Deck the Halls……

As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about….more making our house home-y. Well, now that we’re into November, I think it’s safe to say farewell to the beauty of summer. Gone are the geraniums, impatiens and even the mumms. It’s time to welcome the rich, warm textures and tones of winter.


A few years ago, I had a bee in my bonnet when I saw these pre-lit branches. I thought they were so festive; I had to have them. Of course, as with most obsessive collectors (read; hoarder), my new sparkly lights made their way to my basement, buried under fake grass, Mardi Gras beads and rooter poms. This season, sparkly pre-lit branches are everywhere, so I decided it was time to do something special with mine.


I’m always hugely in favor of home décor that has longevity, so I decided to create an arrangement that would last throughout the long months of winter. It was so easy! All I needed was;



  • 2 bundles of sparkly pre-lit branches
  • 7 stalks of faux pine branches, tall
  • 2 stalks of faux evergreens, full
  • 3 stems of faux pine branches
  • 3 stems of small evergreen branches
  • 4 stems of berry branches
  • 1 tall container


The vessel really sets the tone for the arrangement. I love this tall, antiqued urn with the fleur de lis motif for its understated elegance. From here the stems practically arranged themselves!


First, I adjusted the length of the pine branches to fit neatly inside the container.

Second, I arranged the sparkly pre-lit branches, scattering them amongst the pines, and tucking the wires into the vessel.


Third, I added both of the full evergreen stems to each side of the arrangement.

Fourth, I strategically placed the soft pine branches, nestled amongst the pines.

Fifth, I filled in the spaces at the edge of the vessel with the smaller stems.

Lastly, I nestled the stems of berries throughout the arrangement to add more texture and a shock of color.


I found the perfect spot for my arrangement; perched on top of a beautiful painted pedestal stand in the corner of my kitchen. All that was left was to plug it in and enjoy….


More sparkly lights, more floral arrangements, more making a house a home………


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