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MIA…Missoni at Target

As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about….. more fashion at Target! Ever since I was a tween, I have been obsessed with style. I can actually remember my very first issue of Seventeen magazine ever, which featured beautiful models sporting camouflage and lavender. It was amazing.


When I was 13 years old, I was the recipient of one of the most influential books of my youth; The Official Preppy Handbook. From that moment, I had a penchant for 14 carat gold knot earrings, kilts, broadcloth button down Oxfords, vintage bow ties, argyle socks and sweaters, Weejun Bass penny loafers, Tretorn tennis shoes, Sporto duck shoes, Lacoste and Ralph Lauren polo style shirts, Le Sport Sac bags. The list of fabulously preppy apparel just goes on and on.


Over the years, my obsessions have run deep and wide. I’m especially partial to high style for less, which is why I have adored Target from the moment we met. In recent years, I have made the mad pilgrimage from Target Greatland to Target Greatland for such noted designers as Liberty of London and John Derian.


The minute I read all about Missoni doing a line for Target in In Style magazine, I went gaga. Missoni is heralded for their iconic, fantastic and modern striped patterns for apparel and home goods. Fashionable clothing and home décor, how could I not be intrigued? In bright colored Sharpies, I noted the date of Missoni’s arrival on my calendar; Tuesday, September 13, 2011.

Back in the day, when Nick and Amanda were little, I would drag them to the seasonal grand openings of one of my very favorite treasure hunting haunts, Tuesday Morning. We might pick up doughnuts and juice boxes as a treat as we passed the time as I had them in line for the 8am opening. Bribery went a long way.


While Missoni’s arrival was on my calendar, I had a very busy morning opening day. I was meeting my gal pals to train for our 15K and had samples to deliver to one of my clients. By the time I arrived at the best Target ever (the one in Warrenville, IL on Diehl Road, where my good friend Sal, of Swanton Video Media, and I taped our Ronald McDonald House Video), it was too late. Everything was SOLD OUT like it was the World Series and the Cub’s were chasing October.


I felt as though I were wondering around amongst the apocalypse, with death and destruction surrounding me. By noon, I could practically smell it. Apparently the majority of the stylish pieces were sold by the time 8:30am had rolled around (a mere 30 minutes after the store opened).


What can you do? While I spied few items here and there, I dig snag a pair of Missoni rain boots. Hey, here in Chicago, I’m likely to need them…


More style for less, more iconic designers, more apparel and home goods, more Missoni……..


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