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More Movies…..The Other Guys

There’s a fine line between law and chaos, and it’s called Will Ferrell. As the More is More Mom®, I was all about seeing……more of The Other Guys.


You have to know, that my very favorite part of the movie going experience is the coming attractions. It is biologically impossible for me to be on time for anything. My standard greeting (which I should have printed on a calling card) is, “Hi, I’m sorry I’m late.” But for the movies? No. I’m never late. I like to arrive early to the movie theater, with Hershey’s chocolate bars and bottled water for everyone in my party nestled in my enormous purse because I think it is criminal what the movie people charge a family for refreshments. You know, Tom Cruise, you don’t really need $20 million per picture. How about charging us less for popcorn?

We saw a few promising previews;

  • The Expendables While I am customarily a comedy kind of girl, this is the action picture for me! I am a sucker for nostalgia and what could be more nostalgic than the most fabulous action hero’s of the ‘80’s and 90’s? I don’t care how much work Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger have had, they’re still great! In my opinion, there isn’t a motion picture made today that shouldn’t star Bruce Willis (or my super cute boyfriend Ryan Reynolds). Besides, how could they possibly exclude mega action super star Bruce Willis, star of Die Hard I, II, III and IV? Toss in Mickey Rourke, the fantastic Terry Crews (of Everybody Hates Chris fame), Stone Cold Steve Austin, Jet Li and Jason Stathom and I think you’ve got more fun than the “A” Team!
  • Devil Another nightmare from M Knight Shyamalan. Five people caught in an elevator? My advice would me to take the stairs.

  • Due Date A buddy-road picture for the ages. Where are Bob Hope and Bing Crosby when you need them? My main man, Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr. finds himself unwittingly stuck on a whacky road trip with Zach Galifianakis (Alan, Fat Jesus, from The Hangover) as he tries desperately to make his way home to his pregnant wife. Best preview quote of the movie going season: “Check yourself, before you wreck yourself.”


  • RED What a lucky day! Two Bruce Willis sightings! Retired CIA agents Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Morgan Freeman (I don’t care if he was Driving Miss Daisy, he’ll always be from The Electric Company to me….), Helen Mirren and Mary Louise Parker find themselves in the line of fire as they uncover one of the biggest conspiracies in government history (since the CIA mind control experiments portrayed in Men Who Stare at Goats).     

 As for the Other Guys, you’ve totally got me again with nostalgia. What better way to open a movie than with The Rock and Samuel L. Jackson in an overblown action sequence tearing up the streets of New York City? For me this picture is signed, sealed and delivered with the appearance of Michael Keaton (“I’m Batman” and “220-221, whatever it takes.”) as the Captain with a part time job at Bed, Bath and Beyond.


In my movie going experience, most Will Ferrell movies are an acquired taste (subsequently Elf is one of my favorite Christmas movies of all time), but The Other Guys was funny from the get go. What I love about Will Ferrell is that he absolutely believes he is every character he has ever played, and Allen Gamble is no exception. He is the ultimate straight man and he plays it perfectly.


I really only know Mark Whalberg as underwear model/rap sensation Marky Mark, Dirk Diggler from Boogie Nights, Sergeant Digham from The Departed and as the Executive Producer of Entourage. Mark Whalberg is hysterical as the bitter and angry Terry Hoitz, who proclaims, “I’m a peacock, you’ve gotta let me fly.”

Will Ferrell is such a square that is drives Mark Whalberg to near insanity, like when Will gets pumped for a call by listening to The Little River Bands, Reminiscing, or as a passenger as Will drives his Prius. Though the best running gag is Whalberg’s continually bewilderment at all of the “hot” girls that throw themselves at Will Ferrell (Eva Mendes and Brooke Shields….and no one gets between Brooke and her Calvin’s).

Chuck, Amanda and I saw this together, and all things told, I would say that The Other Guys was…more fun and more laughs!


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For a Good Time…Get Him to the Greek!

I know that it’s summer, not by the warm weather, sunshine (ha! if there ever were any) and gorgeous flowers, but by the number of times that we have been to the movies. The lazy days of summer are a beautiful thing…..

My mom is a total gamer that loves the movies (I would venture to say even more that we do!). She quotes lines from the Hangover with Nick. Seriously, only a very cool grandma would talk to her grandson about eating couch pizza. So when she read the reviews of Get Him to the Greek, she knew she had to see it with her Nick (fortunately she didn’t mind that Chuck and I tagged along to the Multi-plex too. Not to worry, Amanda and her pal CC saw the Karate Kid instead. What kind of parents do you think we are anyway?).

As with all good movie going experiences, our show started with the Coming Attractions (and a few even looked promising!).

• That Michael Cera is an unlikely leading man. I have not had the pleasure of seeing Superbad in its entirety, but he was super cute as Paulie Bleeker in Juno (I loved Juno! Everyone was fantastic, but Ellen Page and J.K. Simmons ~Juno’s dad and the editor in Spiderman~ were especially great!). In Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, our hero must defend the honor of his beloved Ramona and her League of Evil Exes (Boyfriends that is. 7 of them; 8 if you include the twins.). The previews are genius! I only hope it’s half as good as it looks.

• I don’t know what makes me think that this is potentially a good idea, but I kinda can’t wait to see The Other Guys. Some of Will Ferrell offerings (okay, Elf might be his only charming movie) can take a while to get accustomed to, but after you see them several times, you can’t help but like him. This is a seriously All Star cast; The Rock, Samuel L. Jackson (you know I think he’s one Bad Ass Mother F*#@*r!), Mark “Marky Mark” Wahlberg (BTW, when does HBO’s Entourage start up again?), the one and only Michael Keaton, and Eva Mendes….as Will Ferrell’s wife (totally plausible, because nothing else is plausible either). I am going to roll the dice and declare this one a winner (I hope I’m right, because I think I might be willing to pay full box office prices to find out.).

• Step Up 3D. Who approved this script? If this is what they think looks like a good idea, I shudder to even think about what might have been rejected.

• I like Josh Brolin and I love, love, love the super creepy John Malkovich, but I fear Jonah Hex may not be for me. I’m not a huge fan of the paranormal.

• Dinner for Schmucks….looks like a movie for schmucks. This one just isn’t grabbing me, though I am a fan of Paul Rudd (I have adored him since Clueless) and Zach Galifianakis (Fat Jesus. Another Hangover reference, sorry…). I might leave it on were I to be flipping channels on my cable-box.

• Matt Damon sure does make a lot of movies, though I think I am more of a Ben Affleck kind of gal. The Adjustment Bureau, with Emily Blunt (of Devil Wears Prada fame. She was also quite likeable in Sunshine Cleaning.). holds the promise of intrigue, drama and romance. I would expect nothing less of Jason Bourne.

With so many promising previews, I nearly forgot about the main attraction! I was a huge fan of Forgetting Sarah Marshall (though Jason Segal’s full frontal nudity was slightly uncomfortable), and when I saw that Russell Brand was going to reprise his role as Aldous Snow, I was psyched! Inconsistency drives me crazy however, so the only thing I had a hard time getting past was that in Forgetting Sarah Marshall Jonah Hill was a waiter on the island and in Get Him to the Greek he worked at a record company. Both characters worshipped rock star Aldous Snow. Perhaps the guy on the island was Jonah’s evil twin….

Get Him to the Greek (I thought they meant Jimmy the Greek, but I guess that dates me and doesn’t make any sense) was a wacky and hilarious buddy picture. Russell Brand is absolutely charming and delightful, kooky and dandy! Instead of portraying the completely moronic pot-head that he usually plays, Jonah Hill was wonderful, tender and interesting as Aaron Green. I just loved Get Him to the Greek.

While the plot was a complete romp, what made this movie so good was the largely witty dialogue and the complex character development of Aldous Snow (who could have totally been a one trick pony, and is instead endearing) and Aaron Greene (who was sympathetic and likeable). One of my favorite observations was when Aldous says to Aaron, “Off drugs, your life must be a baffling to do list.” As the More is More Mom®, don’t I know it?

Personally, I rate movies based on whether I would; pay full box office prices (an offensive fortune…movie makers, we need to talk), go to the bargain show, watch it on cable or wait until it is further butchered on basic television. Not only would I see this again at the show, but it will be a classic that I add to my collection as soon as it is released on DVD. As the More is More Mom® I want more Russell Brand and more Get Him to the Greek!

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