On the Road Again…..

As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about……more college road trips! What a crazy ride. After visiting numerous college campuses, staying in hotels without Pay-Per-View movies, disappointingly never running into Donny Osmond (as in Martin Lawrence’s classic comedy; College Road Trip), filling out applications and writing a dozen essays, Nick is thrilled to have made the decision to attend Tiger University. Chuck and I couldn’t be happier!

For the past year, Nick has been all over becoming a Red Hawk. You see, they eat, sleep and breathe hockey. With an enormous ice rink right on campus, it’s as simple and convenient as rolling out of bed and lacing up your skates; a hockey fanatics dream come true! There wasn’t a school that we visited that could possibly compare to the Red Hawk’s motto of all hockey all the time.

There was one last school we had yet to visit; Tiger University. What a difference a year makes! When we arrived on campus, Nick just felt like he was home. It was beautiful; gracious red brick buildings, lovely landscaping, nice kids and curiously, not an ice rink in sight. That’s when I really knew that Nick was growing up. He was seeing the school for what it could be for him and how he could grow as a student. It was awesome!

Wednesday, Nick and I headed back to Tiger U for an interview. Only this time, we made it a mother-son road trip with Nick’s long time pal Andrew and his mom Claire. It was great; the boys were having big dorm overnight fun and we were planning a girl’s pajama party with wine and movies at the hotel. The boys were getting there things ready to hit the dorms and my Nick teasingly remarked, “While I’m here, I’m going to get a senior girlfriend.” To which Claire replied, “If you get stuck I can help you out, because I’ve got an AARP card!” Nick’s a lucky guy to have a friend that’s got his back!

His visit was amazing. He sat in on an Econ class. He was invited to attend a golf practice, as he’s planning to try out for the golf team. He met a great kid from the golf team that was his host, who showed Nick a big time, including a super fun fraternity party. He enjoyed his interview and attended a lecture series. And best of all, he loved every minute of it!

Nick is so funny and genuinely excited about all that the future holds. He’d like to make a big show of the whole thing by wearing a Tiger University t-shirt and baseball cap while I take his picture for his own personal “signing day.” While I’m thrilled that he’s so happy and looking forward to all that the future holds, I hope I can hold it together as I snap away. I’m sure going to miss him.

More golf fun, more great kids, more exciting endeavors, more growing up……..


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