Gift Ideas for Dear Old Dad…..

As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about…..more celebrating fathers! In my experience, dads are the unsung heroes. When the winning quarterback is honored after the Super Bowl, who does he thank? Mom! Who put a football in his hand before he could even walk and played catch with him in the yard? Well, that would have been his dear old dad.


While moms are fairly easy to shop for, dads are usually stuck with the same old boring cliché’s; tie, Old Spice aftershave or a World’s Greatest Dad coffee mug. Certainly there must be better ways to celebrate dad…….

Watch: If mom likes jewelry, then a great counter point would be a beautiful time-piece for dad. To be a well appointed gentleman doesn’t take much; good haircut, polished shoes, well tailored clothes and a fabulous watch.

Wallet or money clip: A nice wallet for a man is the equivalent a good handbag for a woman. Some men like something extremely small, just enough room to fit identification and a credit card, while most like a traditional wallet. Another nice option is a slim cut billfold that fits nicely in the breast pocket of a sport or suit coat. An engraved money clip is a good alternative to a rubber band.

Cufflinks: It can’t be casual Friday everyday! A classic french knot in brushed gold or silver is very smart, while monogrammed cufflinks are a really personal touch.

Leather desk set or leather portfolio: Make the drudgery of the work day a little more sophisticated with beautiful leather desk accessories. Dad will look great at his meetings and appointments when he takes notes in his leather portfolio, at his nicely appointed desk.

Pen: While a disposable ball point is the most practical, nothing says elegant man like a beautiful pen. Dad can use it, ceremoniously, while signing all of his most important documents.

Cologne: Don’t let the rugged exterior fool you; dads like to smell good too. Visit your favorite department store for a fantastic new scent.

Electronics: E-reader, I-Pad, I-Pod, portable navigation device, camera, video camera….there are all sorts of fun gadgets, one suitable for every dad.

Hard cover books: I personally like to keep it old school. There is nothing quite like holding a real book in your hand, dog-earring the pages. Get dad the latest best seller from his favorite author or a coffee table book on his favorite subject (such as golf, sailing, fishing, cars, etc).

BBQ accoutrements: For the grill master that LOVES to cook, why not a new assortment of spices, rubs and marinades? A case of steaks would be delicious too.

Hobbies: Outfit dad for his favorite hobby, from hats, clothes and outerwear to anything he’s missing in his collection (i.e., for the golfer; bag, club, shoes, balls, gadgets, gift card)

An experience: Spend the day with dad doing what he likes to do; golfing, fishing, water sports, yard work, whatever it is he likes to do.


More appreciating fathers, more thoughtful gifts, more spending time with dad…..


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  1. arminas1989

    Thanks for ideas 🙂

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