The Laundry List…..

As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about……more laundry lessons! By my own design, it would appear that I have raised a crown prince. Nick has always been an absolute pleasure; a wonderful son, encouraging brother, dedicated student, a devoted athlete and a hard working caddy. Since he’s always been so busy with school at the Be All and End All Academy, and flying out the door for hockey and golf practices, games and matches at all hours of the day and night, I’ve never really expected him to help out with household chores. Now that he’s headed out the door for college, however, it was time for a little lesson in laundry.

In as far as Nick has been concerned, laundry either gets flung into the farthest reaching corners of the room, left like a trail of breadcrumbs or tossed down the laundry chute only to find it suddenly, magically, reappearing neatly folded on his bed or hung up in his closet. Without a laundry chute outside his dorm room, and a momma to catch it on the other end, it was time to do or die. Either I could teach Nick how to do his laundry or arm him with a case of Febreze and hope no one lights a match.

My family insisted that the lessons could easily be conducted in our very own mud room, while I insisted, for the sake of authenticity, that we needed to head to the laundromat. In preparation for our outing, I banned Nick from the laundry chute, setting up the fabulous new pop up hamper in his bedroom in the hopes that all of the dirty laundry would end up there. Once his room was significantly stinky, with dirty clothes spilling over the edge, it was time for our field trip.

Our first step was sorting the lights from the darks. I know it’s a total pipe dream to think for a minute that Nick might actually separate out his laundry, but I wouldn’t be a very good teacher if I didn’t at least put him through the paces. With a complete stroke of luck, my friend, MAU, clued me in to these awesome Purex laundry sheets. I think the good people at NASA might have had something to do with this invention; laundry detergent on a sheet that you toss into the wash and then leave with the load as it heads to the dryer. No need to lug around a huge jug of detergent, with the potential for spilling and over pouring.

Nick sorted his clothes, started the wash machine and against my rule about NEVER leaving your laundry unattended, we made a quick Starbuck’s run for chocolate-y beverages and a breakfast sandwich for Nick. The moment of truth was fast approaching; folding a clean pile of clothes.

As a gal who lives for laundry and ironing, I must say that I was extremely impressed with Nick’s laundering prowess. The way that he folded those t-shirts; all I can say is apple, tree.

While I may not be quite ready for him to go, I know I will sleep at night with the knowledge that he’ll at least be wearing clean clothes!

More laundry, more Purex, more field trips, more mother/son bonding……

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