The Colors of Love…..

As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about…….more passionate colors! The month of February is devoted to the celebration of love as we honor St. Valentine. What better way to tell your personal design story than by speaking through the universal language of color?

Color has transformative powers. We react to color in a very personal way. We have our favorites. In fact I think we should all have a signature color palette. To me, one of the most memorable moments in cinematic history regarding personal style came by the way of Julia Roberts as Shelby in Steel Magnolias. She described her signature colors as “blush and bashful”. I lean towards lipstick red, raspberry pink and Kelly green. What colors are you drawn to?

My mission in my Interior Design business is to help my clients develop a personal style that reflects the way they live and tells the story of their lives. One very impactful way to tell that story is through our relationship to color. Why live a life of blah and boring beige when we can surround ourselves with beauty, intensity and inspiration?

In honor of Valentines Day I want to share with you my favorite shades of love…..

(I always use Benjamin Moore Paint, favoring the eggshell finish as a general rule)


Red is passionate love. It is the color most associated with excitement and energy and is a real attention grabber. It’s a sensual color that inspires enthusiasm, encourages confidence and action, and stimulates conversation (which is why it’s perfect in the Dining Room).

  • 1323 Currant Red
  • 2079-10 Candy Cane Red
  • 1330 My Valentine
  • 2086-10 Exotic Red
  • 1315 Poppy Red
  • 1308 Red Parrot


Purple is spiritual love. It is the perfect combination of red’s fiery stimulation and blue’s peaceful calm. Purple is associated with both royalty and mysticism. It is uplifting and can inspire creativity.

  • 1364 Vintage Claret
  • 1379 Eggplant
  • 2074-20 Summer Plum
  • 2068-40 California Lilac
  • 1391 Naples Sunset
  • 1397 Mighty Aphrodite


Pink is romantic love. It is the color of happiness; playful and sweet. Vibrant tones of pink have the passionate and sensual quality of red without the bold and aggressive nature, while brighter pinks are pure, fun and exciting like the carefree days of our youth.

  • 1345 Bermuda Breeze
  • 2077-20 Gypsy Pink
  • 1346 Island Sunset
  • 2083-40 Begonia
  • 2076-40 Raspberry Mousse


More color, more inspiration, more Interior Design, more personal style…………


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