S’Mores; A Simple Sign of Summer…..

As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about……more simple signs of summer! The moment that I saw my Home Depot’s parking lot full of flats of flowers, evergreens and perennials, I knew that summer couldn’t be terribly far behind. Really, there’s little as hopeful and inspiring as flowers in bloom, in a rainbow of color. Would be horticulturists seem to agree. I stopped by for a few flowers Saturday morning, and when I returned for a few more in the evening, half the flowers were gone!

These poor kids have spring fever, too. While school seemingly drones on and on forever, I think they’ve just about checked out (which is unfortunate because Amanda has 8 more school days left and poor Nick still has 11 days remaining of his high school career!). After a long, cold winter and obscenely wet spring, we’re all ready for a change in scenery.

But what is there for a teenager to do? The beginning of the school year is always exciting; making new friends and showing your school spirit at football games. You’ve got homecoming, dances and pep rallies; barely a moment for boredom. Things certainly seem to slow down after Christmas, though if your high school team is any good (Be All and End All Academy), basketball games are a real possibility for socializing, entertainment and fun. Of course there are only so many games even a Super-fan can handle, so the Multi-plex starts to call their names. Going to the movies with a gaggle of friends can be a blast, but at $10 a ticket, a visit to the concession stand and grabbing a bite at their favorite eatery (the boys love, love, love Buffalo Wild Wings, otherwise known as B-Dub’s, and I find that Amanda and her pals can’t get enough of Red Robin and California Pizza Kitchen), they’re looking at about $35 for an evening out; nearly cost prohibitive for the average un-employed high school student.  


A great alternative to a night out is an evening in with friends; snacks, pizzas, desserts, movies and games. But by May, even that experience can benefit from a change up; thank God for the ever popular bonfire! Teens love hanging out and listening to music, but what makes that even more fun are s’mores; the perfect dessert. What could possibly top the smoky flavor of camp-fire cooked marshmallows, the gooey chocolate-y goodness of a Hershey’s bar, smooshed between a slightly sweet and crispy graham cracker? Absolutely nothing!

I can’t think of a better way to ring in summer than with good friends and a tasty s’more.

More warm weather, more pal-ing around with friends, more bonfire’s, more s’mores…..  

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