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More of Everything is Always Better….Especially More Interior Design!

As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about……..sharing more inspiring Interior Design! I’m always so excited to write about all that’s happening in the design world from coordinating fabrics and paint colors to designing beautiful window treatments and vignettes. I actually love that in recent years we are placing more focus on creating beautiful homes as a haven to nurture our families and make more memories.

With so many amazing resources, tackling your design projects can be a daunting task. The volume of options can be absolutely overwhelming and the potential for costly mistakes intimidating, which is why working with an Interior Designer can be a great asset.

I thought I’d take you behind the scenes at my favorite showroom; Chicago Design Team at the Arlington Design Center. As an Interior Designer, designing custom window treatments is one of my specialties and CDT has the most beautiful selection of fabrics and trims; Robert Allen, Beacon Hill, Highland Court, Duralee, Fabricut, Vervain, Stroheim, Houles and Brimar. Of course they are also my go to resource for furniture for every room in the house, as well as gorgeous artwork, accessories and lighting.

I’m really excited to show you around……  

My mantra is more of everything is always better, especially great design.

At Vanessa Nunley Designs, I embrace the Art of Making a Home; creating spaces that are gracious, elegant, beautifully appointed and comfortable. It is important to me to learn about your greatest dreams and desires for your home, allowing me to help you develop and interpret a personal style that reflects the way you live. Drawing on twelve years of Interior Design experience, together we will transform a concept and vision into a stunning reality.

I hope you have a moment to visit me at my new website http://vanessanunleydesigns.com

More beautiful homes, more making memories, more glorious interior designs….

To schedule an Interior Design appointment, a Life Style consultation or a speaking engagement, please email me at moreismoremom@aol.com

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Run With It…..

As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about…….more carpet runners! This week I was working on an Interior Design project for one of my clients, which brought me to my absolute favorite place for carpet, Superb Carpet in Wheaton, IL. I was looking for a runner and I had come to the right place. What makes Superb, superb, is the beautiful selection of flooring enhanced by the knowledge and personal attention from owners Mike and Jean Loewe.


The Foyer is an all too often overlooked space. While the function of the entryway may be particular to every family, aesthetically it should always be a reflection of the people that live there. After curb appeal, it’s the very first impression your guests have of your home.


This is the entryway to my home. I absolutely love the tiger print runner on the stairs. It's fabulously neutral with a great big pop of personality!

Though typically a small space, furnishing your foyer can pose decorating dilemmas. The foyer serves as a bridge to many other rooms in your home, and as such needs to compliment a variety of personalities. Whether neutral or bathed in color, the walls needn’t be ignored. An entryway is a great place to display artwork that resonates with the homeowner, expressing their personality.


A small space doesn’t offer much room for a myriad of furnishings, though carving out a nook for a chair or bench provides a place for your guests to rest while adjusting their footwear. A chest of drawers is another useful little item for more storage (and as the More is More Mom®, I’m always looking for more places to stash my treasures). The top of the chest is the perfect place to perch a table lamp and favorite decorative items.


One of the best opportunities for offering BIG impact is through an amazing runner that sets the tone for the rest of the home. Why settle for boring beige when you can add personality and interest through color or pattern or both? There are so many fantastic options:


A classic oriental is an interesting pattern that is extremely forgiving regarding wear and tear. As a total bonus, the variety of colors in the pattern will provide inspiration for a gorgeous color palette.


While some patterns may be symmetrical, they can still be very interesting. For instance, a smartly placed medallion works beautifully in a more traditional setting. On the other hand, a trellis pattern is stunning in a less formal home.  


I’m always a fan of a scroll pattern. I really appreciate the interest in the movement as it makes its way up the stairs. Customarily you’ll find this pattern with either a solid background (which can tend to show lint) or a strie effect (which has more depth and is significantly more forgiving of family life).


Of course, my personal favorite is a touch of animal; tiger, zebra, leopard, cheetah. These patterns are really rather neutral and add a great big pop of style. If you really want to go wowie-zowie, consider and animal print in a great color such as green or red. Now that’s daring!


The fun of Interior Design is taking chances and exploring and experimenting as you create the home of your dreams.


More welcoming entryways, more beautifully appointed rooms, more expressing your personality…..


To schedule and Interior Design appointment, a Life Style consultation or a speaking engagement, please email me at moreismoremom@aol.com

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Slip Into Something Comfortable…..

As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about…..more slipcovers! With so many fun and fabulous fabrics, why limit yourself to choosing just one? While working with my Interior Design clients, I’m frequently asked my opinion about recovering furniture. Of course, there are no hard and fast rules, just some conventional wisdom; if your piece is nothing special, then dollar per dollar, it may not be worth re-upholstering. However, if you have a beautiful piece, which is perfect in scale, proportion and style, or holds sentimental value, then it’s very likely worth the investment.

Giving your furniture a little “face-lift” is a great way to transform a room. Slipcovers are another opportunity for creating drama and personality through detail and thoughtful design. Because more of everything is always better, make simple slipcovers sensational by using luxurious fabrics and fine finishing touches.

To add some pizzazz to a clean lined skirt, apply grosgrain ribbon, or even a band of complimentary fabric, to the edge of a skirt. The accent color should absolutely tie in to another decorative element in the room, such as a colorful lampshade or a whimsical pillow.

A luscious fabric deserves elegant trim. Bullion fringe would an amazing detail applied to the skirt, as would a brush fringe or coordinating cording applied at the seams. This sort of slipcover would be completely out of place in a modern, contemporary room, though it would be huge fun paired with something a little shabby chic or really rich and traditional.

One of my all time, absolute favorites are dressmaker details; fussy pleats, shirred skirts and fancy buttons. They offer such a thoughtful, tailored and custom look which would be perfect in a Bedroom or Living Room, and certainly on Dining Room chairs.

The most important thing to remember about Interior Design is that it should be fun! Your home should be a reflection of you, your taste and the way you live.

Please feel free to email me your Interior Design dilemma’s, or schedule a consultation moreismoremom@aol.com

More fun with fabric, more slipcovers, more beautiful homes……

 To schedule and Interior Design appointment, a Life Style consultation or a speaking engagement, please email me at moreismoremom@aol.com

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Inspiring Colors of Summer…..

As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about…….more colors of summer! While I absolutely love, love, love my lip-stick red’s, chocolate brown’s and gingerbread’s, the prospect of warmer weather inspires bright and cheerful happy tones. Summertime should be about outdoor living, enjoying time with our families and reconnecting with friends. What better way to do that than by surrounding ourselves with the colors of the season?

Recently, I was out and about and was so excited by these gorgeous and intense hues. They’re all so vibrant and invigorating. Why not incorporate a little bit of this whimsy into your everyday life? Whether you brighten your sofa with a few fun new pillows, bring some great accent pieces to your outdoor living space, or whip out your paint brush to paint a wall, a light fixture or a charming little chair, these colors will make each summer day a little bit brighter.

As an Interior Designer, I am a total Benjamin Moore gal. Some people may favor a flat paint, but one of my professional design tips is to paint most walls in an Egg-shell finish. I find it adds a little sheen and glamour! Besides, wiping up fingerprints is a snap!


Why not cool off with some shade provided by a fashionable market umbrella? Turn your patio, deck or balcony into a sanctuary with the help of comfy seat cushions and fun throw pillows. Paint is always a great and inexpensive way to transform a room or treasured object.  Try a hot yellow like Broadway Lights #298 and an intense blue such as Bayberry Blue #790.


I saw this darling green and cream floral motif chair with a pleated skirt and thought it would be charming tucked into the corner of a bedroom or sun room. Benjamin Moore’s Vienna Green # 538 would be a fabulous back drop for curling up with a great summer read.


These mosaic tables are totally hot! Nestle one next to a lounge chair on your deck, perch a cold glass of lemonade on a table in your family room, or place a luscious plant on one near a window in your kitchen. The array of colors are spectacular. If you like green, you’ll love Feel the Energy #417. Orange is one of my all time favorites. How about Pan for Gold #181? For a jolt of poppy, why not consider Picante #006 (so close to 007, but no cigar!). Summer is the perfect back drop for turquoise.  I happen to really like Lake Tahoe #783.






Nothing screams summer like botanicals. They are lovely in any nook or cranny; in the powder room, a bedroom, the foyer or even your kitchen. I’m a complete sucker for pink flowers, inspired by shades such as Cactus Flower #135, Romance #1333 and Pink Ladies #1347. However, for me, yellow flowers are a close runner up. Laguna Yellow #291 is a fantastic representation.



 Make each day beautiful by surrounding yourself with colors that make you happy!

More color, more summer, more happiness, more celebrating life….

To schedule an Interior Design appointment, a Life Style consultation or a Speaking Engagement, please email me at moreismoremom@aol.com

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The Fabric of Our Lives…..

As the More is More Mom, I’m all about………more fantastic fabrics!

 I was reminded the other day of the importance of “Home”. My Amanda was sitting on the stairs in our foyer, chatting about her day with my mom on the phone, and it struck me; these are the moments that she will remember most, being in our home, connecting to the important people in her life. When the kids were little, I was always mindful about creating memories of their childhood. Of course there will be colorful memories of me ranting and raving like a lunatic about them picking up their rooms, finishing their homework and their lively bickering, but I hope that other memories will prevail.

We love to plug in our I-Pods and sing along together when we’re in the car. In the years to come, I hope they smile and remember those moments fondly when they hear our favorite songs on the radio (Justin Bieber on the oldies station?). When they smell vanilla, I hope they’ll remember coming home from school to fresh baked desserts and, when they get a whiff of pine, I hope they happily remember Christmas.

Our memories are triggered by words and conversations, smells and how our surroundings look and feel. Decorating our homes is one of the many wonderful ways that we can create a sanctuary to nurture our families.

A beautiful selection of fabrics contributes enormously to creating a warm, cozy and welcoming home. Inspiration typically starts with a favorite color, a beloved object or an amazing fabric. The inspiration needn’t be the focal point, just the element that coordinates with and connects everything else.

I had some work to do for one of my design clients at the Merchandise Mart the other day. While I was at Robert Allen (the beautiful fabric house), I thought it would be fun to pull together an example of how to select and coordinate a great combination of fabrics.

Three of the most important elements to consider are color, pattern and texture.


Take for instance my inspiration fabric, Floral Medley in Butterscotch. It’s a very interesting fabric with beautiful color and depth. It’s a great floral, with a big scale, so it would really set the tone for a room, be it as sofa, chair, ottoman or window treatment. What gives it greater dimension is the background; a tone on tone stripe paired with a light Swiss dot. Remember your inspiration piece doesn’t have to be the focal point. It may merely serve as that thread of continuity for the other fabrics in your room.


Once you have one element in place, the other choices become simpler; your color palette has been defined and the scale has been determined. For me, the next logical selection would be a good solid base fabric. I loved this rub red velvet, Reverence Pompeii. The color pulls out the darker tones of the flower in our inspiration piece.


When we’re adding fabrics to strike that pleasing balance, a good rule of thumb regarding scale and pattern is small, medium, large, solid, texture, whimsy. The fun part is putting the pieces of the puzzle together to determine which element is best served where. I found this treasure of a small patterned fabric from Beacon Hill. Tummel in Golden Henna is delightful with its rich, warm golden background and tiny flowers in green and deep raspberry. The little flowers play nicely against the large floral in our inspiration fabric.


Stripes are fun and playful! The linear nature of the pattern is a natural contrast to the free flowing floral. Halesworth in Hibiscus has it going on; coral, warm yellow and green, pulling the dominant tones of the grand floral. At this point, a medium scale pattern adds balance. What I liked particularly about the Flowercrest in Bonsai is the dual purpose it serves. The diamond pattern is reminiscent of a trellis, which provides an easy transition for our large floral, but what makes it more interesting is the small floral motif that accentuates each point. I also like that this fabric, in a subtle khaki tone, offers some much needed relief from all of the pink and gold.


The last fabric I would add, while simple, has great depth. The texture of the Kosoff in Kelp has a great, woven and organic quality. Its applications are absolutely endless. It would be to die for as a fabulous ottoman or drapery panels, dripping in trim.


What I love about design are the endless opportunities to tell our personal stories and create beautiful spaces to live our lives and make special memories for our family and friends.

More beautiful fabrics, more possibilities, more fun, more family memories……

To schedule an Interior Design appointment, please send me an email moreismoremom@aol.com

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