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Dance to the Music: Dancing With the Stars and American Idol……Everyone’s a Winner!

As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about………more Dancing with the Stars and American Idol season finales! Where have the past 4 months gone since we were first introduced to all of the “Stars” and met all of the decent contestants during Hollywood week? More importantly, what on Earth are we going to watch during those coveted hours Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings? Certainly not 2 ½ Men (at least until this fall when super cutie Ashton Kutcher hits the scene) and The Voice isn’t totally doing it for me. Seriously, who exactly is Cee Lo Greene (Forget You…woo, hoo, hoo)?

So here we are, down to our final three contestants for the coveted Mirror Ball, and our final two Idol hopefuls…….It’s been a real horse race.


Heading into the final night of DWTS you’ve got Hines Ward (darling, personable and graceful Steeler’s QB), Chelsea Kane (who claims to be a Disney star, but I’ve never seen her on The Suite Life of Zach and Cody and she wasn’t even in High School Musical’s I, II or III) and, of course, America’s favorite, Kirstie Alley (from TV and movie classics such as Cheers and Look Who’s Talking I and II, and the only contestant ever to tame bad boy professional dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy).

What’s the best way to kick off the season finale party? Obviously with Don’t Stop the Party by the Peas (otherwise known as the Black Eyed Peas), but for me, the party would only have been complete with an appearance from my ultimate boy friend, Season 9 winner, Donny Osmond (and this is not a…..Puppy Love).

With a star studded night, Josh Grobin was quite fine, but if it doesn’t have a beat I can dance to, forgedaboudit (I would have been awesome on American Bandstand or the Soprano’s). As a gal who adores nostalgia, I was thrilled to see Belinda Carlisle and the Go-Go’s (and they have Got the Beat). Country sweetheart, Sarah Evans, made an appearance singing A Little Bit Stronger, which was okay, again, if you like ‘em slow.

The race could have gone any which way, so it all came down to the final round in competition: (best dancer) Chelsea and Mark, with their Hogwart’s inspired Viennese Waltz, (dancer with the most personality and chutzpah) Kirstie and Maks, with the Cha Cha Cha (Forget You……Cee Lo Greene makes a DWTS appearance tonight, too) and (most charming and delightful dancer) Hines and Kym, with the Samba. But which of these competitors reigns supreme?????

The mirror ball trophy goes to, the incomparable………Hines and Kym, bringing it home to the Steeler Nation!

On the other hand (or channel), I haven’t quite gotten over the fact that James Durbin isn’t in the final American Idol race. While I don’t have a classically trained ear, my earliest musical experience comes from exposure to my K-Tel and Donny Osmond albums (you see, everything always comes back to my Donny). What I absolutely adored about James was his range, his passion, his talent and intensity. Even though he’s cute as button and will clearly have a huge career, Scotty McCreary just isn’t doing it for me. As for Lauren Alaina, I think she’s got the chops to be a huge Carrie Underwood/Kelly Clarkson type, but I just can’t shake the feeling that she’s a little bratty. In my house, I might have washed her mouth out with soap (from the pump dispenser for easier clean up). It’s a toss up as to who will walk away victorious, and quite frankly, since it won’t be James, I’m not all that worried. However, I hope they’ve got a super big finale planned……..one where Steven Tyler sings with James (they owe him one)!

More dancing, more singing, more mirror ball trophies, more recording contracts, more stars in the sky…….

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The Barber Shop

As the More is More Mom®, I am all about….more sending my fellas to the barber shop! I’m one of those girls that doesn’t believe that Samson had all of his power in his hair. I prefer a neat and tidy haircut, just this side of the military.   

We traumatized my Nick with his first professional haircut when he was about 15 months old. Nick the Barber had a shop just around the corner from our apartment in the city, so we walked over as a family, and I sat with Nicky in my lap in the chair. And then he began to cry (and scream. Like, forever.). It took me, Chuck, Nick the Barber and Nick the Barber’s wife to hold him down. You would have thought we had cut off his right arm, or taken away his blank-y. I’d never seen such tears.

Naturally, as he got older, the haircuts got easier, until one day when he was in the 6th grade. We zipped over to one of the 14 barber shops in our downtown area. I thought to myself, this was going to work our perfectly; he can get a haircut and I can go to the bank. A two-fer. I loved it! I gave him instructions and a twenty and went off on my merry little errand. When we rendezvoused, I was actually sick to my stomach. Instead of the classic crew cut that I had envisioned, he had been given, what we referred to as in my day, a baldy sour! The poor thing. He was so sweet when he pointed out that his fitted baseball cap no longer fit his head.

Later in the afternoon we were racing off to his friend’s birthday party. When we arrived at the house, all of the boys were playing basketball in the driveway. Nick walked right up to his pals, stood in the middle for dramatic effect, took off his ill fitting hat to reveal his all but bald head, and told the boys, “I gave my hair to Locks for Love.”


Needless to say, it was time to find a new barber. For the first time, nearly six years ago, we walked in to the Wheaton Barber Shop, and we’ve never looked back. It’s like being at Cheers…where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came. It’s the kind of place where generations of families go to get their haircut. The kids go away to college and move from their parents homes, but they always come back to the Wheaton Barber Shop. And why wouldn’t they? The fella’s are fantastic. I don’t know quite how they do it, but they remember everything, about everybody, ever. It’s like being home.

Whenever Wrigley and I run to the downtown area, we always stop in to say hello. He’s a welcome guest. In fact, recently when I accompanied Nick for a haircut, Rick, the Barber, commented, “We were looking at the Christmas card you gave us and we can’t believe how old….Wrigley looks.” Not Nick. Not Amanda. But Wrigley. I love that!

Not only are the boys fun, but they are compassionate and caring too. Three years ago, when Chuck ripped his thumb off of his hand, and enjoyed a successful replant, compliments of the amazing doctors at OAD Orthopaedics, I called Rick to ask for his help. Chuck was sporting the largest dressing you had ever seen in your life, couldn’t get his hand wet, and therefore couldn’t take a shower. I brought him to the Wheaton Barber Shop. Rick met me outside, helped me get him out of the car, washed his hair in the bowl and gave him a shave. Chuck felt like a new man (with a new, practically bionic, thumb).

Nick may be 18, but when I call to make an appointment, Rick always asks, “How do you want his haircut?” My answer is always the same; short in the back and on the sides, with it a little longer on the top.

More small town feel, more caring friends, more happy memories….

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