Listen to Me Now and Hear Me Later….on the Alex and Amy Show, WGN Radio-720


As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about……more Alex and Amy on WGN Radio-720! What a totally fun way to start the new year; spending time with Alex Quigley and Amy Guth for a live, in studio interview. I was so excited to be invited as a guest and I really wanted my family to share it with me (hey, fair is fair. I’ve been to my share of sporting events in the blistering heat, pouring rain and freezing cold.). Unfortunately, Amanda had Driver’s Ed and wasn’t able to join us. It appears that the State of Illinois actually has strict standards of attendance for their new drivers. She had to catch it on the radio…..

By 11:45, Chuck, Nick and I were headed for the city, destination: The Tribune Tower. You’ve gotta love it when there is absolutely NO TRAFFIC on the Eisenhower! That almost never happens. Perhaps we should play the lottery? We made it downtown in plenty of time to find parking and get to WGN radio. There is a great big viewer’s window right on Michigan Ave. They are equipped with outdoor speakers so the passersby can catch up on all of the news and excitement of the day. As we made our way to the viewers window, who should we see but none other than Dean Richards (our favorite entertainment reporter from our favorite morning news program; WGN TV’s Morning News with Larry Potash and Robin Baumgarten.)! We watch Dean every morning at 6:50 to hear about his take on the Hollywood happenings. Seeing Paul Konrad’s weather forecast and Pat Tomasulo’s “Pat Down” is an added bonus.

When we first arrived, we chatted for a few minutes with Amy Guth and Alex Quigley. They were delightful. While Dean Richards was finishing his show, we were ushered into the Green Room. How cool is that? On my way back from the rest room, I found I was following Dean Richards down the hall. It took enormous restraint on my part not to be a total stalker, and I’m not known for enormous restraint. In fact, I know I am completely doing my job as a parent because my kids always feel the need to remind me that I’m weird and embarrassing. Apparently they’ve never witnessed themselves in action. Apple. Tree.

Matt Mattucci, the producer of the Alex and Amy Show, invited Chuck and Nick to join us in the studio, which was great. Bless their hearts, as we were getting situated, we could see my mom and Aunt Nancy, all bundled up, waving to us from the visitor’s window. At the break, Nick went outside to be with them.

The time went by sooooo fast. We talked about my More is More Mom philosophy and blog. We touched on an event that I will be presenting at the Chicago Merchandise Mart on January 25th; Meaningful Experiences through Merchandising, sponsored by Tag. I can’t wait to fill you in on all of that excitement, as it unfolds, over the next few weeks. I was thrilled to spend the majority of our time together sharing my expertise and approach to Interior Design. While I love, love, love stuff, it’s pointless without meaning. I loved that Amy and Alex were such generous and gracious hosts and that they totally got my message. It was a fantastic start to the New Year! Here’s the link:,0,4899335.mp3file

More fun, more family, more talk, more sharing meaningful life experiences…….

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2 responses to “Listen to Me Now and Hear Me Later….on the Alex and Amy Show, WGN Radio-720

  1. Brenda

    Loved listening Vanessa! You sounded great.

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