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Off the Cuff…

As the More is More Mom®, I am all about……more cuffs and bangles! Flipping through the pages of fashion magazines, perusing the jewelry counters of my favorite shops and boutiques, watching the “E” channel, I am noticing a trend: the statement bracelet…

I am an equal opportunity hoarder. I see the potential in everything. What I love about jewelry, costume in particular, is its transformative quality. The perfect piece can elevate a casual ensemble just as easily as it can nudge a flight of fancy over the edge. It can happen with an unbelievable necklace, fantastic earrings or the most perfect, and amazing bracelet.

Drooling all over the fun pieces of the season inspired me to revisit some of my own collection. Some people associate life experiences solely by the people that accompanied them, where it all occurred, even by what they ate. But me? I remember everything in relationship to what I was wearing (frequently by what you were wearing too. Is that strange?). I wish I had other talents like having a photographic memory, knowing state capitols and being able to do fractions. Instead, I see wardrobe and accessories. At least I don’t see dead people.


These are a few of the fun pieces that I have collected over the years. I have a thing for texture, so I am always partial to anything bamboo inspired. I love the turquoise, yellow and cream enameled bangles, but no more than I adore the gold, bamboo sculpted bracelets. Evenings are made for a little drama and sparkly sophistication, which is why I am enamored with the large link, amber sparkler and my chunky, slide on bracelet, with rows of silver set rhinestones. Both are equally great with an evening gown or denim. What other accessories are as versatile?

You’ll be surprised when I let you in on a little secret. Pictured, there is a fantastic gold cuff with very large blue and green gemstones that I bought for under $20 from…..Target! Style doesn’t have to cost a fortune. 

My three favorite cuffs, however, have a certain sensibility that will link them together for life. I can’t ever go to the French Market without buying jewels (even though they sell baked goods, fresh produce and beautiful flowers). Once upon a time I stumbled upon this gold, crinkled cuff, with a bejeweled bumble bee flanked by two gold floral medallions. Simply gorgeous! Then, I have a hot pink (hot pink!) enameled cuff, embellished with a gold leaf, classic, Napoleonic bee. My favorite though would have to be the burnished gold hammered cuff, a birthday gift from my girlfriend Judy, with the large jewel encrusted, happy flower. Beautiful!

As you are assessing your own jewelry wardrobe, keep in mind that thinner bracelets can certainly be stacked, ala Madonna, but a cuff is meant to stand on its own, unless you want to look like Wonder Woman (and are willing to wear a leotard while fighting crime). If you are on the prowl for fabulous new cuffs, I’ve spotted some pretty good selections;


Francesca’s (they are a cute little chain, so you are likely to find them at a mall near you) was chock full of cuffs and bangles; embossed silver, turquoise flowers, silver sparkles, stones, baubles, honed tortoise, all sorts of organic textures.


I’m an Ann Taylor kind of gal. This season they are the master of the Art Deco, rhinestone studded, bejeweled and bedazzled bracelet.


While White House Black Market has introduced a fabulous new line that showcase not only black and white, but also….red. I was in love with a thick pearl cuff that had a little jingle jangle quality (and I LOVE jingle jangle!)

The beast part of a season featuring statement jewelry is more reasons for more jewelry, more fashion, more style, more personality and more choices!


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