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President’s Day: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Leonardo DiCaprio!


As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about………more days off of school! While a snow day is an unexpected gift, it’s fraught with obligation and work, namely; snow removal. On the other hand, a scheduled day off of school is something to dream about and look forward to. I, for one, am enormously thankful to our forefathers, Presidents Washington, Lincoln and the like, not only for their ground breaking contributions in providing our nation with freedom and liberties, but for being so very fabulous as to merit a national holiday!

There’s nothing like fantasizing about all of the possibilities for celebrating a three day weekend; enjoying an unexpectedly fantastic meal, entertainment, staying up late, sleeping in, shirking your every day responsibilities (one can dream…). Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the kids had a great time catching up with friends, going out to eat, going to the movies and a high school basketball showcase game (way to go Be All and End All Academy!). But Monday was the bonus day. The question was how to spend it?

Even with Monday off of school, Nick still had his weekly 6am hockey practice. The alarm clock going off at 5am is a total fun kill, though ice time is ice time. After a quick shower (thank God. Hockey players STINK!), Nick was back in bed by 7:45am. The kid can be as efficient as a fireman when necessary. Amanda, on the other hand, was blessed with the gift of slumber.

Somehow, Monday was my lucky day. Throwing household chores to the wind, I had the unexpected pleasure of having a little time with each of my teenagers. Rather than Amanda and I going to the health club, parting ways and doing our own thing, she suggested that we do one of Nicks favorite work out DVD’s at home; P90X, with crazy Beach Body personal trainer Tony Horton. Of course, as we laced up our gym shoes, Wrigley was under the mistaken impression that the three of us were going for a run. He was sorely disappointed when we were forced to put up the gate, preventing his access to the room. He’s not a great workout companion; jumping around makes him bark incessantly, doing mat work makes him think that you require assistance, necessitating him to wrap his enormous mouth around your arm, trying to help you up, and his subsequent exile behind the gate makes him whimper. Amanda and I had a fine time however, as we panted, push-upped and cursed that darn Tony Horton.

When Nick awoke for round two of his day off, he made me an offer I couldn’t refuse; do you want to watch a movie, just the two of us? The paperwork, the laundry and the cleaning be damned! I had a chance for a little extra quality time with my fella. Nick has always been the kind of guy that wants you to enjoy some of his favorite experiences, which includes his obsession with all movies Leonardo DiCaprio; The Departed, Shutter Island, Inception. Inception?!? Yay. It was on my Academy Award list of movies to see by Sunday. As a total bonus, Nick, having seen it two times before, was able to explain to me the very confusing and convoluted plot.

A little rest, a work out and a movie with two of my all time favorite people; what’s not to celebrate? God Bless the United States of America!!

More freedom and liberty, more rest, more P90X, more Leonardo DiCaprio……….


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Is It Wrong To Be In Love With Your Whirlpool Duet Wash Machine?

As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about…..falling more in love with my Whirlpool Duet wash machine! I am a mother; laundry is my life. If I’m not picking it up off the floor, flung in corners near and far, I’m sorting it, washing it, folding it, ironing it, hanging it up or putting it away.


It’s amazing. Where does it all come from? My people try something on, change their minds and discard the offending item, in a wadded up ball, on the bed, behind the bed, next to the bed, under the bed; anywhere but in a drawer or in the closet. Everyday when Nick gets home from school he walks in the door in his undershirt (which is called an undershirt because it is meant to be worn under your other shirt), either discarding his school uniform shirt in a pile on the kitchen table, or the shirt is no where in sight because he has left it in the back seat of his car. Stripping away the chains of inhumanity by removing your tie is one thing, but what is up with taking off your shirt? Nick must think he’s got himself a….”situation.” Of course Nick’s life’s work does not revolve around GTL (gym-tan-laundry). His teenage life revolves around S-H-P90X (school-hockey-infomercial workout system…..P90X, developed by fitness guru Tony Horton, who I swear is the inspiration for Ben Stiller’s character in Dodge Ball, as the owner of World Class Gym).   

My laundry hamper is like a black hole of textiles; pajamas, school uniforms, jeans, t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, slouch pants, socks that multiply like bunnies, towels, bed linens…..and athletic uniforms and work out clothes. Amanda’s contribution to this mound is rather small. Leotards aren’t exactly a large clothing item. They can be slipped in with the regular wash, particularly as girls don’t typically smell too bad. Teenage boys however? Man smell!

When Nick first started playing hockey, he was just a baby. He got sweaty, but never really stinky. There was so little smell that he could actually air out his hockey equipment in his bedroom, without any tell tale signs (or stink). Now that he is a full grown man, however, that equipment doesn’t even make it passed the garage! We have two bins that he empties his equipment into in order to allow for a little air circulation. Poor thing, in the winter that equipment is pretty darn cold as he packs it back in his bag for a game or practice.

While we’ve solved the problem of the stinky equipment, I am still faced with the challenge of the permanently embedded stank on the sweat-wicking shirts, socks, jerseys and hockey socks….until now. Last week I made an amazing discovery; my Whirlpool Duet wash machine, which I’ve had for 3 ½ years and I have never once bothered to read the instructions, has a “sanitizing wash setting”. The cycle may have run for well over an hour, but when I pulled out the normally smelly hockey apparel, I discovered no lingering unpleasant odor at all. In fact, it actually smelled, dare I say…clean!

More stinky laundry, more smart wash machine settings, more pleasant smells…..

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