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Bad Teacher; A Movie Going Experience…….

As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about…..more movie theater outings! While some people may salivate over an extravagant dinner, or a luxurious visit to a day spa, one of my very favorite leisure time activities is heading to the Cineplex. It’s criminal; the last time I went to the show was over spring break to see Win, Win, which really was outstanding, but that was months ago. This week I finally got a double movie theater dose.


My mom is a total gamer. She really wanted to share the Bridesmaids movie going experience with Amanda and me. I flinched for a moment, realizing that it’s rated “R”, but I rationalized; she’s in high school, has an older brother headed off to college, has seen Superbad and the Hang Over, is straight as an arrow and has cable. So, what’s a little potty talk? Sadly, however, there were no good coming attractions and the movie was a real stinker. We should have seen Mr. Popper’s Penguins instead (which was not rated “R”).


Fast forward to Friday night; at 6pm, it became apparent that we were presented with a rare gift; an evening free from obligation. Amanda quickly downloaded a Show Time’s App (which was also free) to my new I-Phone to check out the possibilities. Totally one to love to be in the know, I wanted to be amongst the first to see the newly released Bad Teacher. Chuck winced when I suggested we take Amanda with us, but I reasoned, well what the heck, she’s already seen Bridesmaids……  


For me, the coming attractions are a huge component in the success of the movie going experience.  We were batting 1,ooo (love, love, love baseball talk) with decent looking movies;

  • The Change Up: Starring my super cutie pie boyfriend, Ryan Reynolds, and the nearly as delightful, Jason Bateman, as best friends leading completely different life styles; Ryan is a free wheeling single, while Jason is a dedicated family man. It’s a Freaky-Friday meets fraternity brother’s tale of two friends who mysteriously switch bodies, learning life lessons during their quest to switch them back. I’ll see it at the show, because I’ll see almost anything starring Ryan Reynolds (though that one where he is buried alive in a box may have to wait for cable).


  • What’s Your Number?: While Anna Faris is hardly an Academy Award winning actress, and I’ve only really seen her in Just Friends (starring…..Ryan Reynolds), she seems to be absolutely charming in her latest venture. Anna stars as young woman who revisits her past relationships in search of the one that got away. Looks like a pretty good chick flick. Lucky for Chuck; he may get a pass on this one (I’ll bet he wishes he’d been as lucky with Black Swan. I’m still apologizing.)


  • Warrior: Although I am the mother of a life long hockey player, I’m not a big fan of violent sports. However, I must confess that Warrior looks pretty good, maybe this years; The Fighter. It’s the story of how two estranged Mixed Martial Arts fighting brothers end up in the ring participating in the fight of their lives. Hopefully it’s a major comeback for perennially favorite Nick Nolte (I’ve loved him since North Dallas Forty and 48 Hours).


  • 50/50: While the journey of a cancer survivor doesn’t sound too funny, it appears that 50/50 brings poignant humor to the story of a young man that is told he has a 50/50 chance of surviving his cancer diagnosis. I am most familiar with its star, Joseph-Gordon Levitt, from Angels in the Outfield (this is what happens when you have children) and Inception, and I always love the off beat humor of the ever likable Seth Rogan. I’ll definitely bring my hankie along with my stash of bottled water and Hershey’s chocolate bars to the Cineplex when 50/50 hits theaters in September.


  • 30 Minutes or Less: The Classic tale of two dim-witted criminals who kidnap a pizza delivery man, strap a bomb to his chest and demand that he rob a bank on their behalf. Danny McBride (who I totally don’t get, but my Nick thinks is hilarious) and Jesse Eisenberg (of Adventureland (also starring……Ryan Reynolds) and The Social Network fame) star. If I’m desperate for entertainment the day of its release on August 12, I’ll definitely see the early-bird show.


With all of the great previews, we were totally psyched for Bad Teacher! Cameron Diaz stars as Elizabeth Halsey, a foul-mouthed, gold digging, junior high school teacher who gets surreptitiously dumped by her sugar daddy. Forced to return to her teaching position, she believes that the only way to land her next sugar daddy is with a set of DD’s.  Diaz spends the remainder of the movies plotting and scheming ways to raise the necessary funds for her plastic surgery and hitting on Justin Timberlake, a wholesome substitute teacher with a lot of dough. Cameron Diaz is such a naughty potty talker that she might very well be the perfect match for Billy Bob Thornton (I LOVE him) in Bad Santa. While she may have been completely unsympathetic, Diaz was obscenely funny. If you’re up for a couple of hours of raunchy silly humor, you’ll love Bad Teacher!



More popcorn, more visits to the Cineplex, more coming attractions, more movies……



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My Favorite Things About Vanity Fair Magazine….


As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about……more Vanity Fair magazine! While I am a total slave to shelter magazines like Traditional Home, House Beautiful and Better Homes & Gardens, my absolute all time favorite magazine is Vanity Fair. Each issue is chock full fabulous information; politics (too complicated and boring for me to really, truly follow), business (tantalizing and often scandalous!), culture (art, music, literature, very sophisticated), society (London, New York, LA and world jet setter’s….fun to see how the other half lives), style (for the Fashionista in all of us) and the very best part Hurray for HOLLYWOOD!

Years and years ago, when I was first introduced to Vanity Fair, I fell in love with columnist Dominick Dunne (father of Griffin Dunne of Who’s That Girl Fame…you know, the movie with Madonna). The moment I found the latest issue in my mail box, I frantically flipped around until I found Mr. Dunne’s latest juicy offering. Amongst other things, he was an amazing investigative journalist, who hob-knobbed with the rich and famous. In the words of Alice Roosevelt Longworth (Teddy Roosevelt is my all time favorite president), “If you can’t say something nice, come sit by me.”

I love getting a little glimpse into the lives of the fabulous, which is why the “My Stuff” feature is always a must see. A mover and shaker is profiled, where they divulge intimate details about their favorite everyday products.

I’ve always wanted to be profiled, so I thought it would be fun to compare the answers of the ultra-chic and fantastic with ordinary mom (which would be me).


Where do you live?


Western Suburbs of Chicago

Favorite Art?

Frances Bacon

Kevin Bacon





World-Traveler Trunks

Vera Bradley

Coffee Maker?

Cuisinart 12-cup

Starbucks Drive-thru hot chocolate



Office Max

Favorite record?

Karen Elson’s The Ghost Who Walks

K-tel Hits (I especially like my “album” with Eric Clapton singing I Shot the Sheriff)

Favorite Gadget?


I-Pod (with my nearly 5,000 songs, because more of everything is ALWAYS better)



Rag and Bone

Eddie Bauer, Tall (thanks you Eddie Bauer….long inseams are hard to fit)



Nike Shox

Day Bag?

Chanel chain bag or Dolce and Gabbana Miss Sicily

Raspberry Cole Haan, on clearance at TJ Maxx


James Perse

Old Navy


Dolce and Gabbana Scarlett

Bath and Body lip gloss in Warm Vanilla



Chanel, and Sonia Kashuk for Target (slightly more reasonably priced)



Crest (duh)




More high society, more exclusivity, more middle America, more normal everything…..

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