry Skin formula with Shea Butter was definitely for me. In fact, I slathered my hands with lotion on the spot (I also like to wear new shoes out of the store. I can’t help my compulsion for instant gratification).


I also picked up a coupon for $1.00 off, bringing the total to $2.97 for a 15 ounce bottle. I couldn’t afford not to try it!

We all love great products and fantastic deals, to learn more about Dial™NutriSkin™ and to be the first to hear about special offers, why not become a fan on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/Dial?sk=wall or be super hip and follow Dial™NutriSkin™ on Twitter?

To see all the photographs from my shopping trip, please check out my Google+ story:


While this shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias, all experiences and opinions are completely my own. #CBias #DialNutriSkin

More visits to Walmart, more Wrigley as my wingman, more rich and luscious lotions, more Dial™NutriSkin™………

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Happy Birthday Dear Wrigley, Happy Birthday to You….. #ILoveMyk9 #MilkBone #PupPeroni #MilosKitchen #Walmart #CBias

As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about…..more moments with Wrigley! Nine years ago, Chuck and I decided that our little family of four was not quite complete. Some people might have considered another baby as a welcome addition, but the minute we locked eyes with Wrigley, we fell head over heels in love. Okay, that’s not exactly true. I cried every day for the first 6 months. He was a total nightmare! Even now, after nine years, this guy is still full of vim and vigor. If his grey snout didn’t give him away, he could easily be mistaken for a two year old puppy!

Despite the destruction he continues to leave in his wake, we adore Wrigley. He is the very best, worst dog ever! Earlier this week I headed over to Walmart to pick up some items to make him a little Doggie Gift Basket for his birthday. I filled my cart with Milk-Bone®, Pup-Peroni® and Milo’s Kitchen® treats and indestructible toys (though Wrigley’s never met a toy he didn’t try to dissect).

Wrigley had a great birthday. I bundled up and we started our day with a run. I mean, really, how many 9 year old dogs are still good for 4 miles?  He was happy as a clam as we let him out and let him in, let him out and let him in. Amanda, Wrigley and I lounged around in the basement and watched a movie, where Wrigley got super comfortable and had a great nap. However, the best part of the night was when he received his treats from Walmart.

I filled a basket with his Milk-Bone®, Pup-Peroni® and Milo’s Kitchen® treats and the tough-enough-for-Wrigley toys. He was so excited when I placed the gift basket on the floor and let him have at it. He hardly knew what to grab first!

In the end, he decided on the squeaky duck. Unlike his siblings, there was no way Wrigley was going to actually sit still for a picture! In fact, once he started to attempt to tear open the bags of treats for himself, I had to put them up on the counter. He would have eaten every last one!

He always sits like a good boy for a treat.

Wrigley had a fantastic birthday! He loved his Doggie Gift Basket and we were thrilled because our sweetest baby was so happy.

To see all of the photographs from my shopping experience, please check out this link:


More birthday celebrations, more treats and toys, more blessed years with our beloved Wrigley…….

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This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insight study for Collective Bias #CBias  http://collectivebias.com

All ideas and experiences shared here are my own.


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One Dog’s Life; Milk Bone Treats For Everyone! #Walmart #CBias #ILoveMyk9

As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about….more celebrations! Because more of everything is always better, we love a good party. This week, Amanda turned sweet 16. We were all up and out the door for a family outing to the Department of Motor Vehicles; everyone but Wrigley. While Chuck, Nick and I sat, awaiting Amanda’s return from the behind the wheel driving test, Nick asked, “Will all four of us come with Wrigley when he gets his license?” Ha! This guy is already on a pretty long leash.

This week, our Wrigley is turning 9 years old; that’s 63 in dog years, which makes him considerably older than his parents. Wrigley symbolizes the best parts of our family. He is fun loving, determined, a total gamer, supportive, loving and fiercely loyal. Wrigley is love. In fact, we frequently ask, “Where is Love? What is Love doing? Does Love want to go for a run?”

When Wrigley is feeling deprived, he tends to counter surf. Just before Halloween I ran out, leaving Wrigley behind. I returned to find four packages of taffy apples on the floor. One he opened like a book, eating just about everything but the sticks. Out of another, he slit a half-round hole in the plastic and extricated just one taffy apple with the precision of a surgeon. There were nuts, sprinkles and sticky stuff smeared all over the floor. I texted Nick at school telling him what Wrigley had done, and he asked if I punished Wrigley. To which I replied, “No. I took a picture.” There’s no sense in teaching an old dog new tricks.

It’s tough having a birthday right after Christmas (just ask Amanda), so I decided that I should do something a little special for Wrigley’s birthday this week. But what do you get for the pup that has everything? I headed over to Walmart to check out their Pet Care Department. We run through a lot of treats in our household (since we tend to reward bad behavior), so I like to keep a nice variety on hand. However, there were so many good choices, it was hard to decide.

My first selection was easy; Milk Bone® Beef and Filet Bites because there was a Chocolate Labrador, just like Wrigley, on the package. After much deliberation, I grabbed a bag of Pup-Peroni® Combo Bites.  When I spotted Milo’s Kitchen® Meatballs, I had to snag them. They’re one of Wrigley’s all-time favorites! After scouring the puppy toy department I made a few selections. I think Wrigley’s going to have a fantastic birthday!

More family celebrations, more dog treats, more visits to Walmart, more puppy love……

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This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insight study for Collective Bias #CBias  http://collectivebias.com

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If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em….

As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about…..more keeping up with my fitness focused teenagers! When I was little, girls were only involved with things like ballet, figure skating, gymnastics and tennis. I was clueless to the fact that there was a great big world of athletics just waiting to be experienced. My leanings have always tended towards shopping as a sport. I could have totally won gold at the mall.


My people happen to subscribe to the life philosophy; all sports all the time. Because more of everything is always better, each summer when Nick was little, I signed him up for eight weeks worth of swimming lessons. It never did quite register with me that all the other kids only participated in a single two week session, rather than the whole enchilada. By the time Nick was going into the 2nd grade, he had completed every single solitary swimming lesson our park district had to offer. The only thing left was life guarding. He was 7.


Sports conditioning has always been a way of life for my two. Hockey was the inspiration for Nick’s particular obsession with leg strength and cardio. Forever he could be found doing wall sits, squats and marking off 75 and 100 meter increments out in front of our house for me to time his sprinting drills with a stop watch. In fact, his favorite Christmas gift this year, other than his Sam Adams (Boston rapper) CD, was a mini parachute that gets strapped to your back to offer resistance while you run. Rarely has Wrigley found anything more exciting than chasing Nick down the street trying to wrestle and dominate the parachute.


Of course, Amanda has been a gym rat since she stared gymnastics when she was 4. Never one to be left out, she’s always been all too eager to join Nick, no matter what the challenge. In fact, once she retired from gymnastics this winter, she and her brother became constant workout companions.


With her school and AAU track seasons over and her work out partner off to college, Amanda was in need of a gym buddy. I was only too happy to volunteer for the job. Selfishly I figured, if I worked out with her, maybe some of her fitness would rub off on me. While I’ve been working out for the past 20 years (you know, the usual mom stuff; going to the health club, running, biking, weight training, chatting), I’m absolutely exhausted! Box jumps, plyometrics, circuit training, weight lifting and serious abdominals (none of this doing a couple of crunches malarkey).       

They say if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. I say if you’re brave enough to join them, be sure to eat your Wheaties!


More exercising, more fitness, more mother/daughter bonding, more exhaustion……


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Best Weekend Ever; Wrigley Goes to College……

As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about……..more time as a family; just the five of us! The past few weeks, since we dropped Nick off at college, have been a total adjustment. We happen to be accustomed to a frenetic, boisterous and busy household. In fact, I think the energy of our home has been the greatest influence on Wrigley’s temperament. Practically a study of nature versus nurture! We’re spazzy and as a result, he’s spazzy. He can hardly be held responsible for his naughty behavior.

Life with Nick has always been crazy; early morning practices, late night games and weekend tournaments. Never has there been a dull or quiet moment. With Nick away at school, we’ve settled into a quieter routine. Amanda’s practices are all after school with games on Friday nights (an uncharacteristically civilized schedule).

This weekend, however, was one of our very best ever; Nick came home for a whirlwind, two night visit. While we have been fortunate to hear from Nick daily (he’s a great texter and he calls to check in as he buzzes around between campus and golf practice), there is absolutely no substitute for wrapping our arms around him and squeezing tight, making a Nicky sandwich. I was pretty pumped as I loaded Wrigley in the car for our college road trip! With my radio cranking some jamming tunes, three hours went by in a flash.

We pulled up in front of Nick’s dorm, and there he was. Wrigley and I were tickled pink to see him! After loading up his clubs, his schoolwork and his laundry hamper, we settled in to hear all about college life; classes, teachers, dorm living, dorm food, fun, friends, fraternities and golf. He was just bubbling with excitement, experiences and information.

Finally, when Chuck and Amanda got home from the big Saint Feels Right for Her varsity football game (they won), we sat around our kitchen island swapping stories and howling with laughter until after midnight. It felt like home.

In the hierarchy of our pack, Wrigley sees Chuck as the leader, I believe, that he believes, that he and I are equals, Amanda is the little pup and Nick is the top dog to dominate. For 8 ½ years, Nick has longed for Wrigley to sleep in his room, but Wrigley only sleeps with us, the leaders of the pack. Friday night however, Wrigley followed Nick into his bedroom and curled up for the night. Every time Nick rolled over, there Wrigley was; his faithful companion.

It seemed like old times; on Saturday, Nick practiced golf, had to read a 150 page book and write a paper, so, as usual, we waited for him to be available for dinner (where he got to eat vegetables instead of his daily meatball sandwich) and a movie (Tommy Boy; a family tradition).

Sunday morning, he was ready to head back to school with a hamper full of clean clothes. Nick asked, “You’re not going to cry again are you?” What a silly question! Of course I was going to cry again. Has he met me? In fact, when Chuck dropped him back off at school, he said it was much harder than when we left him two weeks before.

I’m not quite sure when it happened, but it appears that we have raised a capable, confident and curious young man!

Though he’s already well established on the road to education, there are so many wonderful options for furthering our own education. Why not check out how at:


More missing our boy, more stolen moments, more family memories, more exciting adventures…..

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