More Than Just A Visit; It Seems Like Old Times….

As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about……more family reunions! For weeks, Chuck and I had been counting down the days until our very first Parent’s Weekend ever! Amanda was counting down the days too, only for a completely different reason. She was super psyched to be ditching us for a solid 48 hours. How could she not have grown weary of our constant and unrelenting line of questioning; how are you? How was school? What do you have for homework? What do you want to eat for dinner? What are you going to wear? What are you going to do? Are you wearing your retainer? Her weekend with Auntie Terri and Uncle David was a total Godsend.

Earlier in the week Nick sent me a text requesting that when we come for Parent’s Weekend we bring; granola bars, undershirts, winter hats, his Kentucky basketball jersey (while not a student at the University of Kentucky, he bleeds blue) and…..Trident Layers chewing gum. What a funny little assortment of items. It felt like he’d requested cigarettes and candy bars to trade out in the yard at the penitentiary.

All packed up, we hit the road for College Town USA. When we rolled into town, Nick was waiting for us at the golf course. It already felt like old times. With little to do on campus, we decided to make the hour long sojourn to the big city. Nick’s been dying for a Titleist-910 3 wood with a 13.5° loft. Thankfully Golf Smith and Golf Galaxy were within sprinting distance of each other. Taking our chances with 12 minutes until their 9pm closing, we raced into Golf Galaxy. Hedging our bets, Chuck darted next door to Golf Smith the minute the salesman said he had to “check in the back”. There, at Golf Smith, was a Titleist-910 3 wood with a 13.5° loft with Nick’s name on it. We celebrated with dinner at the Outback Steakhouse! I slept with a smile on my face for having spent 4 uninterrupted hours with our Nick.

Saturday morning, Nick invited Chuck to walk the course with him during his qualifying round, while I went back to the hotel and did…..his laundry. Once again, it felt like old times. We missed all the rah-rah fun at the football game while the boys were at the course, but that’s okay. We made our own fun of road tripping back towards the big city; lunch at Noodles and Moneyball (with Brad Pitt) at the Cineplex. We are, after all, a movie loving family.

Because teenagers have a tapeworm, and because there is absolutely nothing to do in a small college town other than eat, Nick suggested we stop by Marvin’s to grab their world famous garlic burgers and fries for dinner (mine with cheese, please). It was the best day; all Nick all the time. In fact, we had so much Nick time, that our feelings weren’t even hurt when he gave us the bums rush as he was heading out the door to make the rounds at the frat parties.

Even though we talk and text with him several times a day, there’s just nothing like getting to hug him and lay our eyes on our favorite boy. Parting with him on Sunday wasn’t quite as hard as I had envisioned; in two weeks he’ll be home for Fall Break. We’re all going to be as excited as Wrigley to have him home.

More visiting, more walking the course, more doing the laundry, more moments with our boy……..

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