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Movie Date Night; Safe House with the Adorable Ryan Reynolds and the Amazing Denzel Washington!

As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about……more movie dates! Even though we’ve been working like crazy these days, Chuck and I found ourselves with a few free hours over the weekend. The big question, of course, was how to spend them? While eating out can be great, to us, there is nothing like catching a quick flick at the Megaplex. At the top of my list was Safe House.


Part of the movie going experience is the coming attractions………

  • 21 Jump Street Though I am a sucker for nostalgia, I never watched 21 Jump Street, so I’m just not invested. While Jonah Hill looks great, and I think he did a swell job in Moneyball, he’s not one of my fav’s. Selfish, stoned and stupid doesn’t do it for me. Apparently I am showing my age, because I don’t know Channing Tatum. I understand he was in The Notebook (not a fan of schmaltz) and I see that he can currently be found at a Cineplex near you in The Vow. He actually looks pretty cute. I may catch this one on cable….
  • Acts of Valor I’m mostly a comedy gal, but I have been known to be riveted by well told stories of war; Saving Private Ryan, Platoon, Navy Seals (two pictures starring Charlie Sheen!), Full Metal Jacket. Acts of Valor may be another winner
  • Good Deeds Though I haven’t followed his work, I have always liked Tyler Perry when I have seen him on Oprah. I’m just thankful this isn’t another Madea Movie!
  • The Bourne Legacy The Jason Bourne trilogy, starring Matt Damon, was really exceptional. I just love a good action hero. My favorites are Bruce Willis, Harrison Ford and Mel Gibson (Lethal Weapon 1,2,3,4 and Braveheart). I’m old school.  I never did have a chance to see The Hurt Locker, but I thought Jeremy Renner was great in The Town. I would definitely pay full price on a Saturday night to check out The Bourne Legacy.
  • Battleship Seriously, another movie based on a board game? They tried it with Clue and that was a stinker (though Tim Curry is always awesome! The first time I ever saw him on screen was when I was a teenager seeing The Rocky Horror Picture Show at midnight). What’s next; Monopoly and Candyland?



While the previews weren’t overwhelmingly exciting, I was pretty psyched to see my current ultimate movie-star boyfriend Ryan Reynolds (I like ‘em handsome, with height and humor!). The first time I ever saw him was on the TV series Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place. Since then I’ve adored him in Just Friends, Definitely Maybe, and The Proposal. He has that kind of Burt Reynolds type charm and humor (maybe it’s a Reynolds thing).

I know my boy has done action, but he’s reached new heights by teaming up with the incomparable Denzel Washington. That man is beautiful! He hasn’t aged a day in 30 years.


Ryan Reynolds plays Matt Weston, a rookie CIA operative who finds himself on the run with fugitive Tobin Frost, Denzel, a rogue CIA intelligence officer. With mercenaries hot on their trail, Matt Weston doesn’t know who to trust as he attempts to deliver Frost safely to the authorities. Fast paced intense action; it was awesome!


More movie date nights, more previews, more popcorn, more Ryan Reynolds…….    


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Movie Going Trifecta; The Descendants, My Week with Marilyn and New Year’s Eve!

As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about…..more movie going experiences! What a week; in celebration of my birthday, I visited the Cineplex three times in five days. Talk about a Trifecta! There is nothing more decadent than heading to a matinee. It just feels sinful to be at the show in the middle of the day.

With birthdays within eight days of one another, my cousin, Nurse Terri, and I always celebrate together. We come from movie loving people, so it was only natural that as a birthday treat we head to the show with my mom. At the top of our list: The Descendants.  


Gorgeous George Clooney stars as Matt King, a Hawaiian land baron, whose life is turned upside down when his wife is involved in a boating accident. As a matinee idol, he’s consistently great; a charming and delightful rascal, who seems to be playing himself (Danny Ocean), kind of like Cary Grant. It was interesting to see George Clooney as more of an every man, a Docker’s wearing husband and father who is somewhat removed from the ordinary moments of family life. With his wife’s accident, he is forced to confront and reinvent his relationship with his two daughters, while he discovers that his marriage was not as it had seemed. As his journey unfolds, support and comfort comes from an unlikely ally in his troubled teenage daughter, played by Shailene Woodley. She was fantastic! In fact, all I could think about was how she might have been perfect as Katniss in the soon to be released The Hunger Games. For me, nostalgia is king, so it was a treat to see Beau Bridges as cousin Hugh. I really liked The Descendants. It was interesting, weird, thoughtful and entertaining.

Next up on my week-long tour of the Megaplex, was an outing with my girlfriend Julia as we celebrated our December birthdays. While Chuck is a remarkably good sport who would have endured My Week with Marilyn, I’m thrilled to have shared the experience with Julia.

As a movie addict, I have always been fascinated with the mesmerizing talent and tragic life of Marilyn Monroe. I’m always kind skeptical about these types of bio-pic’s because it’s nearly impossible to capture the essence of an icon, but Michelle Williams was absolutely amazing. Her portrayal was touching, thoughtful and sympathetic. The movie tells the behind the scenes story of the excruciating making of the movie The Prince and The Showgirl through the eyes of the young and delightful Colin Clark. His insightful observation that the great conflict on the set stemmed from serious, accomplished actor Sir Laurence Olivier’s quest to become a movie star, and mega movie star, Marilyn Monroe’s obsession with becoming a serious actor. I really enjoyed the experience of the movie, but for me, it was a little long on emoting. Lots of longing and lingering eyes and quivering lips, but I suppose that would sum up an exhausting week with Marilyn…….

I have known my wonderful friend, founder of MelkandCookies, since our boys were in Kindergarten. Now college freshman, the fellas still talk every day. I love that! We decided to kick off the weekend with a little lunch and a show. It was a toss-up; The Muppet Movie (I absolutely adore the Muppets. Wocka, Wocka, Wocka. In fact, growing up, one of my favorite books was Miss Piggy’s Guide to Life, along with my coveted Official Preppy Handbook.) or New Year’s Eve. The romantic comedy won the coin toss.

As much as I am enamored with the movies, I love classic television, and writer/director Gary Marshal is one of my favorites. How can you not have a soft spot for the man that brought us Arthur Fonzarelli & Richie Cunningham, Laverne DeFazio & Shirley Feeney and Mork & Mindy? While New Year’s Eve was exactly the same movie (with a largely identical cast) as his previous Valentine’s Day, it was still pretty sweet and entertaining. The story lines were predictable and the acting kind of cheesy, but there were touching and tender moments. Most importantly, I spent the afternoon with a treasured friend.

More trips to the Cineplex, more movies, more popcorn, more time with family and friends……

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Halloween for Teens!

As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about……new Halloween traditions! Forever and ever we’ve hosted a Halloween celebration for Nick, Amanda and their friends. In the early years, we invited families over for cocktails, appetizers and trick-or-treating. The dads would traipse our ghouls and goblins all over creation while the moms held down the fort and manned the door (and the bar). Of course, as the kids got older, hanging out with their parents wasn’t cool enough. The party eventually evolved into a gaggle of kids for dinner, costumes, trick-or-treating and candy swapping.


This year was a total game changer. With Nick away at College Town USA and Amanda beyond any interest in trick-or-treating, it was time for a new plan.


What is a teenager to do? There are only so many times a girl can visit the mall, head to the Cineplex, cheer for her favorite team and hang out at Starbuck’s. Where teenagers are concerned, we have long felt; if you invite them, they will come. They are always up for doing something fun!


One of the nice things about high school is forging new friendships and making new traditions. This past Saturday night, Amanda invited a gaggle of girls over for dinner, a bonfire, fun and games.


They started, lounging in the basement, with a few of Amanda’s favorite appetizers;

  • Homemade salsa with chips
  • Fresh veggie platter
  • Chips and French onion dip, everyone’s fav


Man, woman, child or teen, guests always love our nearly bite size sliders! They are practically a tradition.  I served them with baked steak fries and a homemade Caesar salad that was absolutely to die for. It was fun to hear the giggles and laughter coming from our dining room as they ate their dinner. And, Wrigley only stole one hamburger (which, to paraphrase Whimpy, he will gladly pay for on Tuesday).


Chuck is an unbelievably good sport. While I cleaned up the dinner mess, he built a great big giant bonfire for the girls to enjoy; complete with hot chocolate and s’mores.


Because more of everything is always better, the marathon of fun continued back in the basement with music, games and girl talk until it was time for the girls to turn into pumpkins and head home.


If their fun was measured in dishes, I would say they had a splendid time!


More Halloween tradition, more fun and games, more nibbling and noshing, more making more memories……


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3 for 3…Movies that Rock; Moneyball, 50/50 and The Ides of March!

As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about……more successful movie going experiences! Three consecutive weeks, three fantastic motion pictures; when does that ever happen? We should have played the lottery.

You know, for me, the best thing about hitting the Cineplex is the coming attractions. I love everything about the movies, especially looking forward to what’s to come. Chuck really likes the popcorn. However, we both agreed there were more than a few winner’s in the bunch;

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo After I realized that this summer’s Cowboys versus Aliens was actually about cowboys versus aliens, I wasn’t too terribly hyped about Daniel Craig, but I have to admit I’m totally psyched to see him as Mikael “Kalle” Blomqvist. We read Stieg Larsson’s trilogy in book club and he is simply an amazing story teller. This is so going to rock!

Anonymous To quote Cole Porter, “Brush up your Shakespeare/Start quoting him now/Brush up your Shakespeare/and the women you will wow….” This movie begs the question; was it William Shakespeare or Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford, who was the real Bard?

J. Edgar Wherever he is, the real J. Edgar Hoover must be tickled pink to be portrayed by the beautiful Leonardo DiCaprio. I’m a sucker for a bio-pic (I watch Gary Busey in the Buddy Holly Story every time it’s on cable) and this one looks riveting.

 • Contraband While I’m customarily a fan of the romantic comedy, the occasional action adventure flick calls my name (Lethal Weapon and Die Hard I, II, III and IV). Mark Wahlberg plays a reformed smuggler; just when he thought he was out, they pulled him back in (wait; that was The Godfather). Contraband actually looks pretty good, lot’s of twists, turns, action and one of my favorite character actors, Giovanni Ribisi.

Our super streak began while we were visiting Nick for Parent’s Weekend when we saw Moneyball. We are a baseball loving family. Nick and I are forever marveling at baseball statistics; the first time that a squirrel has been on the field in two consecutive post season games since 1920 (Nick texted me that one as soon as he heard it on ESPN at 2 in the morning). Brad Pitt was actually great as Billy Beane, the notorious Oakland A’s manager who assembled a team based on statistics, rather than notoriety. It couldn’t be more timely for those of us Cub’s fans, as Theo Epstein is said to be coming to Chicago……

Next, while Amanda was at a surprise 16th birthday party, Chuck and I snuck over to the movie theater to see 50/50. One doesn’t normally laugh out loud at movies where the main character has cancer, but there were some side splitting moments amongst the tears. Joseph Gordon-Levitt (I know him from Angels in the Outfield fame) was delightful as a young man who finds out he has cancer. Shockingly, Seth Rogen, whom I like, but is normally a total moron, was a tender, sweet and supportive friend. We were emotionally exhausted, but we really liked 50/50.

Then, this past Friday night, we had just enough time to squeeze in The Ides of March. I adore George Clooney (though sometimes I can do without his politics), and I actually think he is a very talented filmmaker (have you ever seen Confessions of a Dangerous Mind? It was brilliant!). In his latest picture, he plays a Governor running for President, but the star of the film is really Ryan Gosling. Seriously, I’ve never even heard of this guy until this summer, but I guess that’s because I’m not a fan of The Notebook. We saw him in Crazy, Stupid, Love, where he played a similar character; very cool and extremely slick. The Ides of March was a fascinating glimpse into the world of politics. On the cusp of another election, it was rather timely.

We’ve had such good luck with these 3 movies, we’re banking on the 4th.

More popcorn, more coming attractions, more matinees, more going to the movies…..

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Bad Teacher; A Movie Going Experience…….

As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about…..more movie theater outings! While some people may salivate over an extravagant dinner, or a luxurious visit to a day spa, one of my very favorite leisure time activities is heading to the Cineplex. It’s criminal; the last time I went to the show was over spring break to see Win, Win, which really was outstanding, but that was months ago. This week I finally got a double movie theater dose.


My mom is a total gamer. She really wanted to share the Bridesmaids movie going experience with Amanda and me. I flinched for a moment, realizing that it’s rated “R”, but I rationalized; she’s in high school, has an older brother headed off to college, has seen Superbad and the Hang Over, is straight as an arrow and has cable. So, what’s a little potty talk? Sadly, however, there were no good coming attractions and the movie was a real stinker. We should have seen Mr. Popper’s Penguins instead (which was not rated “R”).


Fast forward to Friday night; at 6pm, it became apparent that we were presented with a rare gift; an evening free from obligation. Amanda quickly downloaded a Show Time’s App (which was also free) to my new I-Phone to check out the possibilities. Totally one to love to be in the know, I wanted to be amongst the first to see the newly released Bad Teacher. Chuck winced when I suggested we take Amanda with us, but I reasoned, well what the heck, she’s already seen Bridesmaids……  


For me, the coming attractions are a huge component in the success of the movie going experience.  We were batting 1,ooo (love, love, love baseball talk) with decent looking movies;

  • The Change Up: Starring my super cutie pie boyfriend, Ryan Reynolds, and the nearly as delightful, Jason Bateman, as best friends leading completely different life styles; Ryan is a free wheeling single, while Jason is a dedicated family man. It’s a Freaky-Friday meets fraternity brother’s tale of two friends who mysteriously switch bodies, learning life lessons during their quest to switch them back. I’ll see it at the show, because I’ll see almost anything starring Ryan Reynolds (though that one where he is buried alive in a box may have to wait for cable).


  • What’s Your Number?: While Anna Faris is hardly an Academy Award winning actress, and I’ve only really seen her in Just Friends (starring…..Ryan Reynolds), she seems to be absolutely charming in her latest venture. Anna stars as young woman who revisits her past relationships in search of the one that got away. Looks like a pretty good chick flick. Lucky for Chuck; he may get a pass on this one (I’ll bet he wishes he’d been as lucky with Black Swan. I’m still apologizing.)


  • Warrior: Although I am the mother of a life long hockey player, I’m not a big fan of violent sports. However, I must confess that Warrior looks pretty good, maybe this years; The Fighter. It’s the story of how two estranged Mixed Martial Arts fighting brothers end up in the ring participating in the fight of their lives. Hopefully it’s a major comeback for perennially favorite Nick Nolte (I’ve loved him since North Dallas Forty and 48 Hours).


  • 50/50: While the journey of a cancer survivor doesn’t sound too funny, it appears that 50/50 brings poignant humor to the story of a young man that is told he has a 50/50 chance of surviving his cancer diagnosis. I am most familiar with its star, Joseph-Gordon Levitt, from Angels in the Outfield (this is what happens when you have children) and Inception, and I always love the off beat humor of the ever likable Seth Rogan. I’ll definitely bring my hankie along with my stash of bottled water and Hershey’s chocolate bars to the Cineplex when 50/50 hits theaters in September.


  • 30 Minutes or Less: The Classic tale of two dim-witted criminals who kidnap a pizza delivery man, strap a bomb to his chest and demand that he rob a bank on their behalf. Danny McBride (who I totally don’t get, but my Nick thinks is hilarious) and Jesse Eisenberg (of Adventureland (also starring……Ryan Reynolds) and The Social Network fame) star. If I’m desperate for entertainment the day of its release on August 12, I’ll definitely see the early-bird show.


With all of the great previews, we were totally psyched for Bad Teacher! Cameron Diaz stars as Elizabeth Halsey, a foul-mouthed, gold digging, junior high school teacher who gets surreptitiously dumped by her sugar daddy. Forced to return to her teaching position, she believes that the only way to land her next sugar daddy is with a set of DD’s.  Diaz spends the remainder of the movies plotting and scheming ways to raise the necessary funds for her plastic surgery and hitting on Justin Timberlake, a wholesome substitute teacher with a lot of dough. Cameron Diaz is such a naughty potty talker that she might very well be the perfect match for Billy Bob Thornton (I LOVE him) in Bad Santa. While she may have been completely unsympathetic, Diaz was obscenely funny. If you’re up for a couple of hours of raunchy silly humor, you’ll love Bad Teacher!



More popcorn, more visits to the Cineplex, more coming attractions, more movies……



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