And Then There Were Two……

As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about…..more adjustments! I don’t know where the time has gone; 11,520 minutes have passed since we dropped Nick off at college (but who’s counting?). Our home, usually bursting at the seams with Nick’s energy, is suddenly so quiet. We always know when he’s home, not only because of the trail of keys, his wallet, golf tees and markers, scorecards, shoes, clothes, socks and snacks, but because he just buzzes with excitement. Nick is the first to share an anecdote, a new song, an article he’s read (and re-read and repeated umpteen times) and he always lies on the floor to give Wrigley a good quality belly rub.


Of course, the night before he left was totally Nick-centric. Although we had a going away dinner earlier in the week, my mom, his Nana, came out to share a little more Nicky time. We dined on one of his all time favorite meals; Lou Malnati’s pizza. At bedtime, we all piled into his room to watch one of his all time favorite movies; Caddyshack (a real Cinderella story). Amanda even dragged a mattress in from our guest room so she could have one more sleep over, just like they used to when Nick still had his bunk beds. Needless to say, this has been a sobering week.


With all of the madness and commotion behind us, we’re settling into new routines. I’m sure Amanda is super pumped about having us all to herself; no more flying under the radar. Now I can pester her, and her alone, about the merits of wearing her retainer (complete with nightly retainer checks). We’re also much more available for quizzing her on all test materials, looking over any homework assignments and dropping in to chat it up with her in her bedroom. She never knew how much she was going to miss her brother until now.  


 In Nick’s absence, the laundry chute is no longer over flowing, the domed cake plate I keep on our kitchen counter has more than a few lingering fresh baked treats and we haven’t consumed a drop of orange juice (eliminating his three gallon a week habit). While Nick is a night owl, Amanda is early to bed and early to rise. We haven’t seen 11pm all week.   


On the other hand, Nick is going to be equally surprised when he returns. While we wouldn’t let her take over his bedroom, the body’s not even cold for Heaven’s sake, Amanda does have free run of the big screen in the basement. Several mornings a week, Amanda and I run over to the health club at 5:30am and our dinner hour revolves around Amanda’s schedule. Oh, and Wrigley? He’s now expecting Amanda to rub his belly after school.


More family time, more college experiences, more life on the home front, more adjusting to change…..


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