Prom Redux……

As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about……more Prom Redux! Because more of everything is always better, why go to one prom when you can go to two? While Nick attends the Be All and End All Academy, his girlfriend, E, attends another school. Two weeks ago, the kids had a great time at E’s prom, and even though both proms were being held at the same venue, I totally get why Nick might want to catch his too. The only complication was that E had a softball game on Prom Night…….

What are you gonna do? The kids decided that they would join in on Prom fun as soon as E’s game was over. All Nick had to do was get permission for late arrival to the dance and they were “In Like Flint” (cool dude James Coburn as super spy Derek Flint).

Nick is not a terribly sentimental guy, so he was hardly heartbroken to miss out on the mob scene that would be the Prom picture party. In fact, he was way more excited to be able to keep his Friday golf lesson while E was at her game. A practical twosome; not knowing what time E’s game would wrap up, the kids thought it might be easier if she met him at the Prom. She’s an AWESOME gal; lovely, smart, talented, gorgeous and reasonable with no demands and no drama. She’s perfect!

With Prom night fast approaching, I popped into Men’s Wearhouse to grab Nick’s tuxedo. The place was crawling with high school boys, their mom’s, colorful ties and cummerbunds. When it was finally my turn, we discovered that Nick was tux-less! His was accidently sent back to the Men’s Warehouse mother-ship. The very nice manager assured me it would be in the store, ready for pick up, by noon on Friday…..Prom Night. Once again; what are you gonna do? Should worse come to worse, it wouldn’t have bothered Nick in the least to wear his own suit. Some may say apathy. I say confidence.


This day was actually shaping up quite nicely. On our way to Amanda’s Sectional Track Meet (momentary bragging mom alert: where she ran Varsity 4×1, 4×2 and made it to event finals for both long jump and triple jump as a freshman. Way to go Sister!), my mom and I stopped into Hollyhock’s floral shop for the nosegay, and kept it wrapped in plastic in a cooler in my car to keep it perfect. Hey, at least this time we remembered the flowers.

On his way to his lesson, he was thrilled to hear from E that her softball game had been canceled due to the 40 days and 40 nights of rain we’ve experienced this year. The mad rush was on…..


Nick finished his lesson, raced home, took a shower, walked the dog and met me at Men’s Wearhouse, which was right up the street from Amanda’s Sectional Track meet. I didn’t miss a thing. The planets and the moons were completely in alignment (had I only thought to play the lottery!). At 5:50pm, Nick was able to get into a dressing room, and like Superman running through a revolving door, he was dressed and ready in a flash. Best of all, because of their mistake, Men’s Warehouse gave us Nick’s tux rental for the $20 deposit we’d made a few weeks earlier. Yay us! I handed him the nosegay for E, lest we be total losers twice in two weeks by forgetting the flowers, snapped a quick photo while he protested, and off he went… pick up E and take her to the Prom (where they danced, laughed and had an all around great time).

More softball games, more golf lessons, more rain, more Prom memories……

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2 responses to “Prom Redux……

  1. Jill

    Nick looks totally handsome. And the flowers were gorgeous!

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