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Bring in the Spring….

As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about……more gorgeous floral centerpieces! Yesterday morning I was racing around with life’s little errands; the gas station, the bank, the dry cleaners and, of course, my nearly daily visit to the grocery store (bread, fruit and lunch meat are tastiest when served as fresh as humanly possible). The life of a wife is pretty darn exciting. Of course, I had one last stop; Guy-land, otherwise known as Home Depot……

Like Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor, I’m fascinated by the hardware store. I have absolutely no idea what everything is used for, but I’m intrigued by all of the possibilities. It must be my shop-keeper’s mentality because I love the aisle after aisle after aisle of neatly organized supplies. However, my favorite spot is the garden and landscape center.


Seriously, after the dreary cold weather I am so up for lush greenery and beautiful flowers. While I’m hardly a landscaping expert, and it’s barely the beginning of the season, I couldn’t help but snoop around a bit. What caught my eye was the bright burst of orange in the Sun Star. I decided my kitchen table couldn’t live with out ‘em.

I think a floral bouquet is an absolutely beautiful indulgence, but in many ways, I’m a practical gal. Flowers just don’t last very long, a plant, on the other hand, has greater longevity.

As important as the choice of greenery is the selection of the perfect vessel. The container is a wonderful opportunity to set the tone and show off your style and personality.  Traditional terra cotta pots are great, but a stylish urn certainly ups the ante.

Here, I chose a weathered green pedestal urn with a fleur-di-lis motif. To me, green is the perfect neutral and one of my favorite colors. What I love about this urn is that it is perfectly suitable for use all year long, indoors and out. It would be beautiful from mumms to Paperwhites.  


When using a vessel that doesn’t have a drain, you’ll need to create your own. Simply place rocks on the bottom before adding potting soil.

Arrange your plants and cover with more potting soil.


To create a more finished look, I like to add moss to the arrangement, and…..voila!  A gorgeous centerpiece to bring a little spring into your home!

More beautiful flowers, more bursts of color, more thoughts of spring…..


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