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Memories of Christmas….

As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about……a more relaxing Christmas with my family! Well, we did it; we simplified our Christmas Eve celebration. Gone, this year, was the four course, four star dinner (along with the days of prep and hours of clean up). Gone was the elaborate and gorgeous tablescape (along with the ironing of the linens and the polishing of the silver). Gone were the fancy frocks (along with the dry cleaning bill). This year we ushered in Christmas with casual, comfortable style, with all the pomp and circumstance reserved for Christmas Day.

I thrive on the rat race. I absolutely live for complicated matters, trouble and aggravation, all for the sake of authenticity, but even I must confess, the respite was welcome. The afternoon began with our annual cocktail and appetizer festivities with my friend Judy and her family. Putting our children (one college and three High School students) in charge of arriving at church early enough to secure a pew, while the adults arrived in just enough time for a little socializing before we took our seats.

What a treat! Instead of getting dinner underway after mass, we slipped into our sweats, packed up the car, with Wrigley in tow, and headed to my mom and George’s house in Chicago for our new and improved celebration. On the way, we made a pit stop at our favorite Chinese restaurant, Chicago’s famous Orange Garden. By 7 pm, we were sitting around the dinner table enjoying the most Heavenly and delicious meal. Who needs a beef tenderloin and crab bisque soup when you’ve got the world’s best egg rolls and shrimp fried rice? Fa-ra-ra-ra-ra (you have seen the cult classic; The Christmas Story, with Ralphie and the Red Ryder BB gun haven’t you?)……and clean up was a snap!


Wrigley and his stuffed Christmas bone


The remains of a Christmas toy...

It was all so relaxing (except for constantly wrestling Wrigley away from the packages, the tree, the Chinese food, the cookies, everything on the coffee table and all of the squeakers he immediately removed from all of his new toys)! We exchanged gifts, had a few laughs and watched Will Ferrell, in one of his finest performances, Elf. The perfect end to the perfect evening.


Cub fans..


Nick, Wrigley and Mr. Cub, Ernie Banks


Wrigley rubbing Wrigley Field for good luck!

After sleeping in, we opened presents from “Santa” and had a huge breakfast. I made egg casserole and bacon, and George made his world famous, special requested, beer waffles. It was divine. For me, the best part of the day was when my Nick and I laced up our running shoes and took Wrigley for our very own, second annual, Reindeer Run. We zig zagged through the city streets to the Friendly Confines, Wrigley Field. I took a picture of my fellas in front of a souvenir shop, the statue of Mr. Cub, Ernie Banks, and of Wrigley tapping his paw against Wrigley Field for good luck (it was like kissing the Blarney Stone or pulling the sword, Excalibur, out of the stone). Perhaps the curse will be broken in 2011. You heard it hear first.

The evening brought a beautiful dinner with our family and cherished friends. More of everything is always better!

More new traditions, more time with family, more meaningful memories and experiences….


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Christmas is Coming…And You’ll Find It At Target!

As the More is More Mom®, I am all about……more holiday preparations! I know I’m getting completely ahead of myself, considering I have yet to dismantle, sort, wrap and pack up my Halloween decorations. We still have a surprising amount of Trick-or-Treat candy left in our bowl, which won’t last much longer with the chocoholics that live in our home. Thanksgiving may be next on the horizon, but Christmas is calling my name…… 

Just the other day I was “grocery shopping” at the Super Target (which is clearly code for, “I’m actually up to monkey business”), marveling at all of the wonder of the season. I had hit the entertaining mother-load. Since more of everything is always better, it’s time to stock up, while supplies last….


Nothing sets the tone for the holidays like a little illumination. I fell in love with the soft and elegant silver and gold tones of the glass votive holders. What a great combination of crackled, ribbed and hobnail finishes. While the shimmer finish is perfect for the holidays, votive candles are beautiful year round, scattered about your home and your outdoor living space. This collection includes gorgeous and sparkly pillar, taper and tea light candles as well. There are also wonderful ornate, turned pillar and taper candlesticks. Wouldn’t these be warm and pretty in your own home, or grouped as a lovely gift? If you’d prefer to take out all of the guess work, there are fragrant winter inspired (think pine tree and pomegranate) gift candles in a mercury glass type finish, cradled in luxurious boxes.



You can certainly punch things up a bit by scattering a little holiday cheer about your home. When faced with the dilemma of choosing a Santa or a Snowman (much like the age old argument…Britney or Christina?), I am frequently drawn to Snowmen and snowflakes. While Santa is a right jolly old elf, he’s a little out of place come January. Now Frosty, on the other hand, he can hang around until the final snowfall, and if you live here in Chicago, Frosty is likely to be hopping down the bunny trail come spring. Throw pillows and blankets make any sofa, bench or bed festive! Don’t forget about Kitchen towels, hand towels and bath towels, embellished with snowmen, snowflakes, candy canes, Christmas Trees, poinsettia’s and Santa’s, all with coordinating accessories and small rugs. 



Whether you’re hosting a huge Christmas dinner for 50, or celebrating quietly with your family, there are so many festive and whimsical inspirations for your table. Cherry red and apple green are so much fun! There are darling Santa, Snowmen, Reindeer and Penguin pieces; cookie jars, coffee mugs, platters, dinner plates, dessert plates, nesting bowls, cereal bowls, placemats, napkins, table runners and drink-ware. The whole point is to have fun with it. Mix and match a few interesting pieces with your good china and crystal, or every day dishes. You’ll be surprised at what a difference infusing something lively makes, while ensuring that each meal is special.


Now you know how much I love a party! This is the best time to check out your inventory of entertaining pieces and add to your collection. Silver is just so elegant; as perfect for a formal dinner party as it is for serving barbecue on the 4th of July. Whether you’re serving appetizers or dessert, the two tiered, hobnail trimmed platters are gorgeous! Complete your collection with the large and small rectangular trays and the chip and dip bowl which can also be used for crudités.


If you’re serving a crowd, corral your barware on a tray in gold leaf, silver leaf or red lacquer. Of course, you’ll want a huge bucket for your beverages (and don’t forget to keep them on ice). When you’re not in party mode, those tubs are great for storing firewood on your hearth and collecting magazines or toys.

Don’t already have a supply of chargers? Now is the time to make the investment. The best formal and beautifully set tables start with good linens and layers. To achieve that visual interest, you’ll want to start with a charger, adding a dinner plate then a decorative salad or dessert plate to set the tone for your fancy soiree.

Christmas is just around the corner. With a few festive touches you can make your home an even happier place to celebrate the holidays!

More holidays, more decorations, more happy homes…..

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