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If One is Good…Two Must Be Better


I am a More is More kind of gal, so you can only imagine how much I love jewelry! I have an awesome collection, if I don’t say so myself. I am partial to all kinds of baubles, particularly in quantity……..

Of course I am enamored with fine jewelry (Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend), but I am also a total sucker for fabulous costume finds! My favorite go to purveyors are J Crew, Banana Republic and the Kate Spade Outlet Store, but I am an equal opportunity horder. In fact, about this time three years ago I was invited to an in home jewelry party (not the Silpada kind that is so popular. Actually my neighbor is a Silpada “Dealer”, gems being her drug of choice. Years ago I hosted an in home party for her and so many gals came, imbibed and shopped that I received almost $900.00 in complimentary product. If is sparkles…they will come.) featuring knock off Tiffany pieces. Being the thoughtful and considerate guest that I am, I made a little purchase. I had been eyeing a Butterfly Necklace in the real Tiffany catalog, and when I saw the knock off I thought, “Why not?” Well, I’ll tell you why not……because Chuck was mad as a hornet (!); certainly not because I bought something, but because he wanted to surprise me and had already purchased the real Tiffany Butterfly Necklace for me for Mother’s Day. I loved it, cherished it, and wore it all the time.

Last year for Mother’s Day I was lucky enough to have a beautiful Roberto Coin necklace bestowed upon me. How ever did they know? (Oh yeah…..it was the picture of the necklace that I ripped from the catalog, with a rewards coupon, that I left on Chuck’s desk that might have been the tip off). Well now I was in quite a quandary. Which necklace should I wear? I loved them both. As the More is More Mom® the answer was crystal clear…….Wear them both! If one is good, clearly “MORE” must be better!!


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