When You’re……15

Amanda, 1 year old

As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about…..more teenage milestones! This week, my Amanda turns 15. How could that have possibly happened? She’s the little one; our baby sister. That’s why we call her Sister, or Sissy or Sis. Turning 15 is not something that’s supposed to happen to the littlest one in your family. In fact, for the longest time, every Birthday Eve she would have tears in her eyes as she would tell me that she didn’t want to turn another year older. She really just liked being her age.


Amanda and Wrigley

Amanda has always enjoyed being the youngest, except on those occasions when she feels left out and misunderstood in her own household. I’m an oldest. Chuck’s an oldest. Nick’s an oldest. And even though Wrigley is technically the youngest, even he has always taken it upon himself to look out for Amanda. He never tries to wrestle her to the ground (like he does to Nick). He never barks at her (like he does to Nick). He never tries to beat her in a race (like he does to Nick). Wherever she goes he watches her. Still, when she leaves the yard, Wrigley walks to the farthest possible end, craning his neck until she is out of his sight. When she rides her bike, he runs along side. I don’t think she would have fared quite so well as a middle child. Once, my cousin Terri brought my littlest cousin, Junebug, over to visit while we were having a garage sale. Amanda’s only comment was, “You know, little kids just try to steal your stuff.”


Amanda, in her Winnie the Pooh suit, with Nick

The one thing Amanda has never liked was being left out. When Nick took swimming lessons, she would always wear her favorite Winnie the Pooh swimsuit. She would lift up her shirt and ask the instructor, “My turn?” When Nick was in Kindergarten and brought home homework, she wanted to do homework too. I would make a photo copy of his work for her, and she would sit next to him at our Kitchen counter and complete her homework sheets. She was insistent that Nick bring it back to school and turn it in for her. Nick’s Kindergarten teacher was warm and wonderful. She would grade Amanda’s papers and send home stickers and gold stars. Amanda would beam with pride.


Amanda was desperate to wear a school uniform like her brother. She had a little yellow smock dress that she would wear everyday when we took Nick to school. She would even have me pack her a lunch box. One day, the most amazing thing happened; we inherited an Our Lady of Perpetual Donation’s girls uniform! Amanda wore it everywhere! She thought it was smashing with a long sleeve denim shirt, blue argyle tights and her gold sparkle shoes. She wore that ensemble almost everyday of 3 year old Pre-School. As a 9th grader at St. Feels Right for Her, she only has 7 semesters left in a plaid uniform. Hope she’s not tired of it yet.

As a High School freshman with an older brother, Amanda was keenly aware of the importance of taking Driver’s Ed, as soon as humanly possibly. She was not about to miss out on getting her permit on her 15th birthday. Due to her gymnastics training schedule, she only has Wednesday’s and Sunday’s off. The planets must have been in alignment because we were lucky to have found a Sunday’s only class that started in September. It lasts for 4 months and ends 11 days after her 15 birthday. Secretary of State’s office here we come!

More being the baby of the family, more getting older, more milestones, more grabbing onto the arm rest, more slamming down on the imaginary brake….


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