Let Me Sleep On It (Baby, Baby)….

As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about………..more bedding! There is nothing like getting all snuggled up into a warm, cozy and comfortable bed at night. I love the moment when we remove our pillow shams, carefully stacking them up on our wing back chair, pull the covers back and slide into bed. It’s Heavenly! Personally, I happen to belong to the “make your bed every morning” camp. In fact, I like them made before the sheets have time to get cold. Some mornings, as I’m begging Nick to wake up, I make one side of his bed, while I’m rolling him out of the other. I’m nothing if not efficient.

You know my mantra is more of everything is always better, especially more bed linens! In design, layer upon thoughtful luscious layer is one significant way that style can be achieved. In regards to bedding, layering is the most important factor because it contributes to both the over all affect and the warm feeling of comfort, whether you favor romance, luxury or serenity.

  • Sheets: Do yourself a favor and buy the very best sheets that fit your budget. The higher the thread count the better! 
  • Duvet: A duvet is down filled and a duvet cover is its outer covering (I am a master of the obvious). The beauty of the duvet cover is the ability change the whole look of your room with the seasons, without having to store large bedding items not in use.
  • Comforter: A bed cover that is filled, quilted and frequently reversible. It typically only covers the mattress, not the box spring and bed frame, necessitating the use of a dust ruffle.
  • Bedspread or Coverlet: This is usually made of a light weight fabric and extends to floor.
  • Dust Ruffle: A decorative skirt that covers the box spring and bed frame which extends to the floor. They can be anywhere from shirred and full, like a ball gown, to a tailored box pleat.
  • Pillow Shams: Decorative coverings that are typically embellished with ruffles, pleats or flanges. They range in size; standard, queen, king and Euro shams (26” x 26” square). The purpose of the sham is to add formality to the bedding. They can sit in front of or behind the pillows used for slumber.
  • Decorative pillows: They have no purpose but to emphasize a color or pattern theme and add another layer and dimension.


With spring just around the corner, I’m inspired to spruce up our bedding with something fresh and new. After the heaviness of the cold (and snowy) winter, the lively patterns and perky color palettes are a warm welcome.

Steinmart has a very, very nice linen department. I would venture to say that it rivals your average Macy’s at the mall (more for less!). Of course, Marshall Fields on State Street (yes, I do know that is a Macy’s too. It just seems so wrong.) reigns supreme in the bedding department. While Steinmart has a very nice variety of comforter, I was particularly taken with their selection of sheets! Their DreamScape line is a luxurious 300 thread count and is featured in fabulous animal prints, stripes and a trellis design. The colors are such a relief from the traditional dark jewel tones; coral, apple green and chocolate. Solid colors highlight soft golds, sage-y greens and dreamy blues.


If I’m not cruising the aisles at Target, you’ll find me at my other favorite hot spots: TJ Maxx and More and Homegoods. I’m totally ready to spring forward to summer! Cynthia Rowley designed an absolutely delightful light blue, cheerful yellow and spring green quilt with coordinating (not completely matching) sheets, pillow shams and decorative pillows. The whole scheme makes me think of daffodils.


The beauty of Homegoods is the interesting variety. I wish we had more beds (or a lake house) because I would have a difficult time deciding between the quilt sets bursting with color; a chocolate brown background, bursting with hot pink and tangerine flowers, a very Hawaiian turquoise featuring tropical florals and one of my all time favorite color combinations of hot pink and apple green edged in stripes and centered with flowers!


Kohl’s is another smart place to look at bedding. They have a very elegant Hotel Line; high style and excellent quality which marries either a soft green or a silvery blue with a quiet chocolate brown. It shows a very grown up and sophisticated restraint.  

No matter what your personal style, there are fabulous bedding options this season. Ready made is fantastic, but I also have a great guy that fabricates custom bedding; as simple as pillow shams or a dust ruffle to pull the whole look together, or the Full Monty! If you’d like help with your Interior Design projects, shoot me an email. I’d love to help. moreismoremom@aol.com

More luxurious bedding, more spring nesting, more restful slumber…….


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