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Killers…Kill Me (Kind of….)

Why am I always late for everything? As the More is More Mom®, I suppose it’s because I’m always trying to squeeze in just one more thing. However, when it comes to going to the movies, I do my level best to be on time. I hate to miss the Coming Attractions, because sometimes that’s the very best part of the movie going experience.

As with most families, evenings can be kind of tough. If we’re not racing off to a game, dropping off a gaggle of teenagers, picking up a gaggle of teenagers, we’re hosting a gaggle of teenagers that require some supervision in our home. Sunday afternoon Chuck and I were able to sneak in a quick movie run (allowing plenty of time to be home to see our Chicago Blackhawks play Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Why does the Flyer’s #19, Hartnell, look like a cross between the kindly Grizzly Adams and the Unabomber? He plays like the Unabomber). Killers looked entertaining, so why not?

It’s so exciting when there are a couple of movies that look fairly promising.

• Charlie St. Cloud didn’t look too bad if you’re a Zac Efron fan. Shocking I’m sure (because I have a teenager daughter and the Disney Chanel plays 24/7 here), but I have never seen High School Musical I, II or III (but I do think you should Get Your Head in the Game, Gotta, Getcha, getcha, getcha, getcha head in the game…). Despite the fact that there didn’t appear to be any singing or dancing involved, this picture looked sweet and touching.

• I’m afraid that the previews might very well have shown the best parts of this movie, but Going the Distance looked entertaining enough. I absolutely adore Drew Barrymore. She is the most charming gal in the motion picture business (with Sandra Bullock running a close second), so I would give it a shot for that reason alone. Throw in her on again, off again cutie pie Justin Long, and you might just have a winner (or at least not a complete stinker).

• Annette Bening and Julianne Moore make a beautiful lesbian couple in The Kids are Alright. Why not? Mark Ruffalo is the sperm donating wanna be dad, and you’ve got yourself a family comedy…..

• What do 80’s Mega-Action-Superstars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sly Stallone and Bruce Willis (totally in my top ten favorite actors EVER!!) have in common? They all star in The Expendables….. Though it does beckon the question, were Mel Gibson, Harrison Ford and Jean Claude Van Dam busy? I’m not a super fan of the Action Blockbuster, but throw in the come back kid (or old man) Mickey Rourke, his fabulously creepy costar in The Pope of Greenwich Village, Eric Roberts, martial arts expert Jet Li, Rocky’s nemesis Dolph Lundgren, current action hottie Jason Stathom, and Terry Crews (the dad on Everybody Hates Chris….)…..and I’m there!


I had extremely high hopes for Killers. I mean we’re talking about the absolutely adorable Ashton Kutcher (tweet, tweet) and the beautiful but befuddled Katherine Heigl (in the part that she endearingly plays in all of her movies).

The ever handsome Tom Selleck and the lovely and hysterical Catherine O’Hara are perfectly cast as Ms. Heigl’s parents, so where did it all go awry? The action and the intrigue were perfect in the first part of the movie. I was all about Martin Mull as Ashton’s boss. The banter was witty, with a certain Hollywood classic’s feeling. Sadly though, it became a ridiculous farce as the bounty on Ashton’s head was unveiled and everyone and their brother wanted him dead. I mean seriously, how on Earth did their suburban neighbors get their hands on all of those firearms? I live in the suburbs and we are merely armed with SUV’s, wine and a competitive edge.


Over all Killers wasn’t too bad, but it left me wanting more. I can tell you however, with certainty…..Killers was no Hot Tub Time Machine! Where is John Cusack when you need him?

PS-Please visit my audition for my own show on the OWN for Oprah. Vote early and often…..that’s the Chicago way!

Vanessa’s Audition: Vanessa – The More Is More Mom – OWN TV




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Smoky Corn Salsa; Good Enough to Eat With a Spoon, But a Frito’s Scoop Would Be So Much Better

I know that I am a complete and total control freak. I get it. I’ve created it. I live it. I wouldn’t have it any other way. As the More is More Mom® I love more everything….especially trouble and aggravation. If I were a sensible person (which, clearly I am not), I might have asked my Nicholas to go on line and schedule his ACT test date. He is a very capable and reasonably agreeable person, and I’m sure he would have done it with enough prodding, but I just can’t help myself. I am a busy body and must have my hand in everything. After spending the past hour of my life filling out the questionnaire, I am beginning to think that perhaps relinquishing some control might be a good idea. Nah….who am I kidding? Though if I did that, I might have more time to spend sharing the pages and pages of ideas that I have with you…….that or I could just get less sleep. I’m thinking less sleep is so much more likely.
Anyway, we have been crazy-insanely busy as of late. Last week Amanda, my mom and I had a whirlwind 24 hour ROAD TRIP to Indianapolis for a gymnastics competition. Not to be a total braggart, but……. Amanda did an amazing vault. She flipped and landed her Yurchenko and scored a 9.1. Not a face plant in sight! We love it when there is no need for a trip to the orthopedist. They love us there! Between us we have been there for: knees, ankles, heels, wrists (Amanda is a repeat customer), numerous fingers and Chuck had that super exciting (and successful) thumb replant. They rock! But do you know what doesn’t rock? The Marriott at the Convention Center in Indianapolis. Do you want to know why they don’t rock? They don’t have pay per view movies in their rooms. We girls were super psyched to get into our pj’s and watch Whip It (with the fabulous Drew Barrymore and that cute little Ellen Page from Juno, which was playing at the Double Tree in St. Louis, where they do have pay per view). When I called down to the front desk to inquire about how exactly I might find their pay per view, they responded, “We don’t have it.” What?!? Seriously, Super 8 has pay per view. Mr. Marriott has like a zillion hotels all over the world and the front desk is trying to tell me that this is the one amenity that they can’t provide. I don’t need 800 thread count sheets, or chocolates on my pillow (you know I bring those Hershey’s bars with me everywhere I go, so there is no need), but I do need in room entertainment. We were so bummed! We were forced to watch Olympic Ice Dancing….the compulsory routines. What a let down. Amanda has yet another meet this coming Saturday and I picked up our own personal copy of Whip It for our viewing pleasure. I hope we’re not putting too much pressure on Drew and Ellen to deliver and live up to our expectations. I’ll have to let you know…..
In the meantime I have been dying to share with you the recipe for Smoky Corn Salsa. I found it in Bon Appétit magazine and it was terrific!
2 red bell peppers, quartered and seeded
3 ears of fresh corn husked (I used 4 because more of everything is always better!)
1 bunch green onions (or more….), trimmed
2 garlic cloves (I used three times as many because garlic is delicious and keeps the vampires away….even that Robert Pattinson. I think our household is pro “Team Jacob” for you Twilight fans)
1 teaspoon ground cumin
2 tablespoons fresh lime juice (I always use the bottled juice because it is so much less messy, clearly I have not been to the Cordon Bleu)
1 tablespoon (or eyeball a few dashes) bottled chipotle hot sauce
2/3 cup (or whatever) chopped fresh cilantro
Prepare barbeque on high heat. Brush the bell peppers, corn and green onions with some olive oil. Grill veggies until well charred in spots, turning occasionally with tongs and removing pieces as they brown. You really want to watch the green onions after about 5 minutes, because they char rather quickly (I know as I had to do a second batch). The peppers and corn will be good after 10-15 minutes. Allow the vegetables to cool. Cut peppers and onions into 1/3-inch pieces and cut corn off the cob.

Heat 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a small skillet over medium-high heat. Add the garlic and cumin; sauté until garlic begins to sizzle but does not brown, about 30 seconds. Pour into a large bowl; mix in lime juice and hot sauce. Mix in veggies. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Cool completely; mix in cilantro. This can be made several days in advance.

I threw boneless, skinless chicken breasts on the grill and topped them with heaping spoonfuls of this salsa. It would be beautiful with grilled fish or pork too, as well as quesadillas. But I think it would be best enjoyed simply with ……… a bowl of Frito’s Scoops! And maybe margarita’s……..

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