Sending More Cheer to Military Families With the Help of #Cheerios #Walmart #CBias

As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about…..more spreading the word; sending CHEER and ThanksGIVING to our nation’s military families!


Last week, my mom and I headed over to Walmart to check out the General Mills/Cheerios Send Cheer campaign. The whole idea is really pretty cool. Simply purchase a box of Cheerio’s, cut out the postcard, outlined on the front of the box, and share your thoughts and warm wishes of ThanksGIVING with a military family. While we are celebrating Thanksgiving with our own family and friends, this week is the perfect opportunity to share our gratitude with the military families that make such personal sacrifices for our country.

The rest is easy. Simply put a stamp on the postcard, drop it in the mail and the USO does the rest by forwarding your message to a military family. The best part is that for every postcard the USO receives, General Mills/Cheerio’s will donate $1 to the USO!

While we were at Walmart, we bought 10 boxes of Cheerio’s. Why should we be the only ones to feel good? I thought it would be great fun to spread the word and share this fantastic opportunity with our own family and friends this weekend at my nephew’s birthday party.

Rather than just hand over the box of Cheerio’s, I thought it would be so much more festive if I tied a great big bow around each box. I wanted everyone to really see what a special moment this was; a chance to share with another family how thankful we are for their personal sacrifices and their dedication to keeping our country safe.

This weekend, while Amanda and I were running our errands, was the perfect opportunity to pay-it-forward. We popped in on some friends to bring them a few boxes of Cheerio’s to spread some ThanksGIVING Cheer.

Here, Amanda is explaining to her little cousin how General Mills/Cheerio’s is working with the USO to spread holiday cheer!

Expressing our gratitude doesn’t have to stop at a postcard! At this time of ThanksGIVING, why not send a care package to a soldier that is deployed and away from their family and the comforts of home? What are the little things that remind you of the holidays with your family?

Chuck, Amanda and I sat down to really think about what makes us so thankful. We are grateful to the military families who keep the home fires burning for their loved ones. What a sacrifice to be without your son or daughter, brother or sister, husband or wife, mother of father. There are all of those moments that we share as a family that we take for granted; eating dinner together, looking over our children’s homework, cheering the kids on at their favorite activities, driving them all over creation, witnessing family milestones. These amazing military families and soldiers sacrifice these precious moments for the sake of serving our country, keeping us safe from harm and preserving our freedom. I don’t actually think there is nearly enough room on that little postcard to express our gratitude and warm wishes for a happy holiday and the safe return of their loved ones……but it’s a start.

Why not head over to Walmart and check out General Mills/Cheerio’s send cheer campaign? It’s easy! You can also learn more by visiting;

More generous military families, more sacrifices, more gratitude………

Please feel free to send me any questions, thoughts or comments at

This post has been compensated as part of a sponsored charitable opportunity for Collective Bias All thoughts, experiences and opinions are my own.


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