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Mama’s Got A Brand New Bag…..

As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about…….more handbags! There’s nothing like the inspirational change in season to brighten a girl’s spirits. While the weather certainly won’t allow for a complete about face where our wardrobes are concerned, we can infuse a little bit of spring into our accessorizing.

I’m a bag lady from way back. When I was a kid, I would take the 22 Clark Street bus downtown and head to Water Tower with all of the money I earned babysitting. And I babysat a lot. There was never a shortage of parents looking to make a mad dash for the door in the hopes of finding a little peace and quiet (Now that I’m a parent, I totally get it. When Mary Poppins would babysit for Nick and Amanda, I always booked her for the next weekend as she was walking out the door.).  If I wasn’t scoping out all of the fabulous fashions at The Limited, I was heading upstairs to my favorite store; Le Sportsac. The bags came in all sorts of wonderful colors, shapes and sizes. One Christmas, I was so excited to buy a little Le Sportsac bag for my cousin Terri. She was a super fun teenager and I thought it would be smashing if she took it dancing. I still love Le Sportsac. One of my all time favorite tote bags (because I am a total schlep-rock) is a zebra print Le Sportsac with hot pink trim. Who’s the rock star now?   

Many ladies tend to settle for using one bag per season; your basic black or brown for fall and winter, and something a little less dreary for spring and summer.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with an awesome black and brown handbag, in fact, they’re a staple that every woman should have in her wardrobe of purses. However, variety is the spice of life! Handbags are another way to reflect your personal style. I change purses frequently (you know I believe in quantity), sometimes several times a week. I adore a well made, roomy and stylish handbag. My go to winter bags are a raspberry, quilted patent leather and a red, patent leather bucket bag. They go with everything and are so much more exciting than boring black or brown.

 The other day, I was running a few errands and took a quick detour to check out the purse department at Nordstrom’s. It was the happiest of days……


Soft and pretty is definitely a trend this upcoming season. Coach, who always makes a beautiful bag, was featuring lovely tone on tone combinations; pale pink, creamy ivory and neutral beiges. Of course, soft metallic gold and silver are a great way to transition shimmering elegance to the spring season. Their selections were, as always, lovely.


Burbery is keeping it traditionally plaid but with the wonderful addition of a white patent leather. So fresh and so clean!


 Vibrant and bold colors are a real treat! Hot pink, apple green and citrus orange just scream nice weather. I loved them especially in the slouchy bucket bag.


The iconic and elegant Kate Spade always showcases classic pieces with an irreverent and witty twist! Quilted Chanel inspired bags in Pepto-Bismol pink and finely woven straw bags embellished with beautiful, over size flowers. Absolutely to die for!


However, if a run to Nordstrom’s isn’t in your future, TJ Maxx had fabulous bags for a fraction of the price. There were great neutrals, metallic’s and bold colors; something for every occasion and budget.

More changing seasons, more handbags, more personal style…….


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If The Shoe Fits….More For Less!

As the More is More Mom®, I have been all about…..more back to school shopping. There is nothing like the smell of fresh school supplies in the morning…….

 While I never view a visit to the mall (my Mecca) as a chore, it’s nearly impossible to convince my Amanda of that. And she calls herself a self respecting teenager! When I was her age, I was forever saving up all of my babysitting money for a visit to the Century Mall, Marshall Fields on State Street, Water Tower (where they had, what I thought was the height of fashion, a Le Sport Sac Store), Old Orchard and even a ride to the Harlem Irving Plaza, otherwise known as the HIP.

 She couldn’t put it off any longer. I broke the news to Amanda that it was finally time; an afternoon of shoe shopping. To make the experience more fun (with less complaining as an added bonus), we invited our neighbors, Amanda’s pal, Rosebud, and her mom, my friend, Missy, to join us.


First stop….DSW. So many shoes and so little time! Rosebud found a darling pair of brown suede, beaded, Minnetonka moccasins; while Amanda held out for more fabulous selections at the mall.


We visited many lovely shops, but nothing holds a candle to the shoe salon at Nordstrom’s! The biggest trend we spotted this season is the flat shoe, solids and skins, bowed, buckled, bedecked, bedazzled and bejeweled.


However, the pair that caught Amanda’s eye was a brown Puma flat, with the sturdy construction of a tennis shoe. If Amanda was a Spice Girl, she would definitely be Sporty Spice.


Everything that is old is new again; the Minnetonka Moccasin, Le Sport Sac bags and Sperry Topsider’s are back and better than ever! How cute are these crocodile embossed, chocolate brown babies?

As much as we loved the beautiful selections at Nordstrom’s, we were certain we could find fantastic, fashionable footwear for less.

Target had super cute flats for $15-$20.

They are featuring black and taupe shoes bedazzled with stones of varying shapes and sizes. What sparkle!

If you are looking for a classic black flat with a bow on the toe, then you’ve been to the right place.


Color is definitely a way to separate yourself from the pack. How cute is a hot pink suede loafer?


I am always a sucker for animal skin. Target has really upped the style quotient with these zebra ballet flats.


Totally loving these gorgeous, silver, shimmery flats from Steinmart. Dress them up or dress them down. Either way you’ll be a styling and happening babe!

However, we hit the mother load at TJ Maxx and More;


Black patent leather ballet flats for 1/3 of the cost as the pair we loved at Nordstrom’s:


Brown Rocket Dog flats for $19.99!


Black patented leather UGG driving mocs, for ½ the price!


How can you possibly go wrong with a classic Ralph Lauren buckle flat? The good people at TJ Maxx were practically giving them away!


With as rainy a summer as we’ve had, you have to know that a rain boot is an absolute necessity this fall. TJ Maxx had great boots for $19.99. You can’t afford not to buy them!


The piece de resistance for us was an amazing bag. While it may not be a completely practical backpack for Amanda, we found a sling type tote bag that was out of this world. How can you possibly go wrong with a Lucky Brand Jeans tote with a brown suede bottom (you’ll never see the dirt), a super sturdy strap and buckle, in a fantastic and funky pattern of flowers and birds? It just screams groovy! The best part of all, other than its high style, is the fact that it wasn’t anymore expensive than a good Jansport backpack. Yay!! Fashions for less!

 While the first day of school might not be the most fun day ever, what could possibly be more important than looking good for the school year?


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Now Smell This…A Trip To The Mall!

This week I made the pilgrimage to my own personal Mecca….The Mall. No place on Earth makes me as happy. You can keep your Caribbean vacations and your cruises. Give me retail or give me death! Though I like outlet too (is that what Patrick Henry meant?). What I adore is all the possibilities; more apparel, more outerwear, more accessories, more handbags, more footwear and……… more fragrances.

As the More is More Mom®, I’m crazy for more perfume. I live to enjoy the Heavenly aroma of my signature scents Givenchy’s Amarige and Chanel’s Chance. None of that “delicately spray your perfume into the air and walk gently through the mist” for me. No. I like to drench myself in a cloud of spray and then reapply.

I loved making a new friend as I got to know Angela in Fine Fragrances at Nordstrom’s, Oak Brook. Fragrance should be considered your invisible accessory. No ensemble is complete without it. We gals got to chatting about aromatic trends and she introduced me to some amazing scents that were new to me.  


BALENCIAGA PARIS is a beautiful and sophisticated fragrance that would be perfect for evening. It is an exquisite floral-woodsy fragrance. The notes: bergamot, spices, pepper, violet, carnation, oakmoss, cedar, vetiver, patchouli, labdanum.


DONNA KARAN PURE is great day time fragrance and is exclusive to Nordstrom’s. It is a yummy, lightly spiced vanilla floral. The notes: Ugandan vanilla, dewdrop floral petals, lotus and Bulgarian rose, jasmine, freesia, orchid, white amber, sandalwood.


VIKTOR & ROLF FLOWERBOMB is a sweet floral oriental that men apparently can’t get enough of……. I imagine there will be a mad rush to Nordstrom’s and Flowerbomb will be sold out soon! The notes: tea, bergamot, sambac jasmine, orange tree, catleya orchid, freesia, rose, and amber, musk, and patchouli.


HERMES EAU CLAIRE dES MERVEILLES has a twinkling and tender woody burst. It is a feminine and lady like classic, just making its debut. The notes (as near as I can gather): warm amber, citrus, sweet cosmetic powdery iris, sweet coca-cola musk, powder, gourmand facet, vanilla.


NARCISO RODRIGUEZ FOR HER EAU De TOILETTE is a spicy-woody floral. It is a pure and elegant fragrance that is both modern and sexy. I would say you should wear that 24/7! The notes: honey flower, solar musk, orange blossom, osmanthus, amberlyn, vanilla, tactile musk, tactile woods, vetiver.

With more beautiful fragrances to experience; I don’t know which one to try first. Either way, I’m just happy to spend more time at…The Mall!


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Not Quite 27 Dresses…..But Almost!


(This is a re-enactment of Amanda repeatedly locking herself out of the fitting room. She is a gal on a mission, and has little time to waste waiting for the nearly non-existent sales girl to return with a key. She’s in 8th grade; we don’t have time to wait until prom.)

As I am the More is More Mom® it should come as no surprise that my daughter would “need”…….. more dresses! Amanda is graduating from the 8th grade at Our Lady of Perpetual Donations Grammar School. One might think that it is kind of a given that our children graduate from 8th grade (though they would certainly have surpassed famed scholar Jethro Bodine), and question the reason for such jubilation, but you have to understand the situation to appreciate all of the pomp and circumstance.

Our Lady of Perpetual Donations is a wonderful and magical place. It is a tiny bubble, with in the bubble of Winsome, IL…..where winning is a way of life. Amanda, following in her brother Nicholas’s footsteps, began her academic pursuits as a student in the Three Year Old Pre-School class at Our Lady of Perpetual Donations eleven years ago. She was so cute! The Pre-Schooler’s are not required to wear a uniform to school, but because Amanda had been chasing after Nick and the “big kids” for the previous 2 years, she was determined to be excluded no longer! She wore an authentic, hand-me-down, blue plaid jumper, with her favorite denim button down shirt, argyle tights and gold sparkle shoes. She was smashing!

There are 67 students graduating in Amanda’s class, most of whom have known each other since the age of three. The class is small, the experience intimate. They will go to one of 8 different High Schools, so the end of their 8th grade year really is the end of an era. The festivities that lead up to graduation are a celebration of their year’s together and becoming young adults.

And how does one celebrate such milestones? With excessive, fabulous attire and accessories of course! We were in “need” of dresses for; Confirmation, May Crowning, the Formal Eighth Grade Dance and Graduation Day (Heaven forbid a dress be worn twice!). We kicked off Dress Shopping Extravaganza 2010 with two of Amanda’s closest friends CC (see Fourteen and Fearless, January 2010) and Rosebud, for a Mother/Daughter Day of perusing and lunching (read: no cocktailing, as it was the middle of the afternoon, and we had to drive. Responsible Mother’s of the Year.); so many dresses, so many absolutely and completely inappropriate choices! Good people of the fashion industry please take note: most mothers don’t want their daughters dressing like Hoochie Mama’s (and their father’s like it even less). Watch the cleavage and watch the hemlines!

The prevailing number of outrageously inappropriate offerings necessitated numerous excursions to The Mall (my happy place). We shopped with friends, we shopped alone, and we had a wonderful day with my mom and Auntie Terri. Of course once we found the dresses we were on a mad search for shoes. Amanda is a gem of a girl who is true to herself (I LOVE THAT!). She flat out refused to consider a shoe with even the slightest heel (really, have you ever seen the little girls playing dress up, teetering around in shoes that would make a street walker cringe? Ridiculous.), and we found three fantastic pairs of shoes that suit her, and her charming dresses, to a “T”.

The Confirmation Dress, from Von Maur (Please note the poppy sweater, Old Navy, Spring Collection, 2009):

We loved these linen look ballet flats with the satin rose embellishment (also from Von Maur, by Blowfish, Malibu. They were only $40.00!). They are perfect with Amanda’s selection for Graduation as well.

The Graduation Dress, from Nordstrom’s:

May Crowning, from J Crew (they have the best t-shirts, sweaters, costume jewelry and flip-flops EVER, as I am sure First Lady, Michelle Obama, would certainly agree ~ I adore her fashion sense.):

Look at these little hot pink creations by B.P. for Nordstrom’s. I can’t get enough of the pink and white gingham check!

For her 8th Grade Formal Dance (which just so happens to be on the same night as Amanda’s Gymnastics Team Banquet. You know we love more of everything, including complicated matters….), another offering from Von Maur:

Lastly, the piece de résistance, a beautiful pair of glistening, buttery yellow, snake skin sandals with amazing ruffle detail (if only they were a half size bigger!), by Kelsi Dagger, also from the fabulous shoe salon at Nordstrom’s:

While the dresses are lovely, and the shoes perfectly appropriate, the very best part was the time I got to spend with my gal. Creating meaningful experiences is what it’s all about…….

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