Begonias, Impatiens and Geraniums, Oh My!

As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about……..more container gardening! There’s nothing like throwing a party to serve as inspiration for checking everything off of your “honey-do” list. With my food prepped, house cleaned and tables decorated for Nick’s graduation, I was finally able to spend a little time outside. Beautiful flowers and lush greenery are such a treat after the long snowy winter. And while our grass looks great, I don’t think I could possibly stand another 40 days and 40 nights of rain! I can’t wait to finally enjoy the occasional Sunday morning breakfast or dinner out on our deck.


With so many gorgeous flowers to choose from, it can be hard to decide, though I do have my favorites. I’m a self taught gardener (school of hard knocks), and one of the things that I’ve learned is that I prefer as little maintenance as humanly possible. I tire of watering by July, so heavy pruning duties are absolutely out of the question. While petunias are pretty, they require way too much deadheading for my attention span. I tend to favor begonias, impatiens, and geraniums (which require deadheading, but the buds are so huge, it’s a quick and simple snippety-snip).


Every summer, for the past 13 years, I’ve filled the pots on my front porch with my favorite; geraniums, in shades of red, hot pink or salmon. I always do my pots myself, with a center of dracaena spikes and for variety; coleus plants, a few impatiens and vinca vines. For step by step photos, visit my blog from last summer (good floral designs never go out of style):


This summer, I decided to live on the edge and switch it up a bit. For dramatic effect, I chose to ground my arrangement with purple fountain grass (the color is going to be awesome later in the season), 4 dense pots of hot pink impatiens each, and for trailing filler, I thought I’d try creeping myrtle. I was thrilled with the result; colorful, full and fairly maintenance free!



While flowers add a great big punch of color, they can get rather expensive. One of my very best outdoor decorating secrets is to intersperse pots of flowers amongst pots of greens. My potted mugo pines and junipers are into their third season (beautiful and practical, they are practically paying for themselves!). From a design perspective, I love that the lush greenery forms a more formal hedge and can even be used as a screen (perhaps to disguise an unsightly cushion storage box). The great thing about design, whether indoors or out, is that texture and variety adds interest and depth. What could possibly be more interesting than Mother Nature?


More beautiful flowers, more lush greens, more container gardening, more enjoying summer…….     


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