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Anthony…It’s Wednesday. Prince Spaghetti Day!

As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about….more pasta on Wednesday. It’s Prince Spaghetti Day! While we might not be Italian, and we don’t have an Anthony (though we do have a Nicky, and if you watch the Soprano’s, that’s pretty close), we certainly love our pasta…and our Frank Sinatra.


To set the mood for Prince Spaghetti Day, I might plug in my I-Pod and listen to old Blue Eyes (I’ve Got the World on a String), Vic Damone (On the Street Where You Live), Luis Prima (Angelina/Zooma, Zooma) and my favorite, Dean Martin (Ain’ t That a Kick in The Head).  

You are going to fall in love with this pasta dish (That’s Amore!). There’s nothing like the sweet, smoky taste of a little pancetta.

Pancetta Pasta:

You will need a large sauté pan.


2 Tbsp olive oil


9 oz pancetta (my Dominick’s sells it in 3 oz packages, so I purchase 3 packages. The pancetta is thin, like bacon, and I cut it into 1” slices and separate, thicker than that would be way too chunky. I think it’s nice thin and crispy.)

Saute  for approximately 5 minutes

Stir in;

1 tsp cracked black pepper

Remove from heat

In a mixing bowl, combine;

6 eggs (I had 7 left in the carton, so I added them all. The more the merrier)

½ cup heavy whipping cream (yummy!)

Mix in;

½ cup of shredded Parmesan

½ tsp sea salt

½ tsp cracked black pepper (for a little…Kick in the Head. Thanks Dino!)

The OCD in me prefers to have all of my ingredients ready to go before I cook my pasta.

In a large stock pot, bring water to a boil.


1 pound of tubular pasta, such as a penne or a mostaccioli, so the sauce gets inside the noodle for more delectable goodness! My brand preference is actually Barilla, not Prince. Sorry Anthony’s momma!

Cook according to directions, for about 12 minutes. I personally don’t love al dente.

Drain the pasta, while reserving 1 cup of liquid for the sauce.

Return the pasta to the pot.

Toss in the cooked pancetta.

Pour in the cream mixture and stir thoroughly. If you don’t think the mixture is creamy enough, add a little bit of the reserved pasta water.


1 cup shredded Parmesan

3 Tbsp chopped flat leaf parsley

Salt and pepper to taste

Plate and serve

Top with additional Parmesan for your cheese lovers.

Serve with crispy Italian bread or garlic bread.

Fall in love with more creamy and more smoky pancetta goodness!


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It Had To Be……Harry Connick Jr. on American Idol!!

This season American Idol has been a real sleeper….until this past week!

I am completely stuck in a time warp. You know of my complete and utter devotion to Donny Osmond. I have loved him forever, and we are fellow Sagittarians.

As the More is More Mom®, I love all kinds of music and musicians. My favorites being, in no particular order; Michael Jackson (he is the King of Pop, so you’ve got to give him that); George Michael (Wham rocks! But, who needs Andrew Ridgeley?); Morris Day (for the Minneapolis sound everyone else goes with Prince and his talent, but not me, I go Morris, with his naughty personality and fantastic delivery, every time); Elton John, the Bitch is Back (we’ve seen him once in concert by himself and he was amazing), Billy Joel, Only the Good Die Young (we’ve seen him twice with Sir Elton and their dueling pianos….once at Wrigley Field!); Frank Sinatra, for his musical styling’s; Bobby Darin for his silky, melodic voice; and of course Dean Martin for his rich baritone. But I think my second true love is Harry Connick Junior……

Chuck and I first met Harry Connick Junior (not for real, but metaphorically speaking) when he scored one of our favorite movies When Harry Met Sally (okay, it was probably my favorite movie, but as a young man in love Chuck said all the right things and agreed that it was his favorite movie too.). In fact, his version of the classic standard, It Had to Be You, is “our song.” We’ve seen him three times in concert, and he’s always been fantastic. What I love about Harry, besides his musical talent and his quirky good looks, is his amazing sense of humor and timing. I’m a sucker for smart, clever and funny….everything Harry is. He has impeccable timing and a way with a phrase.

Harry was unbelievable with the final five on American Idol. I venture to say that he was the very best guest they’ve ever had (and Quentin Tarrantino and Jamie Fox were pretty darn awesome last year). He did an amazing job creating the arrangements for all of the contestants, especially Big Mike, Crystal and Lee. I totally don’t get it though….how did Casey not go home? He was awful!

So last night, I was totally psyched that Harry was performing. While he’s great, why did he think that And I Love Her was an exciting and enthralling selection, even if it is on his new album? That is such a “B” side song (for those of you youngsters that haven’t ever played a 45 recording, like we did in the olden days on our phonographs, the “A” side is the popular single, and the “B” side is the boring song that doesn’t get any air time.). If you want to serenade your wife, do it at home, not on my time. Harry must know he’s not an amazing singer, he’s a stylist! He should have wowed us with a big band musical sensation, because he is sensational.

I know I’m getting old, because even though Harry’s song choice wasn’t very exciting, he still always delivers, and if he had sung the phone book he would still have been way more entertaining than Lady Ga Ga. Give me an old fashioned crooner over a freaky performance artist any day of the week…..especially if it’s Harry Connick Jr.!

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