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Who’s Your Caddy?

As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about……more opportunities for hitting the links! While I personally don’t know the first thing about golf, other than that I can shag my own balls back at the driving range, my Nick is absolutely obsessed with the game. This is a kid that sleeps like a baby with his alarm clock blaring, walls reverberating, requiring a personal wake up call every morning, but when it came time for the British Open, he was bright eyed and bushy tailed at 4AM so he wouldn’t miss a moment. Anything for the love of the game……

His current player obsession is the fabulously fashionable Rickie Fowler (though his heart still belongs to Phil). As Nick’s style advisor, I have always been in favor of a buzz cut. When I call Rick the Barber to make an appointment for Nick I always tell him short in the back and on the sides with it a little longer on top. These days, my fella is letting his hair grow. It’s kind of a modified Justin Bieber, with it long in front, sweeping to the side, and he’s praying that the back does a little flip up over his baseball cap. He calls it “flow” ala his idol Rickie Fowler.

This past week Nick played in a golf tournament in Indiana; 36 holes in a day. His one and only wish was for a caddy. He offered me the privilege of the job, but the idea of schlucking that bag up and down the fairway for 8 hours sounded kind of like a drag. Besides, I don’t know anything useful about golf. I have no words of wisdom with regards to course management. All I can comment on is his anger management, and believe me, in the moment he’s just not interested in hearing about it. Nick also offered the job to Amanda which would have been a colossal mistake. Without question it would have come to fisticuffs and she would have been bored out of her mind after 4 holes max.  

Chuck has been up to his eyeballs 6 and 7 days a week building the awesome new Harley Davidson of Palatine with his partner (shoot me an email if you have a commercial project. I’ll hook you up.), but he knew how important this day was to Nick so he did the unthinkable….he actually took a day off of work to be Nicks caddy. With Nick heading off to college at the end of the month, I was thrilled the fellas would squeak in some father-son bonding. They went down the night before; golfed a round, went out to dinner, found a hotel, watched Entourage and hit the sack.

Wearing his favorite salmon colored golf shirt and lucky baseball cap (signed by Rickie Fowler and Rory Mc Ilroy at the 2010 BMW Championship at Cog Hill), Nick teed off on the first hole. He was in Heaven! As a practically professional caddy himself, Nick loved the luxury of having his very own caddy, especially since it was his dad. They talked strategy at each hole (Chuck actually plays, watches, cares about and understands golf….a much better choice.). Other than spending a quality and memorable day together, Nick loved having a caddy to rake the sand after he left the bunker.

I drove to Indiana at 6am so I could walk the first 18 with the boys. It was a really fun morning watching Nick play, seeing how much he’s matured as a player in the past year. Of course I was compelled to pull Chuck over to the side and suggest he ask Nick what was up with all of the spitting and scratching. He told me, in fact, that he had asked the very same question the day before, to which Nick replied, “Well, I guess I’m just a baseball player at heart.”  

More road trips, more hitting the links, more caddying, more family bonding….

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Spring Break: Home Alone….

As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about……more suspiciously quiet weekends! Spring break is quite the phenomenon. When I was growing up, I didn’t know anyone that went away for spring break. It was merely a week off of school where we enjoyed sleepovers with our friends and had the luxury of sleeping late in the mornings. For as long as Chuck and I have had a family of our own, we have not been avid vacationers (I’m rather a homebody). For the past 12 years, while our kids have been busy with athletics, we’ve had the pleasure of hitting all of the hot spots; Peoria, Kalamazoo, Milwaukee, Detroit, Fort Wayne, the Dells……are you jealous yet?  

Life has been so crazy busy lately. Chuck does Commercial Real Estate and Land Development with a partner, and they are up to their eyeballs in building a fabulous, brand new Harley Davidson dealership in Palatine, while I have several design projects in various stages of development. This is definitely not a time for us to get away. My mom is awesome though, and saw this is a great opportunity to whisk Nick and Amanda away to visit with my brother and sister-in-law in Hot-lanta!

The kids couldn’t pack their bags fast enough, leaving the cold behind (and who could possibly blame them?). After Wrigley and I returned from dropping them all off at the airport, our house suddenly felt extremely quiet. We are accustomed to a free for all; activities, friends, laughter, arguing, Nick and Amanda wrestling, exercising contests, music, the blaring television…… The silence was deafening, and it was only one o’clock in the afternoon. What were Chuck and I going to do for the rest of the day much less the rest of the week?  

Because we sure do know how to live, I warmed up some left over taco meat and we feasted on a huge and delicious mound of nachos. I closed my eyes for a few blissful moments in-the-middle-of-the-day! We scrolled through our DVR and watched three hours of American Idol (which is really about 90 minutes of actual viewing time once you take out all of the commercials and the boring parts). We watched the movie Morning Glory, with Rachel McAdams, Diane Keaton and Harrison Ford. It was delightful and charming. Afterwards, flipping through our cable channels, we settled upon 1982’s Tootsie, with Chicago’s very own, Bill Murray. We rotated around our television viewing positions, from our family room, to our basement, to our bedroom to avoid developing bed sores.

While the peace and quiet was really very restful, I’m thankful that we won’t have to become accustomed to it any time soon. I live for the hustle and bustle of family life, even the noise, the arguing and the wrestling. This is seriously going to be the weirdest week ever.

More eerie quiet, more catching up on favorite TV shows, more being bored together…..

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