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If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em….

As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about…..more keeping up with my fitness focused teenagers! When I was little, girls were only involved with things like ballet, figure skating, gymnastics and tennis. I was clueless to the fact that there was a great big world of athletics just waiting to be experienced. My leanings have always tended towards shopping as a sport. I could have totally won gold at the mall.


My people happen to subscribe to the life philosophy; all sports all the time. Because more of everything is always better, each summer when Nick was little, I signed him up for eight weeks worth of swimming lessons. It never did quite register with me that all the other kids only participated in a single two week session, rather than the whole enchilada. By the time Nick was going into the 2nd grade, he had completed every single solitary swimming lesson our park district had to offer. The only thing left was life guarding. He was 7.


Sports conditioning has always been a way of life for my two. Hockey was the inspiration for Nick’s particular obsession with leg strength and cardio. Forever he could be found doing wall sits, squats and marking off 75 and 100 meter increments out in front of our house for me to time his sprinting drills with a stop watch. In fact, his favorite Christmas gift this year, other than his Sam Adams (Boston rapper) CD, was a mini parachute that gets strapped to your back to offer resistance while you run. Rarely has Wrigley found anything more exciting than chasing Nick down the street trying to wrestle and dominate the parachute.


Of course, Amanda has been a gym rat since she stared gymnastics when she was 4. Never one to be left out, she’s always been all too eager to join Nick, no matter what the challenge. In fact, once she retired from gymnastics this winter, she and her brother became constant workout companions.


With her school and AAU track seasons over and her work out partner off to college, Amanda was in need of a gym buddy. I was only too happy to volunteer for the job. Selfishly I figured, if I worked out with her, maybe some of her fitness would rub off on me. While I’ve been working out for the past 20 years (you know, the usual mom stuff; going to the health club, running, biking, weight training, chatting), I’m absolutely exhausted! Box jumps, plyometrics, circuit training, weight lifting and serious abdominals (none of this doing a couple of crunches malarkey).       

They say if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. I say if you’re brave enough to join them, be sure to eat your Wheaties!


More exercising, more fitness, more mother/daughter bonding, more exhaustion……


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The Final Face Off….

As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about…….sharing more moments with my Nick! Well, here we are; weeks away from the end of his high school hockey career. Hockey has been a daily part of our family life for the past 14 years and it’s almost over. What are we going to do without games an hour away on a school night? Or shagging Nick out of bed at 4:45am Monday mornings? Or waiting up for him to get home after his 9pm practices of Thursday nights?  I imagine we might have to get a hobby or adopt a Mite hockey player……..

This weekend marked the last of our hockey tournament weekends. Ever. I love a good road trip! Some of our favorite family memories are of hanging around hotels with our hockey friends; the boys playing shinny hockey (on their knees with mini sticks. The boys would play in the lobby, the halls, the stairwells, in someone’s room, a conference room. Wherever!), the sisters would watch movies, swim or play games, and the parents would cocktail. Something for everyone!

The Wisconsin Dells marked the spot of our final hurrah. It’s like the Vegas Strip for kids! Truth be told; a total nightmare. There’s not even a Starbucks here. The best part, however, was spending some quality time with my fella. We were looking forward to our road trip. I downloaded some of Nick’s favorite music to my I-Pod; Sam Adams (Boston’s Boy; rapper extraordinaire) and the fist pumping soundtrack to the Jersey Shore, Baby, I Like It! While I was hoping we could listen to a book on tape (very highbrow) Nick was all over sharing his new Dane Cook comedy album (does that reference date me?) with me. He might be kind of naughty, but that Dane Cook is pretty darn funny.


One of the best things about my Nick is that he is a total rah-rah; an all or nothing kind of guy. We checked into our room and were unpacking our bags when Nick revealed that he’d packed his brand new agility ladder. Oh, yes, and smuggled in a hockey stick despite the hotels strict “No Hockey Stick” policy, along with a tennis ball. He likes to stick handle and warm up before a game with the agility ladder. I can only imagine how much the guests below us enjoyed the running, jumping and stick handling; hence the hotel’s “No Hockey Stick” policy. On the other hand, if that’s his biggest crime, and I believe it is, we’re doing pretty good.

The weekend was wildly successful. Not because the boys played well and had a great time, but because of the moments Nick and I shared together. We compared notes after the games, though I’m totally incapable of doing the guy play by play thing. Instead, throughout the game, I text Nick observations and opinions so we can talk about them later. We watched the Social Network between games in our room and talked. There is no place that I would rather be, other than starting the ride with him all over again and enjoying his past 18 years one last time.

More good times, more fond memories, more time with my fella…….

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