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7 Inches From the Mid-day Sun…..

As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about…….more sun! Finally, it happened; a furlough from Noah’s Ark. With our cooler stocked with ice water, fruit, salad, sandwiches and chocolate, we were all set for a day spent in the sunshine. Had I only remembered to slather on a little sunscreen……

Forever and ever, I have had mishaps with the sun. While I know it’s wrong, I’ve always longed for a beautiful, golden, bronze tan. Never mind the fact that I have fairly, fair skin that just screams “burn me”. Once, when I was in high school, I was at the YMCA and decided to use their tanning salon. It wasn’t actually a salon, or even a bed for that matter. It was a room, with ultra-violet light bulbs mounted to the wall. Posted outside the room, before you entered through a shower curtain, were directions that suggested a maximum of 15 minutes of exposure and a recommendation to wear those little goggles to protect your eyes. Well, I have always been a more is more type of gal, and with my highly developed teenage reasoning skills, figured that if 15 minutes were good, 30 minutes would certainly be even better. Of course, 30 minutes sitting on a chair with my eyes closed would have been super boring, so I opted instead to flip through the pages of a magazine (probably Glamour, completely missing the message that a great, big red sunburn does not equal “healthy glow”).

All was good as I left the Y, dreaming about how awesome I’d be all tan. Unfortunately, reality hit me in the middle of the night as I awoke, screaming in pain, as I realized I had literally burnt my eyeballs. They were practically on fire. I was lucky I didn’t lose my sight along with my teenage vanity.

Despite my aforementioned stupidity, I had yet to learn a lesson. Still in high school, my girlfriend and I would set up lawn chairs in my backyard with the sprinkler fanning back and forth between us. Because it was so beastly hot, we had this genius idea to run an extension cord out the window to hook up to an oscillating fan at the same time. With lemon juice in our hair (to enhance our natural, kissed by the sun highlights) and baby oil slathered all over our bodies (can you SPF?) it was a miracle we weren’t electrocuted. And, by the way, I’ll have you know that I’ve only fainted from sun exposure…twice.

So here I am, as an adult, making the same mistake, time and time again. With our cooler in tow, we got our chairs set up, lounged around, enjoying the beautiful day. The temperature was absolutely perfect, pleasant with a lovely breeze, as we took in sporting events and I flipped through the pages of a magazine. When we got back to our room, I felt like I’d gotten a little sun. By the time we had dinner, I was positively glowing! It just wouldn’t be summer without inconvenient and oddly placed, sunburn.

More summer, more sun, more hoping for a tan, more disappointing sunburn…..

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