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Send Cheer to Military Families with #Cheerios #Walmart and #CollectiveBias

As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about….sending more CHEER this holiday season! When I was a little girl, one of the first songs I remember learning was the Marine Corp Hymn. My dad served in the Marines his first three years out of high school and he is still very proud of the time he spent serving his country, though he was extremely fortunate not to have seen any combat. Early on I understood the value and importance of serving in the military.


At this time of ThanksGIVING, I was really excited to hear about the Send Cheer to Military Families initiative sponsored by General Mills/Cheerios and Walmart. The idea is really pretty genius. You don’t even have to personally know someone that is in the military to send your warm wishes and gratitude. Cheerio’s makes it easy. All you have to do is head to your favorite Walmart and purchase a box of Cheerio’s.


Cheerio’s are my family’s all time favorite cereal, which may have all started when the kids were babies. I mean, really, I doubt there is a family in America that hasn’t been addicted to and thankful for, Cheerio’s. We used to find them everywhere; stuck to the high chair, on the floor, spilled all over the diaper bag, in the kid’s hair, smooshed into the seats and carpet in the car. Nineteen and sixteen years later, the Cheerio’s actually make it right where they are supposed to; into their mouths!


Sending CHEER to military families couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is purchase a box of Cheerio’s. Outlined right on the outside of the box is a postcard size cut-out. Simply cut out the postcard that is already addressed to the USO and jot down your thoughts of thanks and gratitude to the families that make the greatest sacrifice; time without their sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives, mothers and fathers. All you have to do is stick a stamp on your postcard, drop it in the mail and the USO does the rest by matching your letter up with a military family.


General Mills/Cheerio’s is doing their part too. For every postcard received, they will donate $1 in support of the USO. How awesome is that?!?


I’m actually pretty excited. I’m heading to Walmart to buy a bunch of boxes of Cheerio’s. I’m planning to bring them to my nephew’s birthday party this weekend, pass them out and spread the ThanksGIVING Cheer! I can’t wait to let you know how that all went next week.

To learn more about how you too can join in on giving thanks to our nation’s military families check out both;




More generous military families, more sacrifices, more gratitude………


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