Snowmen and Christmas Trees and Tablescapes, Oh My!

As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about…….more whimsical Christmas tablescapes! One of my favorite aspects of my Interior Design business is the opportunities I have to speak to groups, sharing my expertise and passion for Interior Decorating and Entertaining. In October, I had the pleasure of highlighting some of my tips and secrets for holiday entertaining with the International Furnishings and Design Association at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago. Christmas truly is a magical time of year; why not have a little fa-la-la-la- fun?

While I absolutely adore a traditional formal table, there’s something charming about a fresh, tongue in cheek, point of view. We certainly don’t always have to take ourselves so seriously, besides who isn’t a kid at heart at Christmas?

Several years ago, my friend Missy and I were working on a project for Our Lady of Perpetual Donations Grammar School (hence the name…) when we stumbled upon our inspiration; a Snowman-Jester Jack-in-the-box! After all these years mine still figures prominently in my Christmas décor, greeting guests in our foyer.

For my presentation, I chose to showcase my Snowman-Jester Jack-in-the-box. He serves as a delightful example of how a simple object can inspire an entire theme. Placing him on top of a drummer boy drum, gives him height and prominence. Because he has such a lively, Dr Suess like quality, he begged for a bright and cheerful color scheme. Forever and a day ago, I found these fantastic apple green placemats, trimmed with red rick-rack, which I’ve used for years. In fact, they were part of a summer, Margarita themed line of table linens, but I think they lend themselves perfectly to Christmas. I love the way the green placemats just pop against the cherry red tablecloth, but what it really needed was a unifying element; a topper.

Attention to detail is one of the most important elements in a achieving a well appointed home. The same expectations apply to setting a gorgeous table as well. The interesting layers add dimension and personality. My dear friends Vickie and Camille at Chicago Design Team at the Arlington Design Center were so very generous in providing me with this fabulous silk stripe fabric from Robert Allen’s Beacon Hill. This fabric is everything I was looking for; chock full of humor and style. The stripes add a circus like quality, but the silk and the raised velvet accents scream elegance.

I think a charger completes a formal table. My topper has a hint of gold running through the stripes, so as a compliment, I chose a gold-leaf charger. I think the basket weave design adds further dimension. The apple green is so unexpected, that I decided to feature it again in the dinner plate. It’s meant to be a backdrop to the real star, the accent plate. These plates say it all, literally; Merry, Merry, Merry! The colorful ornaments in silhouette add a graphic quality.

As a relief to the solid green and the solid red, I incorporated a secondary theme in the peppermint. I utilized it in the napkins, the tins, the ribbon and decorative ornaments. I placed a tin full of peppermints at each place setting as the perfect spot for a place card. In each water goblet, I plopped a peppermint ornament and at the top of each place setting there is a red and white party popper, full of silly Christmas treasures.

To complete my tablescape, I grounded the centerpiece with a pair of mismatched metal trees and added some sparkle and formality with crystal candelabrums. The finishing touches were over size, red glitter ornaments, and my signature, butterflies.

More beautiful tablescapes, more whimsical centerpieces, more celebrations….


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