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Rights of Passage: Going 007…. a Tuxedo for Prom!

As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about……more rights of passage! Nick has been to exactly one high school dance; freshman year Turnabout, missing a hockey tournament in Arizona, where the boys skated, brawled and golfed, to attend. The experience was so excruciating he vowed there would never be a repeat, opting for hockey over the Hokey-Pokey every dance since. Senior year, however, he’s finally breaking his streak.

After dating for an entire year, having passed up their Junior Proms (she had double header softball games), Homecoming (too much paper work involved in attending dances at different high schools) and Turnabout (apathy?), Nick and his girlfriend will be attending the Senior Prom.

Teenage boys are absolutely useless. Nick’s girlfriend was over a few weeks ago and asked if I’d like to see a picture of her in her prom dress. Prom dress!?! Why, YES I WOULD! It’s beautiful, she’s gorgeous and he’d, apparently, had a swatch in his car for the past few weeks. How about mentioning you’re going to prom? How about mentioning that you need to order a corsage? How about mentioning that you need to be fitted for a tuxedo?


A perfect mother-son bonding experience; another trip to the Men’s Warehouse. Who knew there were so many tuxedo rental choices? What color tux? Flat front or pleated trousers? Cummerbund or vest? Bow tie or long tie? What color? What size? How about shoes? Would you like a pocket square?

Because more of everything is always better, we opted for the “higher thread count” Calvin Klein, traditional black tuxedo, with a modern flat front trouser. With our swatch in hand we were able to select the perfect color vest (tailored and sophisticated compared to the traditional cummerbund) and long tie (as opposed to the bow, which is totally a comfort factor, as Nick has been tying a tie, every day, since the first day of freshman year).

Did we make the best choices and decisions? I hope so, though it seems there are no wrong answers. Another boy next to us was with his mother, debating with the professional sales associate the merits of a cummerbund versus a vest. The salesman picked up a Men’s Warehouse brochure, pointed to the beautifully dressed boy headed off to his prom, vest-less, and remarked, “Well, he looks pretty happy.”

I guess that’s what it’s all about; feeling confident in your formal ware, knowing you’re going to have a great and memorable night!

More rights of passage, more prom fun, more beautiful girls, more handsome boys, more growing up……


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