The Life of a Crown Prince….

As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about……….more life with the Crown Prince! They say that a picture is worth a thousand words (but is it?). Over the weekend, Chuck was busy with yard work; cutting the grass, bagging the cuttings, trimming the bushes, pulling weeds and edging the lawn. And Nick? Lounging, with his feet up, in the little hammock, playing with Wrigley, awaiting his next assignment……..

In fairness, Nick has never really had the opportunity to learn the art, and pleasure, of summer outdoor maintenance and lawn care. Ever since he was 12 ½ years old, the summer after the 7th grade, Nick has been dedicated to his job as a caddy. While we still shag him out of bed at 6:20 in the morning (total Crown Prince behavior), Tuesday’s thru Sunday’s, and toast him a bagel or a Pop-Tart (breakfast of champions and more Crown Prince Behavior), in the beginning, before he could drive, we would load up his bike and drive him to the caddy shack (extreme Crown Prince behavior). I suppose he might have ridden his bike to the caddy shack, but it’s 4 miles from home, and I thought that riding there, carrying a bag for 18 holes, and riding another 4 miles home, in the beastly summer heat, would have made for too long and an exhausting day for him. He was just a peanut! One morning, as I was unloading his bike, his friend told me, “You know, Mrs. Nunley, you could always tell him no.”

I’ve never really found the need to tell him, “No.” Nick has always been a very respectful and hardworking boy, now, dare I say……….man. When he was a sophomore, at the Be All and End All Academy, he broke his ankle in a Foreign Language Club Soccer Tournament. His Latin teacher, knowing that he was a sports fanatic, asked Nick to play for the Latin Club Team (not too nerdy). During the game, he was kicked so violently, at such close range, on the outside of his right ankle that the bone on the inside of his ankle chipped off, requiring surgery, and two permanent pins to repair. Super lame; he definitely needed a better story. In high school, when you miss 4 days of school, it’s like missing a month. 3 months later, he was finally getting to the last project from his injury; writing a paper about John Steinbeck’s The Winter of Our Discontent, which was really the winter of our discontent because this stinking project was dragging on FOREVER. One afternoon, Nick and I were arguing about what I considered his lack of any sense of urgency in wrapping it up when, he enlightened me, “I’m a good kid, Mom. I don’t lie or cheat or steal. I’m not having sex, drinking or doing drugs. I work really hard at school and in my sports. So what if I’m a procrastinator?” And you know what? He was absolutely right. Being the Crown Prince has served him well.

I have always, woken Nick up in the morning (though he is capable of waking up to an alarm clock. He never missed one t-time last summer at golf camp or, more importantly, his college interviews). I fix him breakfast every morning, even if he’s on the fly. I pack him a lunch for school, for golf and snacks in the car. I wash, sort and fold his laundry and have been known to air out his hockey equipment (though, for this, I deserve a medal).  I have enjoyed being with him at every hockey game and practice, and walking the golf course with him, even in the blazing heat. I have proof-read numerous papers and run back to school to pick up countless books and homework assignments. I have quizzed him on his spelling and vocabulary words for 13 years. I did lunch room duty for his class every single week. I have been on all but two of Nick’s school field trips, ever.

In return, I have had the privilege of raising and getting to know a fine, bright, intelligent, gentle, generous, funny, hardworking, caring and talented young man; my Nick. So what if he’s had the Crown Prince experience? So what if he hasn’t learned about lawn care? He’s a very, very good boy……… Long live the Crown Prince!

More lawn care, more caddying, more hard work, more Crown Prince’s!

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