#CrushedIt…. A “Swap Your Snacks” Chiquita Challenge…..

As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about….more challenges! My family and I are total foodies. Seriously, as soon as I wake up in the morning I’m salivating over what I’ll be making for dinner. While we eat fabulous and delicious meals, I must confess that I completely fall down on the job when it comes to snacking. Right next to the bowl of fruit, in a prominent spot on our kitchen counter, I keep a beautiful glass domed cake plate filled with homemade goodies. Makes it hard to make a good decision…..


The minute I heard about Chiquita’s “Swap Your Snacks” challenge I was on a mission; substitute our ordinary in-between meals snacks with Chiquita’s Crushed Fruit Snack. I headed over to my Dominick’s, which I call my Dominick’s because I shop there at least four times a week. I feel like Norm from Cheers, where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came, as I visit with my lady at the deli, my girlfriend at the pharmacy, my favorite checker’s and the fella that corrals the carts.


With my list in hand, I narrowed my focus, making my way through the produce department in search of a quick and easy snack that I can pack for my family when we’re on the run (and we’re ALWAYS on the run). There I found it, in the refrigerated section of the produce department; Chiquita Crushed Fruit Snacks. With several great flavors from which to choose, it was hard to decide, but I thought we’d give the Strawberry & Banana, Mango & Banana and Blueberry & Banana a try.


Out of sheer habit, I’m accustomed to tossing chocolate chip granola bars, toasted pastries and packaged cookies into my cart, but today I’m feeling good about the healthier choice I’m making for my family.    


I certainly can’t expect my people to make healthier choices if I don’t set a good example. While I’m perched at our kitchen island, working at my laptop, snacking on candy and chips would have been easy to do; rip open the package and have at it! Fruit always seems like there is so much work involved with all of the peeling and slicing. However, to drink a Chiquita Crushed Fruit Snack merely involves twisting open the cap. Not only was this fruity drink tasty and refreshing, it was filling as well. As you all know, those hours before dinner can be a real killer!


My son Nick is a caddy at a golf course, and as a huge perk, is allowed to golf at this awesome course all day every Monday. I always pack him a couple of PB&J’s that he can store in his golf bag and nibble on throughout the day. However, the moment he gets home he is ravenous. Rather than scarf down a sleeve of cookies before dinner, I was thrilled to be able to give him a healthy snack as he was walking in the door. I figured he likes strawberry and banana yogurt; why not try a Strawberry & Banana Crushed Fruit Snack? Nick loved it! He thought it was……delicious.


My daughter, Amanda, has been super busy all summer with AAU Track & Field. This past week, as we packed up our car with our tent for shade, our chairs in a bag and a cooler full of snacks for the day, I thought I’d sneak in a few Chiquita Fruit Crushie’s. In-between events, Amanda and her teammates are always looking for something to eat that’s filling but not so heavy that it weighs them down (making it so much more difficult to run hurdles and the 800m dash). The girls only had a few minutes for a snack and loved the Mango & Banana and Blueberry & Banana Chiquita CrushedFruit Snack. It was so much easier than peeling an orange or making their way through an apple. Simply twist and drink. How easy is that?

 To learn more about my shopping experience, please visit me at ThisMoment:


After a week of giving healthier snacking a whirl, we all felt better about the choices that we made. Not that we gave up homemade chocolate-y treats, only now we kept them they way they were meant to be; in moderation.   

More snacks, more fruit, more healthy eating…..

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This project has been compensated as part of a #CrushedIt shopping mission for Chiquita #CollectiveBias


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  1. Glad you and your children loved the Chiquita crushed fruit snack product! 🙂 I love that your children are so active with sports!

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