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Once Upon a Time…..Two People Fell In Love

Do you know what 10,519,200 minutes, 175,320 hours and 7,305 days have in common? They all represent 20 years (including five leap years!). Today, that is exactly how long Chuck and I have been married. 20 years may certainly seem like a very long time, and it is, but I can attest, from experience that 20 years can absolutely fly by in the blink of an eye….

Chuck and I met the month before I entered my sophomore year in college. The following summer, when I was a mere 19 ½ years old (only two very short years older than my Nick is now…..) we got engaged. There isn’t all that much we don’t plan for; over the six months before we were engaged we researched and learned about diamonds, so that Chuck could make a good investment; we always consult consumer reports before we purchase anything, and then comparison shop; when we were ready to start a family we interviewed doctors in advance so we were confident in the person that would be delivering our children (and we were); before we took the plunge in purchasing the house in which we have raised our family, we rented in the area for a year, just to be sure that we really liked Winsome, IL…..where winning is a way of life (we did!). So, as planners, it should come as no surprise that we were engaged for three years before we were married!

When we wed, we were merely children; I was 22 and Chuck was 25. We were young and dumb! In this day and age it is a small miracle that it has all worked out, but I would attribute a good deal of that to our commitment to each other and our children, and a little bit of good luck. That’s not to say that over the past 20 years we haven’t experienced both joy and heartache…we have, but that’s a life that has been lived……..




How do you summarize 20 years of your life, wrap it up in a neat little package and tie it with a bow? When I really think about it, it’s actually pretty easy and rather extraordinary; what began as a pair of two very young and inexperienced people full of love, devotion, optimism, trust, faith and hope, has turned in to a very happy, successful and genuinely loving family of five…..Chuck, Vanessa, Nicholas, Amanda and Wrigley (I can’t even begin to fathom what our lives would have been like without him!) and I see that we are the luckiest people in the world. My only wish is that we might have the chance to revisit these past 20 years, just one more time, because they have gone by far too quickly for my liking.
Without my little family I would never have had the opportunity and learned to become the person that I am today…..the More is More Mom®. Because of these wonderful, tolerant, patient and amazing people I have had the good fortune to experience; more love, more fun, more trouble and aggravation (!), more pride, more giving, more support, more acceptance, more patience, more heartache, more compassion, more satisfaction, more good and happy memories, more closeness, more worry, more loyalty, more devotion, more laughs, more entertainment, a more fulfilling and complete existence…… In a life time, what more could a person ask?



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