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John Cusack’s Hot Tub Time Machine…..Worth Every Penny!

The two glasses of wine that I consumed before we left for the theater, coupled with my absolute adoration for John Cusack, were certainly contributing factors as to why I couldn’t get enough of Hot Tub Time Machine! There were moments that made me cringe because I was sitting next to my Nick (though he is 17, there are still some things that are just so very wrong to witness with your mother! Take last night for instance, Nick and I started to watch Waiting starring the super cute, smarty pants Ryan Reynolds, who is totally in my top 7 favorite actors. I’m a huge fan of naughty and wrong, but we had to turn it off because it was just too vulgar for us to look one another in the eye.)

What I love about Hot Tub Time Machine is that it is a celebration of the best and worst of the 80’s (just like the Wedding Singer which I think is Adam Sandler’s best work, though I am crazy for Funny People too). Hot Tub Time Machine is really an anthem to the 80’s, and who could possibly do it better justice than the iconic 80’s teen John Cusack? Chuck and I were high fiving each other in the aisles because we were loving every minute of the wonderful references to our teenage years.

• Of course a character would have to be named Nick because, “He’s your buddy. He’s your pal. You can throw up in the back seat of his car and he doesn’t even care” ala The Sure Thing.

• When John Cusack hit’s the slopes, another skier calls out, “gimme my two dollars,” directly from the pages of Better Off Dead.

• There is another moment where John Cusack’s character, along with a gal he meets, breaks in to someone’s home. They are sitting on the kitchen counter, cross legged, facing one another, with candles flickering softly in the background, in honor of the famous final scene from Sixteen Candles (while he didn’t have a starring role, and wasn’t in the final scene, it was his breakout film).

• What time traveling romp would be complete without paying homage to Back to the Future? Great cameo by the very strange and often creepy Crispin Glover, best known as George Mc Fly.

Put on your suit, grab a towel and jump on in. Hot Tub Time Machine is a classic!


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