Best Weekend Ever; Wrigley Goes to College……

As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about……..more time as a family; just the five of us! The past few weeks, since we dropped Nick off at college, have been a total adjustment. We happen to be accustomed to a frenetic, boisterous and busy household. In fact, I think the energy of our home has been the greatest influence on Wrigley’s temperament. Practically a study of nature versus nurture! We’re spazzy and as a result, he’s spazzy. He can hardly be held responsible for his naughty behavior.

Life with Nick has always been crazy; early morning practices, late night games and weekend tournaments. Never has there been a dull or quiet moment. With Nick away at school, we’ve settled into a quieter routine. Amanda’s practices are all after school with games on Friday nights (an uncharacteristically civilized schedule).

This weekend, however, was one of our very best ever; Nick came home for a whirlwind, two night visit. While we have been fortunate to hear from Nick daily (he’s a great texter and he calls to check in as he buzzes around between campus and golf practice), there is absolutely no substitute for wrapping our arms around him and squeezing tight, making a Nicky sandwich. I was pretty pumped as I loaded Wrigley in the car for our college road trip! With my radio cranking some jamming tunes, three hours went by in a flash.

We pulled up in front of Nick’s dorm, and there he was. Wrigley and I were tickled pink to see him! After loading up his clubs, his schoolwork and his laundry hamper, we settled in to hear all about college life; classes, teachers, dorm living, dorm food, fun, friends, fraternities and golf. He was just bubbling with excitement, experiences and information.

Finally, when Chuck and Amanda got home from the big Saint Feels Right for Her varsity football game (they won), we sat around our kitchen island swapping stories and howling with laughter until after midnight. It felt like home.

In the hierarchy of our pack, Wrigley sees Chuck as the leader, I believe, that he believes, that he and I are equals, Amanda is the little pup and Nick is the top dog to dominate. For 8 ½ years, Nick has longed for Wrigley to sleep in his room, but Wrigley only sleeps with us, the leaders of the pack. Friday night however, Wrigley followed Nick into his bedroom and curled up for the night. Every time Nick rolled over, there Wrigley was; his faithful companion.

It seemed like old times; on Saturday, Nick practiced golf, had to read a 150 page book and write a paper, so, as usual, we waited for him to be available for dinner (where he got to eat vegetables instead of his daily meatball sandwich) and a movie (Tommy Boy; a family tradition).

Sunday morning, he was ready to head back to school with a hamper full of clean clothes. Nick asked, “You’re not going to cry again are you?” What a silly question! Of course I was going to cry again. Has he met me? In fact, when Chuck dropped him back off at school, he said it was much harder than when we left him two weeks before.

I’m not quite sure when it happened, but it appears that we have raised a capable, confident and curious young man!

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More missing our boy, more stolen moments, more family memories, more exciting adventures…..

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