Fanciful, Festive Centerpieces….

As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about…….more whimsical holiday decorations! While a gorgeous tree is a total must have for Christmas, why not really get into the spirit of the season? With so many fanciful and fabulous accessories the possibilities for fun are endless…..

I just love the juxtaposition of using ordinary items in unusual ways. In the spring, I found these lovely, very elegant and very tall vases. They have experienced several incarnations this year already. At the beginning of the summer, I had a bee in my bonnet about creating a terrarium. I thought that the organic quality would be especially interesting for a summer arrangement. They made a lovely centerpiece in my Dining Room, finding their place amongst a pedestal crystal bowl and crystal candlesticks.

When Bastille Day rolled around, I knew that a dramatic centerpiece was in order. Again, my glass, elegant, footed vases were perfect for the job. I filled them with hot pink Gladiolus which flanked a 3’ tall Eiffel Tower. Oo la la….

These vases are really quite perfect. They have a chameleon type quality, lending themselves to a huge variety of uses. The Christmas season was just begging for a new arrangement, and I was only too happy to oblige.


While I was at the craft store, I noticed stunning Amaryllis stems, which I quickly added to my cart. When I stumbled across foot long, sparkly candy cane ornaments, I knew I was on to something. I filled my cart with small, silver, shiny ball ornaments and a few packages of little, white, iridescent shimmering balls that looked like snow. They would make a great base in my latest arrangement.

Once I got everything home, putting it all together was a snap! I cut down the Amaryllis stems so the blooms were just peeking out over the edge of the vase. I gathered three stems in a bundle and added three of the candy cane ornaments, one in between each stem, tying them together with a red satin bow. I chose to include the candy cane ornaments to offer my arrangement some stability.


The rest was simple; I combined the silver and white balls, pouring them into the bottom of the vase. Then, I simply placed my bundled flowers, fluffing up the bow and the buds.


 I find that one of the biggest mistakes made while decorating is thinking small. Rather than laying a traditional red tablecloth on my Dining Room table, I chose a silver damask linen to compliment the shimmering silver balls in the arrangement. Layering is a key element in creating a luscious look, so to balance the red flowers I decided to use a red runner to create a framework for my vignette. However, rather than using a simple runner, I selected a playful and more casual red felt runner with happy, tumbling snowmen.

My Dining Room is fairly formal, so I just love the opportunity offer a little humor. In a brown iron basket, with charming birds perched on the edge, I placed four opalescent faux snowballs! They sparkle and shine. With the addition of a candle on each end, my centerpiece was complete!   

More creativity, more wow factor, more decorations, more beauty for the holidays….


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