Pomp and Circumstance….


As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about……more pomp and circumstance! With the last uniform ironed and peanut butter and jelly sandwich packed, all that remained was the graduation. While my mantra is more of everything is always better, my children tend to have adopted a more minimalist approach to life. I was totally ready for a rockin’ graduation party, the graduate, however? Not so much. Nick’s preference was for an intimate celebration, in our home, with family and a few extremely close, life long friends.

Never one to be deterred, I would just make our small party extra special! When you’re taking the celebration on the road, with dinner reservations out on the town, the party planning is a piece of cake. Pick your favorite restaurant, select a few items from the menu, make the reservation, invite the guests and enjoy. A party at home, particularly one where the guests make it back to your doorstep before you do, is extra complicated, which is why it takes extra amounts of planning and careful consideration.

I am a purist, so I like for everything to be as complicated as humanly possible. Planning the menu was easy. I knew I could only make dishes that I could prepare in advance, would feed a crowd and were easy to cook. Because it was Nick’s special day, I wanted to be sure to serve food that he liked, which could have meant scrambled eggs with toast, and Reece’s Peanut Buttercups, but instead included; a cheese platter, veggies and dip, homemade salsa and guacamole, 106 little twice baked potatoes, 79 slider patties and an amazing chopped salad, which is just as good as Portillo’s. I swear. I made it for our Super Bowl party and it was AWESOME!


After days of food prep and house cleaning, I had earmarked those last 15 minutes before Nick and I had to scoot to school, in his cap and gown, for putting the final touches on the buffet and fussing with the decorations (all black and yellow, with Mumms, Begonias and tiger skins, in honor of Nick’s college mascot; the Tiger). For a kid that had nothing to do but caddy, golf and work out for the past several days, and who had just strolled in the door from a leisurely breakfast with his grandfather, he had a lot of nerve racing into the kitchen, informing me we were in a huge rush to run a quick errand. What could he possibly need? Cigars……A Be All and End All Academy graduation tradition.

Where, I asked, did he think he’d find a fine cigar between here and school? The gas station, naturally. For a kid that doesn’t smoke, he wouldn’t know a Macanuto from a Tiparillo, but really, the gas station? You have to figure that anything that comes out of a vending machine, can’t be very good for you. Fortunately as we jumped into the car, Nick’s pal texted the boys that his dad had it covered.

The ceremony was a dream; the procession, opening remarks, the Salutatorian, the presentation of nearly 330 diplomas, the Valedictorian and the recessional, all clocking in at approximately 80 minutes. Rock on! After a few photo op’s, the boys puffed (choked) on their cigars, patting each other on the back and giving one another grief. Chuck and I left with my parents, while Nick took a detour to the Dairy Queen to get rid of the nasty taste of cigar residue left on his tongue.

We came home to family ready to toast Nick and celebrate his success! Dinner was simple and delicious and the party really got going once my cousin Terri and I opened up the dance floor to Amanda and my nieces, as we grooved to the likes of Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Michael Jackson and Wham!

It’s hard to believe Nick’s high school career is now just a thing of the past, when that first day of Pre-School seems like it was just a few days ago. While I might not be ready, it would appear that Nick is preparing to soar. Maybe I can talk him into a going away gala!?!

More pomp and circumstance, more celebrations, more family milestones…..

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