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Heading to the Royal Wedding……


As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about….more Royal Weddings! My mom tells me that when I was a little girl, I sat with rapt attention in front of our one and only television set (black and white with rabbit ears perhaps?) as President Richard M. Nixon’s daughter Trisha married Edward Cox at the White House. I asked my mom if she and my dad had gotten married like that (apparently, at the tender age of 3 ½ years old, it hadn’t quite registered with me that my grandfather was not the President of the United States). She told me that no, when she got married it was small and quiet. I informed her that someday when I got married it would be big and loud……and so began my more is more philosophy.  

Who doesn’t love a good wedding; the beautiful bride, the pretty bridesmaids, the agreeable groom, the gorgeous flowers? Whenever I glance through our copy of Town & Country magazine, I immediately flip to the last few pages to see the pictures of all of the socialites that got married around the country. I love to see the styles of dresses that the brides chose, read their fancy schmancy names and decide whether or not the bride and groom really match up. The whole experience is so much more satisfying when I give them an implausible and embellished back story.

My fascination with lavish weddings dates back as far as Lady Di and Prince Charles. I was 13 ½ years old that summer, and even I knew it wasn’t the greatest of ideas. Those May-December romances are tough enough, even in the best of circumstances, throw in the crown for the British Monarchy and you’ve got yourself some real trouble. However, who can resist the story of a lovely young girl becoming the most beautiful princess in the land? Lady Diana Spencer’s transformation into the beautiful Princess Diana was absolutely mesmerizing.   

While the Royal Wedding might have been an event, it was nothing compared to the nuptials of another Spencer; the marriage of Lucas Lorenzo Spencer and the lovely Laura Webber, famed Super-Couple from ABC’s General Hospital. I remember racing home from high school as a freshman to catch the last 20 minutes of the ceremony. Of course those were the days prior to the VCR, TIVO, HULU and DVR. They were so glamorous and happy (despite their sordid and tumultuous road to the altar).

It has been 30 years since we last had the pleasure of immersing ourselves in a true fairy tale wedding, but Friday, April 29th, prepare to be dazzled as the handsome Prince William marries his gorgeous and glamorous girl-next-door Kate Middleton. In a world fraught with trouble and turmoil, the nuptials of this beautiful young couple brings hope for a bright and wonderful future. I hope that they are blissfully happy!

More weddings, more celebrations, more fairy tales, more happy endings……..

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Families That Text Together, Stay Together…



As the More is More Mom®, I am all about….more texting! Seriously, I don’t know how we ever lived without the cell phone and all of its inherent advantages. Once upon a time, when I was a youngster, we had exactly one telephone in our entire house. The day we got call waiting, I nearly lost my mind. There was nothing like saying, “Hey, can you hang on a minute? I’ve got another call.” When I was a teenager, we bought our first answering machine. As the resident know-it-all, I took it upon myself to craft a snappy message that included playing annoying music in the background. It was sooooo cool. While all of these advances in tele-communications were amazing, nothing compares to the invention of the cell phone…….

Thirteen years ago, when we bought our house, I was super psyched that it came equipped with an intercom system….that played music (once again on the cutting edge of technology)! Granted it only played cassettes, but I could have totally made a mix tape. I had these visions of being able to answer any visitors at our front door from any room in the house. I romanticized that the possibility of reaching any member of my family, at any time, day or night, would be as easy as the flip of the intercom switch (largely reducing the need for screaming at each other any more than was absolutely necessary.).  I LIVE FOR MUSIC (interestingly enough, I am not musical in any way, shape or form, except for my complete and utter appreciation for smart lyrics…..and a good beat that you can dance to) and fantasized about jamming to the tunes, from room to room.

Well, as it turned out, our intercom system was somewhat of a bust. When our house was built in 1986, I am fairly certain that our builder didn’t have the foresight to imagine the innovations in technology over the next 20 years, so the existing system wasn’t quite up to par. In fact, there was always this faint, sort of annoying, humming noise. Over the years, as we have painted each room, one by one, we have removed the intercom docking stations, dry-walled, mudded, taped and painted for new and improved, smooth and beautiful walls.  

The question then remained, “How do we reach one another with out screaming at each other throughout the house?” I mean, there is bound to be a certain amount of screaming, even amongst the most civilized of families (and the remainder of us savages do nothing but scream, about; coming down to eat, the children cleaning up their bedrooms and the piles of discarded personal items, the children and their thoroughly unbearable arguing with one another, the fact that it is time to leave and we don’t have an extra moment to spare, the fact that the homework isn’t finished, the fact that it is well past everyone’s bedtime…the list of reasons for hollering are absolutely endless.).

There in lies the beauty of the cell phone………and unlimited test messaging. As teenagers, our pals have had cell phones for a number of years (with an unlimited text messaging family plan…which is way cheaper than being charged per text message. And man, I tell you, these teens surely know how to let their fingers do the walking…..it’s a snap!). Now, sometimes as a substitute to screaming, we text each other important messages, such as; come down for dinner, you are late for practice, hey, turn on ABC, you’re missing Modern Family (the best show on TV), have you finished your homework, would you care for dessert, it’s time for bed.

Why not? It’s so much more civilized than the screaming. We all have our cell phones growing out of our ears (like an appendage…….except for Chuck, who never has his phone on hand for our convenience past the end of his busy work day. I suppose that he is tired of being tied down by the chains of in-humanity. Whatever! The rest of us are on the edge of our seats, anxiously awaiting communication from the outside world……or even inside the house.).

You’ve heard the old adage, “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.” As the More is More Mom®, I am highly in favor of more meaningful family communication, more of the time, with…..more texting (Only not while you’re driving…this is a PSA)…..

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Michael Jackson….Long Live The King Of Pop!

It is well known that Donny Osmond is my ultimate boyfriend. My all time favorite singer however, is Michael Jackson, BAR NONE. For years, both my cell phone ring tone and answer tone have been MJ’s; Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground). Every time my phone rings (which is like……. all the time (!) because I’m practically like a teenage girl and have the phone growing out of my ear. It bears repeating that it is a God send that we didn’t have cell phones when I was in High School because my already sketchy HS career would have been virtually nonexistent had I had a cell phone to occupy the balance of my time), people around me smile and I start to boogie…which is mildly embarrassing at the grocery store…..


As the More is More Mom®, I am all about…more Michael Jackson! Who doesn’t love the Jackson 5; ABC, The Love You Save, Never Can Say Good Bye, I’ll Be There, Who’s Lovin’ You, Rockin’ Robin, Santa Claus Is Coming to Town? These are the songs of my youth! My mom is awesome and has always been a total gamer, since the very beginning. Okay Chicagoans, I have the fondest memories of heading over to the Axel Roller Rink, on Harlem Ave, with my mom and my brother Ray on Friday nights and listening/skating to Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground) and my favorite Jackson’s tune of all time…Blame it on the Boogie!!!


Sadly, with middle age, my mind has become a sieve. When I was eleven years old, my friend Holly and I went to see The Wiz at the movie theater on Clark Street, just South of Diversey Ave (does anyone remember the name of the theater?). Then Michael Jackson’s Off the Wall album came out and I was in Heaven! Great tunes like; Rock with You, Don’t Stop ‘til You Get Enough and my 8th grade cheerleading squad did a pom-pom routine to Workin’ Day and Night (Michael is totally timeless. 25 years later, when my Nick was in 8th grade, he and his pals did Thriller in an 8th grade lip synch contest. MJ just stands the test of time….).


In a million years, I will never forget watching Michael Jackson do the moonwalk, wearing his fabulous sparkly glove, at the Motown 25th anniversary special back in the early 80’s. I still get goose bumps just thinking about it! I am the MTV generation. Come on…the Thriller Album; Billie Jean, Beat It, Wanna Be Startin’ Something, Baby Be Mine, The Girl is Mine (with Paul Mc Cartney!),  Human Nature, PYT (Pretty Young Thing) and of course…Thriller? Has any one single album ever had so many number one hits? I think not!

In 1984, my very cool mom brought my brother and me to Chicago’s Soldier’s Field to see all of the Jackson’s in the Victory Tour! It remains one of the highlights of my youth (though, I also thoroughly enjoyed seeing Barry Manilow..because I am a Fan-ilow… at Ravinia when I was 13 with my dad.). I was crazy for Body and State of Shock, with Mick Jagger. Throw in a little We are the World in 1985, and you’ve got yourself a super, super star.


How does one man top all of that? With Bad…..well, Bad, and I Just Can’t Stop Loving You, The Way You Make Me Feel, Man in the Mirror, Dirty Diana and of course Smooth Criminal (and I am all about Alien Ant Farm’s cover of Smooth Criminal. It’s amazing!). Round out a body of work with 1991’s Remember the Time (who doesn’t love Magic Johnson (?) as an Egyptian slave?) and Black and White (with Macaulay Culkin and George Wendt…Norm from Cheers). What an amazing body of work!


I don’t think a day goes by that Michael Jackson’s music doesn’t touch my life; through his own music or the artists that he has inspired. Long live the…King of Pop!!

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We Have Got to Get a Hobby…..

We have got to get a hobby…….. Over the past thirteen years we have experienced a flurry of activity with our children, but now we have hit a lull. Not too long ago our days and evenings were consumed with cross country, basketball, track, baseball, golf and of course, hockey. My Nick has been skating since he was 4 ½ years old, and we have spent the better part of his childhood racing him from rink to rink at all hours of the day and night. These were truly some of the best moments in our family life. Now that he has his driver’s license, we only accompany Nicky to his hockey games, which leaves us with a heck of a lot of free time. Before Nick got his driver’s license we were at his beck and call; picking up friends, dropping them off, waiting around, picking them up. Now however, he pretty much just goes. Long gone are the days that he would ask, while I was making dinner mind you, “Can you run me over to the links so I can hit a bucket of balls?” The answer of course was nearly always “yes,” even though it was inconvenient, because I knew it would someday all come to a screeching halt. Since Nick has had his driver’s license for the past year and a half, all we really have to do is know his whereabouts, and manage to stay awake until he gets home by curfew, which is 11 o’clock. I can stay awake forever if I am vertical, but if I sit, I sleep. Thankfully Chuck possesses the gift of staying awake even if he’s sitting. It’s sad really.

While Amanda doesn’t flit from activity to activity, she is on a very strict schedule. She trains for gymnastics 20 hours per week, 52 weeks a year. She heads to the gym five days a week, four hours at a time, and thankfully for us we only live three stoplights away from our gym, so we can be there in a flash! During the school year, when she has practice on the weeknights, Amanda is chomping at the bit for us to leave at 4:10 (even though gym doesn’t start until 4:30. She doesn’t have her mothers “gift” for never arriving anyplace on time. She always says, “Gym starts at 4:30. It doesn’t say get there at 4:30.” You’ve gotta love her tenacity and dedication! When I was her age the only thing I was dedicated to was….nonsense. Funny how the more things change the more they stay the same….). We live so close that we don’t even have to leave to pick her up until 8:28pm. So, now what do we do?

Well, the answer to that apparently is a great, big, whole lot of nothing! By the time I make dinner, serve dinner, place dinner for Amanda in the warming drawer (best invention ever!), and clean up the mess that was dinner, there isn’t a terrible amount of time to do much of anything….other than watch the idiot box, and I think you know why they call it that.

Why isn’t there ever anything to watch on TV? Seriously, we flippity flip through our cable channels only to find features from the ‘70’s and ‘80’s flashing before our eyes. What!?! Why don’t the smart executives at the major networks figure out a way to feature clever, smart, entertaining programming? It’s pretty sad when we are glued to our set to weigh in on what’s happening with Dancing with the Stars……especially without Donny Osmond as a contestant.
Sunday Nights:
When does Entourage return to HBO? There is nothing to watch, thankfully we frequently have hockey games to attend and we are traveling during Amanda’s meet season.
Monday Nights:
Monday night programming has been enormously improved with Rules of Engagement as a mid-season replacement on CBS, though that only accounts for 30 minutes of the night (22 if you DVR….the only way to watch TV). However, Jeff, played by Patrick Warburton, is not featured nearly enough, as he is the very best part of the show. Though to me, he will forever be Putty from Seinfeld.
Chuck loves Two and a Half Men. If he has his way we turn it on at 6pm and 10:30pm on WGN, so Monday is Charlie Harper bonus day. All I have to say is: thank God they finally ditched that Chelsea because she was sooooo boring. We are thrilled to see the egomaniacal, alcoholic, aging lothario back in business!
Tuesday Nights:
I really dislike Jay Leno, as I am David Letterman kind of gal. Cancelling his awful show has opened up the door for the Tuesday night replacement Parenthood on NBC. I was an enormous fan of the movie and the new series certainly does not disappoint. I give it an “A”.
American Idol is really boring this year. We have given up.
Wednesday Nights:
Best show of TV…..ABC’s Modern Family. Why is it only on for half an hour? One character is funnier than the next, but what I love about this show is that while it’s hysterical each episode concludes with a tender moment that brings the family together and re-enforces their connection and commitment to each other. The More is More Mom® gives Modern Family an A++++++
Thursday Nights:
I want to get it, but I just don’t understand the appeal of The Office. On the other hand I can’t get enough of the hip, fast talking 30 Rock on NBC. Tina Fey has amazing vision, Tracy Morgan is a scream, and Alec Baldwin, well, he’s a comedic genius.
What’s not genius…..Bravo’s The Housewives of……fill in the blank. We always look forward to the New York girls, but they’ve become so boring and one dimensional. When we first met the girls from the Big Apple they were interesting, they had careers and they were charitable. Now they are self obsessed mean girls, one cat fight away from being on Jerry Springer.
Friday and Saturday Nights:
The weekend always brings a potpourri of activity between sports and friends. Thank God for the diversion.
I suppose for now a hobby will have to wait until our little chicks leave the nest. Until then it looks like we’re stuck with the idiot box………..

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