Pretty Presents; How to Wrap a Pedastal Bowl…….

As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about……more creative gift ideas! While our families may be our universe, as women, our life line is definitely our best girlfriends. Only a gal pal can truly understand and empathize with our joys and sorrows. One of the many wonderful things about having great friends is celebrating one another’s birthdays. But what do you buy for the girl that has everything?

There are so many fantastic gift ideas, but which is the perfect one?  Ladies like super fun jewelry, fashionable scarves, beautiful scented candles, luscious throw blankets, bubble bath and lotions, handbags, wallets and makeup bags, picture frames showcasing gorgeous photographs of family and friends, and one of my personal favorites; home décor items. There is nothing like a fabulous new accessory to help make a house a home.

Recently, one of my closest girlfriends was mentioning to me that she wanted to spruce up her kitchen with a few new accessories. What fabulous inspiration for a birthday present! There are so many great accessory ideas for a kitchen; plates, platters, urns, artwork, candlesticks, roosters, bell jars, whimsical lighting. The list goes on and on!

Cruising through the aisles of some of my favorite spots, I stumbled across a fabulous pedestal bowl with a lovely Tuscan pattern. It would be absolutely perfect on a sideboard, as a centerpiece, on an island or for tossing a delicious salad. The big question is; how to wrap it?

At first, it seemed more daunting than earning an online PHD, which you know you can do at



All I can say is that double sided tape is your friend! I selected a great leopard pattern ribbon, cutting it to a generous length. I then secured two pieces of double sided tape on the edge of the bowl, on opposite sides, but evenly spaced. Next I centered the ribbon, placing it evenly across the tape, to secure it into place.


Just as if you are wrapping a regular box, you will carefully flip the bowl over, crisscrossing the ribbon. Before you continue, you’ll want to take two pieces of double sided tape and position them evenly across from one another to secure the ribbon.


After the ribbon is criss-crossed (will make you jump, jump…..anyone else listen to Kris Kross as a teen?), you’ll be ready to make a knot on top.


I like to criss-cross the ribbon and then pull a little over-under number before I tie it in a knot.

Prior to tying a beautiful bow, I like to punch a neat and tidy little hole in my card or note, wishing the recipient well. I then string the ribbon through the hole. Securing it in place and creating a beautiful package. A simple, but lovely bow says it all.


While an empty bowl may be perfectly lovely, I tend to favor a little more embellishment. A bowl full of apples is better than a barrel full of monkey’s any day of the week, and they’re perfect in a kitchen!

More birthdays, more creative gift ideas, more home décor, more fabulous girlfriends!

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  1. You are so creative! What a beautiful gift idea. Especiall for a housewarming gift.

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