Spring Has Sprung at Target!

As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about…….more beautiful and inspiring weather! Finally, after a long and dreary winter, it seems that the last of the snow has melted. In fact, it may nearly be time to pack away the Ugg’s in favor of cute and sassy flats, so get your tootsies ready!

Wrigley and I were just in our backyard, admiring the bunnies (you would think that nature would be cautious, maybe even intimidated, by a 92lb animal, but they’re really not terribly concerned. He loves his fellow animal…bunnies, chipmunks, birdies, even foxes. All are welcome and my nibbled to the nub Hosta’s can prove it!), checking out which plants seem to be coming back. I was so tempted to take the covers off of my patio furniture, but I thought, why tempt fate? I certainly don’t need to be the reason Chicago gets more snow!   

Tuesday afternoon, I was at one of my all time favorite stores; Target. Now that many Target stores host full blown grocery stores, I don’t have to ask the question; Target fun or feed my family? These days, I can do both! I can pick up meals and movies, produce and pop music, cooking supplies an clothes. Yay!

While I was cruising the aisles (you know I hate to miss out on anything), I came upon an entire display of outdoor party-ware; dishes, tumblers, serving pieces, lighting. I know that the weather is just starting to break, but I was so excited and hopeful for all of the opportunities to come; family dinners, lunch with friends, cocktails on the deck….the possibilities are absolutely endless! I couldn’t help myself. I snagged a few of my favorite pieces…..


The colors and patterns were great, but for me, the most inspiring thing about this collection was the patterns. I was particularly taken with the dessert plates with the bold, wavy stripes in apple green, turquoise blue, bold red, deep intense yellow and citrus orange. This kind of bold color palette offers a huge variety of options for entertaining this spring and summer, be it in our house or on our patio.

There is always an element that serves as inspiration, and for me, it was that wavy stripe. What I like about it is the variety of color and the size of the pattern; it completely lends itself to complimenting a huge number of other patterns and colors. I was actually immediately struck by how amazing the striped plates would play against my bright orange, Harlequin inspired, medallion pattern runner from Pottery Barn (clearance, several years ago). It was a bold burst of happy color!


While at Target, I picked up turquoise round placemats and topped those with red square, rounded corner, acrylic dinner plates. On top of that I placed my striped plates and a green apple at each setting. As a rule, I’m in favor of cloth napkins, but when dinner is messy or extremely casual, I can live with a sassy paper napkin. These orange napkins with the white lattice pattern embellishment were a great tie in to my orange runner. Cobalt blue plastic tumblers did their part to compliment the bright, energized tone.


A coordinating tray is one of my favorite vehicles for corralling smaller items while making a statement. In this case, the blue pitcher would be filled with delicious fresh squeezed lemonade. Also on the tray is a red flatware caddy; perfect for containing all of your silverware on a buffet, on the patio or at a picnic.


I fell in love with these charming decoupage bunnies; orange with Swiss dots, apple green gingham and turquoise blue pattern. I placed the orange Peter Rabbit on the tray with a grouping of tangerines (love, love, love the organic quality of fresh fruits and vegetables as decoration), while the green and blue bunnies found a home next to the white, solar powered, lanterns. Wavy striped salad servers coupled with a fashion forward Lucite bowl screams modern sensibility!

With inspiration, like at Target, everywhere, now’s the time to hunt and gather. If we can just hold out a little longer, I know we’ll be outdoors spending time with family and friends in no time!  

More warm weather, more outdoor living, more time with family……


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