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Oh, What a Night……

As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about……..savoring more moments! Not to beat a dead horse, but, we’re down to the last few weeks of hockey being the center of our family’s universe. It was a particularly poignant weekend. Saturday night the Be All and End All Academy celebrated Senior Night.


Hands down, I think that hockey has to be one of the coolest sports EVER. Hockey players are modern day Gladiators (Gerard Butler and Russell Crowe watch out!). From where I sit, to be a great hockey player requires the hand-eye coordination of a baseball player, the endurance of an Iron Man, the speed of a sprinter, the tenacity of a middle linebacker, and the finesse of a Michael Jordan, all while balancing on a ¼” thick blade. Why do you think they call Gretzky ‘The Great One”?

I think our family totally could have been Canadian! Our neighbors to the North eat, sleep, and breathe hockey. In fact, they have television stations devoted to showcasing local Mite teams, which is awesome. They even have ice rinks in their shopping malls. Here in the Sates (eh) however, hockey remains somewhat of a cult like phenomenon (though, thanks to the Blackhawks, Sid “The Kid” Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin, it’s rapidly gaining in popularity).

Mainstream high school sports, like football and basketball, draw huge crowds, while our hockey program is lucky to draw our parents. Maybe it’s the late nights and the distances less near, more far. Perhaps it’s because most casual onlookers don’t understand the traditions and rules of the game. Senior night, however, was a completely different animal. There were posters lining the school hallways and announcements shouted over the loud speaker; balloons, buzz and fanfare.


The senior moms were asked to make a poster, highlighting the boys (or girl…..as our goalie, while utterly fierce, is the prettiest little thing and the only girl in the Catholic League) careers in hockey. You know I am a total sucker for nostalgia, so I loved sorting through our family photos, pictures of Nick rollerblading in the cul-de-sac, kissing the Stanley Cup at the Hockey Hall of Fame and action shot after action shot.

The seniors got together for dinner before the game, dressed in suits (and a very fashionable cocktail dress). They had their pictures taken and greeted their parents out on the ice before the ceremonial puck drop. The best part, though, was the fans. The house was packed as they cheered their team on to victory. Nick had a goal, an assist and his best hit on defense of the season (the opposing player was airborne!).

While I’m no where near ready to let my Nick move on, it was quite a night!

More hockey, more fanfare, more memories, more special moments…….



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