Holy Antarctica! I think it’s the Ice Age…..

As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about…….more staying warm in style! Seriously, what is up with these frigid temperatures? If I wanted to live in Antarctica, I wouldn’t live in Chicago. We’ve apparently added a new season this year; spring, summer, fall, winter and the Ice Age. Each season I look forward to stocking up on the latest fashion trends, but here in the Ice Age, who would notice underneath all the layers? There are only so many turtlenecks and itchy wool sweaters a girl can wear.

My intentions are always good. If I’m not working, I’d like to wear a pair of jeans with a great little sweater and embellished top underneath, and I love a statement necklace. However when it’s this cold, I’m happy in a pair of sweats and a cozy fleece-y sweatshirt (topped with my bathrobe). Only all those bulky layers makes me feel like the Michelin Man. And you know it’s cold when you pull out the hat. I hate to ruin a good hair day, but I hate to be cold even more.

When I was a teenager, I was more than willing to suffer for the sake of style. In the dead of winter, I would traipse around Chicago in nothing more than a mini skirt, hosiery, flats and a hip length leather jacket. Of course, I’ve always been a bag lady (I adore an enormous and glamorous handbag), but do you think I would have stocked it with anything intelligent or useful like gloves or a hat, or Heaven forbid, a pair of pants!?!

Fortunately, I have since come to my senses. I realize that it’s possible to express your personal style amongst the quilted and the down. Besides, outerwear accessories are just another opportunity for fun, and sometimes relatively inexpensive, shopping. With the cold weather, you can always maintain that your purchases were a necessity!


Back in the olden days, winter boots were more like galoshes; never a hip or stylish moment to be had. Now even galoshes are modern and trendy. I’m absolutely dying for a pair of Hunter Wellies. They are darling in all of their bright colors and fun patterns, and they are practically, practical with their removable linings.


Naturally Uggs are here to stay, but they’ve come a long way from the mid-high classic. They’re plaid and quilted, embroidered and colorful. What a way to stay warm.


Even serious, made for snow drifts, Sorel’s are lookin’ cool. They’re sparkly and furry and pink camouflaged.


The easiest way to reflect your personal style is by accessorizing. Something as simple as a scarf can pull your whole look together. There are darling, sporty rugby stripes in bright greens, bold yellows and electric blues. Patterns come in paisley’s, geometrics, animal prints and everything in between. My favorite aspects of all the design options are the playful and cheerful colors. You’re sure to find the perfect accessory to show off your personality!

More stylish and warm boots, more playful and colorful accessories, more bundling up for the new Ice Age…..


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