Pillow Talk….

As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about…..more decorating with pillows this winter! I’m always excited to reclaim my house after the holidays. Though, truth be told, I have yet to dismantle Christmas trees in both my Family Room and my Dining Room. It’s always such a warm fuzzy to put them up, Christmas music playing in the background, but taking them down is just a chore. Once everything is back to normal, I’m always left with this overwhelming feeling that my home could use a little bit of a spruce up. But, what to do……

Rather than making an enormous design commitment after having made so many decisions over the holidays, accent pillows are the perfect way to give a little life to a room without breaking the bank. There are so many beautiful options, in keeping with the tone of the season; rich colors and warm textures. One is certain to hit the right note in your Family Room, Living Room or Den.

Target has some fantastic decorative pillows!


If navy blue is an integral part of your color palette, you’ll love their line featuring a quatrefoil design (and a snappy accent rug to boot).


Of course, intense, spicy colors of the Orient are beautiful too. I love the combination of bold red and terracotta striped square pillows paired with a chocolate brown rectangular shaped pillow, highlighting a modern paisley pattern. The whole look changes when the same striped pillows provide a backdrop for a floral embroidered piece with a creamy background.



A blue infused with a little shimmery sliver is gorgeous partnered with warm golden tones such as taupe and tan. It’s a completely modern and elegant combination, which can take on any number of incarnations, whether the fabric is a serious silk or a fun and funky fur.



More of everything is always better and I certainly hit the mother load at the Homegoods store. Color, texture and details combine to tell a story. I think that green might very well be the worlds most versatile color. Everything coordinates with nature! When I spotted the green silk pillows with the lattice weave, I fell in love. They provide an interesting backdrop to a variety of patterns and themes, as well as holding their own alone. They are great with a wild bold pattern, a sweet and dainty embroidery or an intense graphic design. The green is fantastic paired with families of blue, reds and yellows. Talk about versatile!


Pier One is always a great source for home décor. Plus, they have a huge pillow selection. Good design always combines a variety of patterns and scale to create a pleasing effect. A nice basic solid pillow, layered with a bold stripe and appliquéd pillow is fun when coupled with a littler accent pillow, such as one covered with ruffles.



A large chocolate brown fur provides a luscious backdrop for pattern, while bold pattern on bold pattern works equally well when they share a color in common.


Attention to details is another opportunity to infuse interest. They have this absolutely amazing soft dusty lavender pillow with a round shape. It’s crocheted, evoking the dainty petals of a flower with a pearl encrusted button in the center. It could easily be paired with a rich and intense color, but is also soft and heavenly when lightened up.

The pairing of color, pattern and texture speaks to personal taste. Pillows are a great and inexpensive way to experiment.

More home décor, more feathering your nest, more fun and whimsy….

To schedule an in home Interior Design appointment, please email me at moreismoremom@aol.com


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